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I had always dreamed about visiting Japan. The food, the culture, the history, it has been on my bucket list forever. I finally was able to spend some time in the beautiful country and hope you enjoy reading along while seeing all of the visuals I captured along the way!


Best way to cure jet-lag? ICE CREAM!



The whole gang! Whitney, Hope, Joey and myself.

After our 10-hour flight to Tokyo from Los Angeles, we started our adventure in Harajuku. Our first day was a blur, I was taken in by all the sights, food, fashion, people and art around us. Our jet-lag hit us hard around 3pm, and with the sixteen-hour time difference, we decided to sleep it off back at our hotel Tokyo. Ps: I bought the shirt above solely because of the grammar issue. Lost in translation. Very me.

After sleeping in the next day at our “home” in Japan, the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, we tried to make the most of our second day and took on the city of Shibuya. It was an action-packed day that we started off with some shopping followed by lunch at this insane “Monster Cafe”. Basically, it was the Japanese version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory with booths and tables in the shape of cupcakes and candies while Harajuku kawaii princesses would take your orders for the most incredible sweets. I ordered the “cat food” which was this vanilla ice cream covered in lucky charms and rice crispies as well as a “hairball” which was actually cotton candy! It was the most magical treat I’ve ever had! After the cafe, we continued shopping where I happened upon this local candy shop which made the cutest emoji suckers. Sooooo good and soooo cute!


The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku was a visual orgasm.

If there’s ONE thing you do in Tokyo, it has to be a visit to the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. After buying our $80 tickets and walking down ten flights of stairs that were decorated in neon artwork, irridescent jewels and anime, we arrived at the 200 seat underground theater. For the next 1.5 hours we were on a acid trip to a anime fantasy where performers cosplayed the most eccentric characters I have ever seen. The show told a story from start to finish and it was one of the most entertaining things I have ever experienced in my life, you have to go.


Sharing a moment with my birthday boy at Disneyland Tokyo. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE MONKEY! Well, happy belated birthday. Hope, Joey and I decided to celebrate Joey’s birthday at Disney Tokyo and it was everything and more. After getting our ears, we took to the rides and even though everything was in Japanese, it was my favorite Disney experience! We spent the day running around in the sun, sharing popsicles, and celebrating a very special person that we both love.


A hot mess. Hope caught me in the middle of this busy crosswalk after a humid day exploring in Tokyo.

On our last day in Tokyo, we made our way into Akihabara, the anime district of Tokyo. That day was my favorite because of who we met, our friend Momoka. Momo actually greeted us when we first arrived at the airport in Tokyo with candies, sweets and smiles, we kept in contact on Twitter and she offered to show us the sights, we were too lucky. After meeting up, we grabbed a very “LA” lunch at this cute vegan restaurant that Momo found and then we explored the anime shops. Meeting Momoka was such a highlight of our trip, she showed us such hospitality and we are all so happy to call her a friend. I have never seen such kindness from a total stranger but in Japan, I realized it is a way of life, treat others as you would like to be treated. I cannot put into words how amazed I am by the beautiful country of Japan, I can’t wait to visit again.

After breakfast the next morning, we packed our bags and almost missed our train to Kyoto for the second part of our trip, yes, I ate all of the macarons. Thank you so much to the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo for being so amazing to us during our stay, we can’t wait to come back soon! I hope you guys enjoyed reading along my adventures in Japan, make sure to like and comment below if you’d like to see a part two to this blog post!

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    Now I REALLY want to go to Japan. This is my fave blog of all time probably because I never read one before xD.