It’s amazing what five years and puberty can do. #GloUp

“Prom is a special time, whether you have a date or not, and although I don’t look back on my prom too fondly, it’s a memory I’m glad I have. I danced like a fool and laugh until my stomach hurt alongside my best friends, and that’s what I treasure most, the love and laughs with the people who mattered most to me.”

My prom experience was a flop, well, my high school experience in general was a flop, but that’s another story. I was told “No” TWICE before basically going solo, I ended up actually asking a friend of a friend, a girl I had NEVER met, from a different school. She was really sweet for saying yes, and she looked beautiful, but I definitely lost her the second we walked in. No regrets, actually, a lot of regrets, many, many, many regrets.

Prom night finally arrived, after weeks of sleepless nights and waiting to get my braces off – but I was drowning in my tux. First, I got a spray tan, which went horribly wrong, instead of a healthy glow, I was serving ”Tan Mom” realness; Second, I had to wear my brothers black dress shoes, which were two sizes too small, my personal version of hell. We’ll get back to me, but now is about you, I’m here to ensure that you don’t make the mistakes I did, and look as handsome as you deserve, while making memories that will last a lifetime.


My date and I. Take a look at how awful fitting my tux is. Never forget.

For starters, DO NOT RENT A TUX, just don’t, I’ll tell you why – it’s a complete rip off. Between a classic tuxedo rental (which most likely won’t have your exact size on hand), flowers, limo, prom ticket, and afterparty fees, you end up spending around a thousand dollars, half of that being your tux rental. If you think you are done growing for a while, or feel confident in buying, depending on your budget, BUY, you’ll be needing a staple tux for the next few years anyways and there’s nothing worse than renting a tux and swimming in too much fabric, looking a damn mess.

I can’t stress enough how comfortable I was in this tux. When something fits right, you are at your most confident.

For my faux-prom look, I went with a classic slim-fit JCrew black tux with peak lapels, it’s almost unrecognizable as to what brand it is, and that’s what I wanted. My advice is to go to your local tailor and get sized for free, then check out some online stores and find your favorite, if need be have it custom tailored for you, the $30 for tailoring will be well worth it. Black never goes out of style, it never screams “trying too hard” and will forever be accepted. For your first tux, go black or go home, you can always wear a black shirt underneath instead of white if you want to be a complete baddy while keeping things sleek and modern.

For shoes, I prefer either a loafer, classic rounded wing-tip or pointed toe, box-toe shoes should be banished forever, they are a dated look and aren’t happening ever again, I promise. I went with these really cool velvet loafers for a more casual look, velvet has been making a comeback in fashion over the past few years, so its a cool alternative to a classic shoe, these are by Hugo Boss and were $200 (a little on the higher end but you can get similar online at Steve Madden or Topshop for around $50) just remember to wear them a few times before your night to break them in.

When it comes to your shirt, I’m not that fussy. Topshop is the best way to go, IMO – they just have such a great selection and you will find what you’re looking for, as long as it fits and is comfortable, that’s all that matter, the shirt stays mostly hidden through the night and you’re going to be a sweaty mess after dinner anyways so, you’ll be fine.

I love the detail on this waffle dress shirt, it gives the suit a lot of dimension and was really soft and comfortable.

Hair and fragrance are also a topic of conversation. When it comes to cologne, I love a light, unisex scent, anything too woodsy gives me a migraine and reminds me of my dads aftershave..UGH I can smell it now. My favorite summer cologne is Aqua Di Gio by Armani, and Chanel Bleu, they are summery, with hints of citrus and retain a fresh, pleasant smell everyone will be swooning over.

When the weave is the subject, I always used to think more is more, I was wrong, gel isn’t a cute look, better off safe and simple than looking like a wet rat who just slithered out of the LA sewer.Let me know in the comments below if you boys want a hair or makeup tutorial and I’ll be sure to link some of my fav products (yes, I said makeup, I can see those bags from here, and there’s no shame in using a little cover up for those problem areas that may arise). I’ll make sure to hook you up with something easy and quick.

This timeless tux, will always be cool and collected.

At the end of the day, you look best in what feels best, you have to be comfortable, prom shouldn’t stress you out, its a time to celebrate with your friends and dance your butt off, and if you’re not the prom type, go out to dinner with your friends, or have a online date and we can all chat together.

Prom is a special time, whether you have a date or not, and although I don’t look back on my prom too fondly, it’s a memory I’m glad I have. I danced like a fool and laugh until my stomach hurt alongside my best friends, and that’s what I treasure most, the love and laughs with the people who mattered most to me. Good luck and happy prom-ing! Need help on your prom looks? Hit up the comments below and let’s talk!

