Well hi! Fall is here…well, it’s almost winter, but I wanted to create an easy fall look book for you guys (or girls, who need a little guidance). Whether you’re heading out apple picking, on a date, or just to school, here are three simple looks you can put together on any budget. Let me know in the comments below your favorite look and what you guys want to see more of on the blog!

Look #1:

That Raincoat You Bought But Never Use:

I love a good raincoat, but in L.A, I rarely get to use mine. This hunter green half-trench is from Topman and its super light so you can actually use it even when it’s not raining. I paired the jacket with a charcoal paisley button-down and stone colored slim chinos from Dockers. I’ve been really into boots lately and these zip & lace-up boots from Allsaints completed my look. When it comes to boots, be really particular, try to find a pair that you can wear with multiple outfits, that way you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

Look #2: 

You Have Five Minutes To Get Ready, Seriously:

Denim on denim is still a pretty big trend. I always go for a dark pair of jeans, white or grey t-shirt and my fav denim jacket when I need a quick outfit. Denim makes me feel put together but also classic and laid-back at the same time, just make sure you’re not pairing the same type/color denim, alternate colors, it will compliment you a lot more than a Canadian tuxedo. For shoes, I went with these neutral beige suede high tops from Allsaints. They go with literally everything and i got them for 75% off at the Allsaints outlet.


Look #3
Gotta Dress Up, But My Dress Pants Don’t Fit:

True story, my dress pants don’t fit. Blame it on the fact that I’ve had too many croissants lately, or I shrunk them in the washer, either way I’ve been wearing jeans more and more. I loved pairing these skinny jeans with this wool sweater from Club Monaco and tuxedo blazer from Bonobos. I’m not one to dress up and go meet friends but I really like mixing in some dressy pieces with my normal pieces, perfect for a date or dinner with friends. My ankle boots are from To Boot NYC and go with every outfit so they were a great buy.




5 minute fashion, SERVED. Hope you guys loved this new blog post and don’t forget to like and comment below your favorite! Have a great weekend!

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  • savanah

    I’m so happy you’re posting again. All these outfits look amazing on you. I love all the looks. I really love the last one, especially the boots. I enjoyed reading this and I hope you start posting more. Love you ❤️

  • lexi // 5 ♡

    so happy to see you posting again!! the second look is definitely my favorite, you look great! All of these looks are so breathtaking wow, way to come back with a bang. missed you, can’t wait to see what’s in-store for the next post! Love You!

  • Angela Crew

    Amazing looks💙

  • Brianna

    So happy to see that you finally updated your Blog all these fashion choices look amazing but the secound one is most defently my favorite and I can’t wait to see what you upload next

  • Ersin

    I’m in love with your blog and I’m so happy because of this update! this lookbook is incredible! look 3 was definitely my favorite, those dead thorn bushes must have hurt haha! love you

  • Miranda Doria

    Yay a Blog! I’ve been waiting so long lol. The first is definitely my favorite, I hope you wear it more often. I can’t wait to read more of your Blogs, expecially the travel ones. Will you publish a Fiji Blog anytime soon? Love you!

    • Miranda Doria

      Also I love the new layout on your website. Very well done.

  • Karla

    Love it! I’ve missed your blogs a lot. All the looks are PERFECT, Luv it. Stay SLAYING QUEEENNN! 👑💕

  • Hanna Horan

    Yas queen! Soy latte cute! Love u

  • Claudia Gabrielli

    Great post Daniel my favorite outfit is Look 2

  • Casandra Szurgot

    You look super cute in all of them but I personally like the laid-back one in number 2

  • Ethel

    OMG you look GORGEOUS!!!!! I honestly love all of them!!! They all suit you well! Gosh, you look so handsome!!! I’ve missed your blogs!! Please post more!! I love you! 💙

  • Storm CHISHOLM

    Damn, this is literally the time I can used an old meme. But Damn Daniel, you look amazing!

  • CNicosiaAnthro

    Loved these looks, especially look #3! I liked the rugged aspect of look #1 with the hunter-green trench and boots (definitely a fall outfit staple). Also, outfit #2 looked great (you can’t go wrong with a denim on denim look!). Outfit #3 was my favorite because I liked the dress-casual feel of this look along with the pairing and textures of each article of clothing, it came together perfectly! Overall, nice job and welcome back sir!

  • Kavana :0)

    I absolutely love all of them but my personal favorite is #3. Thank you for blessing our eyes, you look stunning 😍

  • Fernanda Medina

    Daniel, this post is so good and pretty. ❤️

  • A.

    Yay finally! <3 My absolute favourite outfit is the last one… it's so casual but chic at the same time :O <3<3 Are we going to to get a post of your UK (or later)/ skiing trip?? Maintain the great writing, you're so talented and Hopes photos are beautiful as always (:

  • Danielle

    I never really knew denim on denim was a big trend. Thanks for all the tips! I also love all the amazing photos. 🙂

  • Love_Luis_Life

    Yay, you are back! Thanks for these amazing fashion tips for Falls! Loving the lewks, the pictures and the new style upgrade you did to the blog! Can’t wait to see more of your future blog post! Xoxo to you and Joey

  • Chatrik Mangat

    Are you going to post something for the winter too? Kinda need tips😅

  • Anna Widerström

    All 3 outfits look so good. I really love the well chosen colours: discreet and perfectly matched. They bring out your own good looks! Favourite: Probably nr 3. Elegant and casual. A well-cut blazer is such a good investment, both for boys and girls. Love the sweater. Thank you for an inspiring blog post. I look forward to more fashion! Tell us more about how to choose and match colours! (And your travel blogs have all been really good – so yes, please!)

  • Isabella courtz

    Omg Daniel, you just slayyed my fashion sence! Ahh I really needed this, ty! I love you! I hope you have a good time in England!

  • Finally a new blog post Daniel! I love all the looks but my favourite is definitely the look number 2!


  • Sara Joseph

    Oh my God Daniel I really can’t choose a fav look, cuz I’m digging them all 3, but if I must, the first one got my eyes glowing and wonder how this is gonna look like on my body, I’m sure I’m gonna turn into a HEARTBREAKER girl just like you now…… I loved it so much…… you came back HARD with this blog after so long pause, it’s worth waiting for SURE.

  • Dizzy Daisy

    Love all the looks!!! I think I like the denim one the most

  • jen🌬

    Absolutely adored the photos! Great work, can’t wait for more.

  • Eda M

    The first look was my favorite! And i’m so glad you’re updating your blog again!! 🙂

  • Agyness DB

    Just beautiful Daniel, so well written & sublime photography. 5 minutes fashion served; it is delicious!

  • Kai Best

    God you look so sexy. Like argh. Joey is one lucky guy. Also I just woke up to this. YAY! NEW BLOG POST! Keep it up Daniel. I love it 💙

  • likac05

    Love all three looks, love your style. I’d like to know your every day skin care routine. I saw you in that teeth whitening video with Joey, you have amazing skin. Cheers.

  • Maddiee

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  • Elizabeth Nolin

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  • Anand Chitnis

    The first one is my favorite oh my god

  • Amont

    I do like the clothes and they seem comfortable enough that I could wear them everyday. I would like to know prices on these clothing items. If they aren’t in my budget can you offer alternatives to some looks in the future. Thank you 😀

  • Francesca

    Omg 10/10!! I love your style 💖💖💖

  • April Joy Gabel

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