Back when these edits were actually cool. One of my best friends Hannah and I clearly feeling the prom fantasy.

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  • Sam

    I love your blog so much, I’m so proud! Honestly you had such a glow up, for sure will be using your tips when I’m that one lesbian at prom wearing a tux.
    Stay gold

  • Andrew

    Do a hair tutorial. Yours is amazing!

  • Savannah

    Awwwww Fetus Daniel:)

  • April Garcia

    This was very cringe-worthy >.<

  • ToryGraceffa

    You were hot in high school and sexy now. Either way you are everything all the time

  • This post was so great, I love hearing about your high school experiences😂😂 and also THAT GLO UP

  • Mariana Officer

    I absolutely loved this and I don’t plan on wearing a tuxedo to prom! I don’t need this information for myself, but I hope you’re advice helps many others.

  • Andrea

    Even though I’m a girl and I can’t really use this information, I’m glad you are helping other guys who might be struggling. Love you Daniel and your blog 💕

  • Bella Menzia

    Love the photos tell Hope thankyou for the gorgeous photos and I will always take your tips seariasly they are so inspirational and when you write on the blog it makes me feel like I am not lonely anymore and I will always have you for a friend when you write also when I watch Joey’s videos they inspire me so much and keep me going in life they helpe so much and I want to thank you for everything that you do it helpse so much Thanks but always Sincerely -Bella

  • Valerie Esquivel

    Omg fetus Daniel is sooo cute. Another amazing blog post. Prom isn’t my thing tbh but thanks for the tips. ❤️ u Daniel.

  • grace robinson

    omggg i lived for this blog, maybe for one of your blogs for "love" you should do u and joeys first date. cause i remember joey saying how magical and amazing it was. ugh i wanna know what happened. and hear all about the dirty details. lol

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  • Nathan Chavez

    😜 You look nice! Oh and before you looked aight. Love this blog and loved this topic. These are some good tips and gel is definitely a no 😄 Will you be making a blog post about how you "came out" I would love to hear that and you are an amazing writer. If its too much of a sensitive topic, it’s fine! I just wanted to get some tips for my time with my family 😄 Love you, always. – Nathan

    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Nathan!

      I think I will! Thanks for reading along today!

  • Linda Preda

    Im literally sending every one of the Junior boys stressing about prom to this. Loved it Daniel. Even in high school you were adorable.

    • Daniel Preda

      Thanks Linda! Hahaha I was a nerd and didn’t hit puberty quite yet like everyone else!

  • Yair

    Hair and Make-Up tutorial sounds good, I’m in!🙋

  • Ethan Derstine

    Your blogs are amazing, every one is inspiring and helpful in its own way:))

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  • jaid

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  • nikkid

    The Acqua DI Gio for both women and men are great options when it comes to perfume or cologne, great suggestion for males! Great blog for males, I feel these tips would help a lot of people and you make it seem so simple! Love it!

  • maya

    there’s a high school daniel doppelgänger at my school omg

  • Aarti Iyer

    Love your blogs Daniel❤ proves that hot people are not just hot, they can be awesome sauce human beings too! Keep writing and inspiring xo! ❤

    • Daniel Preda


  • Olivia

    I love you so much Daniel your next blog should be about you and Joey or a story time I love you so much!💕💕

  • Kenzie

    I love this blog! U look amazing! I was also wondering if u could make a blog about how you came out if it’s not to much of a sensitive topic. I love you and your blog! I love reading your blog’s sence I just broke my leg about a week ago it really cheers me up reading them so thank you!

    • Daniel Preda

      Awe thank you Kenzie! I think that would be a great topic! I’ll see if I can do it soon!

  • Cheskie Wolf

    Ahaha young you made me laugh so hard! You were so adorable. That cheesy smile in the last one tho 😂❤️

    • Daniel Preda

      Little baby!

  • Emily Grant

    This is an incredible transformation!😍😂

  • Aaliyah

    I can definitely use that fashion advice 👌🏻


    So Handsome ! You could be the Next "James Bond"

    • Daniel Preda

      Hahaha thank you!

  • Emily DiBs

    I’m only a freshman, but I will definitely use these tips when I’m one of the only girls in a tuxedo! I love the blogs! I’m excited for the next one!

    Love you!!

    • Daniel Preda

      Hhahha living! Maybe I’ll do a girls guide!

  • Becca

    I was home schooled I never got to go to prom 😕

    • Daniel Preda

      I’ll dance with you!

  • lëxi

    Hey Daniel,

    I loved today’s post, and every post for that matter! Love you bb♡

    • lëxi
    • Daniel Preda

      <3 you too lexi!

  • Camille

    Loved it! Ahah you’re date was pretty cute;)

  • Trinity

    I read "if you want to be a complete baddy" as If you want to be a complete daddy! I’m such a flop
    But anyways you may or may not reply to this but I just want to say thank you so much for your blogs. They mean so much to me and everyone else having difficulties growing up.
    This particular blog wasn’t suited for me but I really enjoyed reading as where I live we never had Prom and such. I just graduated Highschool and that was it.. I know, pathetic!
    But once again, thank you!
    And I hope you’re having an amazing day thus far!

    Love always,

    • Daniel Preda

      Well you can be a daddy too! Thanks trinity! Hope you enjoyed it! xoxox

  • Alexa

    I went to my friend’s prom last week, we had so much fun. We threw our heels under the table and danced like crazy lol

    • Daniel Preda

      That’s the BEST part! Miss it!

  • olivia

    OMG! you were such a cutie! lol I found this very entertaining and helpful. loved it <3

  • Austin Selvig

    Thank GOD for Daniel! Also, I would LIVE for a makeup tutorial. To anyone reading, remember that makeup is genderless. Makeup is an expression of who you are! You are who you are and you should embrace that person.

    • Austin Selvig

      One last thing. If you’re atheist, explain Daniel’s GloUp!😍

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    I wish you make a YouTube channel even it was just vlogs! You are honestly one of the few people I can actually idolize and look up to especially from where I came from and where I want to go. I love you and you will mean more to me than you will ever know!

    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Dylon!

      You are so sweet! Thanks for reading today! <3

  • Molly Henderson

    I’m a freshman but my school is a little weird so I’ll be going to prom in a little under two weeks. Your advice really helped though and I’m a little less nervous now. Btw you were so cute!! 😍😍😍 love you!

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    I don’t have to worry about prom until 3 years from now so I’m gooood! But I love the advise (even if I am a girl) love you so much Daniel and I’m glad you had a fun time at prom even if it was equally hell at the same time

  • Samara

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    You should be proud of yourself by what you have achived, Love uuuu❤️❤️

  • Ben Carme

    Wow, very well written and professional!! I have a quick question for you, if I was to wear a black suit (because well of course a fashion inspiration I know once said black will never be out of style) and I trust that person , so if u was wearing a black suit would I wear a black tie or a color to make it pop?

    • Ben Carme


    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Ben! I am not a huge fan of every inch of a prom suit to be all black, so yes, a pop of color is cool. Whether its a colorful bowtie, or even a bright pocket square that matches your dates flower, I think it will look really cool!

      • Ben Carme

        Thanks so much I really appreciate it <3 <3 <3 <3 you are a very inspiring person never stop!!! & practically a fashion God😉 I’m even trying to theme my Instagram account like yours because I’m obsessed with your theme. Of course it’s a little different. Thanks so much Mister. (@benjamin.carme) Dare to be different!

  • Emily Grant

    I love this blog and you so much. xx

  • Cris

    pls tell us some of your products I’m tired of these bags 😂♥️

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    I love that you stepped up not only your game face but your date game as well. Waiting for that to happen to me even though I’m 23 already lmao

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    Omg you were so adorable back in the day! I would love to see a makeup tutorial also. Ilysm daniel

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  • Matthew Carroll

    This was such an awesome post I loved it! AND OF COURSE WE WANT A BOYS HAIR AND MAKEUP TUTORIAL!!! <3

  • Kelcie

    I loved this!! You should write more experiences and advice it really helps me and other people 😊

  • soph

    I’m only a freshman so I haven’t gone to prom yet
    But this definitely is some good advice for guys going and the hair gel thing is so true
    Lots of love
    Sophia <3
    Ps. Ur were so adorable then and so just wow now

  • Ethel

    Omg you looked so cute back then Daniel!!

  • Sam

    I’m back again and thirsty for you recognition as ever. (I was the second comment) I love this blog, this actually comes in so much handy and I now know how to slay the tux I plan on wearing for prom! Definelty will be the hottest looking lesbian at prom that’s for sure. Again I’m so proud of you and this blog!
    (I live for the tan and shaven face btw)
    Stay gold

  • sara joseph

    I wish if you could feel how much i am proud of you Daniel .
    you look SMOKING HOOOOT in this waffle dress shirt.
    and my prom went REALLY well, i had so much fun and i don’t regret a second of it .

  • Ethel

    For all the girls that rejected your question for the prom….. I promise you, they’ll regret it because honestly, you’re a perfect guy to go on a prom with! I ‘m loving this blog so much! Keep it up! love you Danny boy <333

  • Karrington Lala

    Wow what a glo up. Hottie😍👑❤️

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    love you,


  • Claudia Gabrielli

    Nice style

  • Aaron McGrew

    This hermit never went to prom or dances, haha. I’m a tad more outgoing now at near 29, but still I have never been to a club or bar before—just ain’t my thang . . . But I love how caring and thoughtful you are toward your followers. I’ll keep those tuxedo tips in mind if I ever need one.

    Thank you, Daniel <3

  • Jonathan

    Please do a hair and makeup tutorial. I have Prom soon and could really use some tips!

  • Lisa

    Omg those prom pics! Cringing at the fit of that tux mostly, you were all kinds of adorable even with that fake tan. I don’t remember much about my prom, just a lot of dancing in the most uncomfortable shoes. You’re right about wearing them a few times to break them in before the big night. I wore a pair of new chocolate wedges and there was so much pain and blood.

    Even though I don’t remember much of it, I’m glad I went. I was considering not going for a while but it was a fun time. The after party was too or so I’ve been told. Apparently I danced with a fridge? Idek. It’s been 10 years and the bff still won’t let me live that down.

  • Tyler

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  • Elizabeth Nicole

    I never ever went to prom. One of my biggest regrets actually 🙁 There’s too much expectation on girls to find the perfect dress though unfortunately and as plus size that wasn’t going to happen in my wildest dreams. Anyway, after prom was still fun with mini golfing at 4 am lol.

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    PS: Been loving your blogs so far. It’s the perfect mix of humor, honesty and great writing
    PPS: I promise that I won’t be that different in real life…. At least I believe I’m not 😘

  • Claudia

    Hi. I was always fascinated by the whole "american prom/high school thing" because in my country we don’t really have things like that. We don’t have the thematic dances or stuff like that, so it was weird watching all this movies and tv shows about americans teenagers. When I was in highschool we only had two events like that. The first one was at half way through my school carriere and the second one 3 months before our final exams. And It wasn’t that big of a thing. The first one was happening at our gym, so nothing fancy there. The second one was more fancier affair. We dressed up more elegant, obviously, and styled our hair and done our make up better, but that was it. It was more about spending time with people from our class (and doing really stupid, stupid things), eating good food and getting drunk with the teachers 🙂 (the legal drinking age is 18). A lot of us didn’t have dates for this events so we went as a group and have the best time of our lives. I wanted to thank you for telling us your story 🙂 .

  • Jacob

    Hey Daniel. My names Jacob (@photosfranta) and I’m 16 years old which means I have my prom soon. I live in England and I’m in my final year at school so everyone is getting really hyped about prom but I’m honestly just not really feeling it. My parents aren’t crazy on the idea because they thing prom is only for gays (I’m in the closet) and girls. I’m only really going for my bestfriend so I want to make the night as good for me as it will be for her. She wants me to wear a black bowtie like yours but I have no idea where to get it from. I’m going to be buying a black suit soon but the problem with that is that I’m self conscious about my weight, (due to my family always making comments) so I’m scared to get one that fits nicely because then people will be thinking ‘ew’. Also I would love a hair tutorial, I’ve been doing the same style for around a year and it’s boring and everybody expects it. I don’t know what to do. Any advice?

    • Natalie

      I know that right now, your prom seems the most important event of your life but don’t worry so much on what people will think. In 5 years time you’ll look back and think "what was I worrying about!?" If you feel comfortable in the same style then stick to it, nothing worse than feeling out of your comfort zone whilst in the spotlight of high school kids. Just dress how you want to, enjoy your night and don’t worry about what others think cause they don’t matter.

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  • Ilana

    This is very cute! I already had my prom 2 years ago it was quite fun and i had quite and awesome time. Organizing the car and all… Well, that went a little less and my best friend that i told you about in the past posts hated it so she went sitting outside and said that we could go and have fun so we did because she was all grumphy and actually didn’t even want to go but till today i still hear that we betrayed her and all we were probably the bitches also in my eyes but for once i chose myself instead of her and i regret none of it to be honnest 😳 i felt confedent and for once beautiful!
    I’ll send you a photo of me and my friends on my Twitter name is IlanaloveXD
    Ilana van der plank

    Lots of love from me in the netherlands xx

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  • Ilana

    Ohh i forgot to tell you! My dad and my grandma are in a fights since my grandpa died which is 8 years ago and since that they haven’t talked but when i had my prom i got them at least in the same car because i asked my dad if my grandma could come along and he said yes they barely talked but she was there and that’s what i wanted! They are still in. A fight because my dad hates my grandma and they still don’t talk or ever see each other but it was awesome that day!!

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  • A N D Y • A Y A L A

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    Love you, my two biggest inspirations.

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