Hey Daniel,

You don’t know me, but I’m a huge fan of yours, I really hope you read this, but I understand if you can’t..that’s okay…I know we will meet one day, and I’m really looking forward to it. I heard that you have been getting bullied at school a lot, and I am so sorry you are going through this pain, no one deserves to be called the horrible names you have by your classmates, perfect strangers, and even your father. People don’t understand what is different, they are scared of anything foreign to their little bubble of a life, I promise, you will be okay. How is school though? I know you love to learn, and like me, History, English and filmmaking are a few of your favorite things, keep up with them, you will be praised for your achievements one day. Can you still cook? I heard that when you were younger, your Mom taught you the way around a kitchen and you LOVE to cook with her, they are some of your favorite memories, never give that up, cooking for someone you love exudes good vibes. I can’t believe you already have two jobs! You’re a bus boy AND you work for your brothers landscaping business? I also love being outdoors and making things beautiful, keep saving your money, it will take you far away from your town one day soon.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but your Dad isn’t going to change anytime soon, he really loves you, he does, you know how hard he has worked to create a life in America for you and your family, but he’s sick, mental illness and alcoholism is a scary mix, but you will survive and know to never be the person he was when you are a father one day. Your Mother is amazing isn’t she? Such a hard worker, she’s my hero, and I know she is yours too, you guys are best friends, you’ve seen the world together and she has always had your back, but one day you wont be her little boy anymore, and you’ll see her go through a heartbreaking divorce, be there for her, it will all be okay, you’re a survivor, because she’s a survivor. You are wise beyond your years, but your biggest wish is for friends, a lot of them! You want to be the popular kid with the perfect family, and you will be, even if its just for a short time, you will realize that being popular doesn’t matter, after graduation, the only people still by your side, will be the ones who were there from the start.

Daniel, nothing is perfect, and everyone has their flaws, you are perfect in your imperfections and you will accept that one day. The few friends you have will become your family, cherish them, because you never know what each day brings, hold Alex close, she’s your sister forever, didn’t you date in kindergarten? You’ve known each other since you were born, she will always be there for you, a unconditional love like that is hard to find. But you will love one day, that will crush you when its over. But years later, when your heart has healed, someone special will stumble into your life, and turn it upside down, spoiler alert, he is the best person you will ever meet. He will love and cherish you like the prince you are, and you will do the same to him. Did I mention he’s cute? I think, beautiful, is a better word, he will bring out the best in you, and accept you at your worse, but force you to change for the better, which in-turn will mold you into the man you will become.

I know the bullying is hard to deal with, being called “fat” and “faggot” will happen a lot, its sad cause you don’t even know what being gay means right now; Going to a Christian school shelters you so much. And don’t worry, just cause you get into trouble a lot doesn’t mean you’re a bad kid, you question authority due to a hunger to discover the secrets of life, you are perfect the way you are. Are you going to college? Or the Air Force? Have you decided yet? I think college is for you, you’re so smart and it will be a great shelter for you, where you will learn, grown and work to become someone better than your prior environment, you’ll also meet a special girl there, her name is Hope, you will carry her during the hardest time in her life, she will think she can’t go on anymore, but don’t let her fall, she needs you now most, and for this, she will be forever grateful, she will become like a sister, and her family will love you like you wish yours did, they will appreciate all your differences and quirks and treat you as a son forever. The most beautiful thing about people with estranged families, is that you are able to choose your life family through those who love you, for you.

I hope you never lose your childish innocence, I hope you learn to love yourself, and stop comparing yourself to others, you have an amazing self-esteem your confidence is intoxicating, never give up your dreams, you know what they are, and they will all come true, I promise. Just keep working, and never get comfortable or take anything for granted, people will remember your heart of gold, work ethic and forthrightness, you are a shining star, your time will come.

Daniel, its been so great chatting, but I have to run to set, we are shooting a short film with some amazing people, I think you’re going to love it, you’re starring in it too! Can’t wait to see you soon. Remember, live to the beat of your own heart, never stand down for what is RIGHT and TRUE, be kind, give more than you receive, and learn to love yourself first before giving your heart away to the first person who comes along. You are at your greatest when surrounded by those you love and treasure, you’re a fighter, so prepare for battle, this world is a scary place, but you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Know your priorities and don’t go out too much in college, I know you have your brothers ID!

Oh! PS: Both of your brothers love you, regardless of your differences, there’s nothing like blood, don’t ever forget where you came from. I’ll be seeing you, in all the familiar places..

Love always,


  • Alex

    Beautiful 👏🏼

  • Eileen Linares

    this is awesome Dani boy! you’re a huge inspiration… these words are all emotion and sweetness, your soul and your personality. A colombian girl with love from Barcelona, I support you forever. Thanks for make us feel that proud!


  • Niamh

    Love you Daniel this was amazing and so inspiring to me

    Love from
    NIAMH 💕

  • Angela

    That was beautiful Daniel, it made me tear up little bit ! You are amazing writer ! ☺️👏🏻

  • Sophia

    This was amazing Daniel. You are such a strong and amazing person. This was inspiring and heart-warming! You are one amazing person and I hope to be just like you
    Sophia <3

  • Euan

    Love it

  • Perfection 💜

    • Daniel Preda

      Love you Steph! You truly have no idea how much your support means.

  • Gracie

    This made me tear up I get bullied at school and this is probably the most inspirational thing I’ve ever read I live in England but one day I hope I could meet you.

    Gracie x

    • Daniel Preda

      It will get better Gracie, I promise. Keep being you, and never stop.

      • Gracie

        Thank you. But if only I can be me without any judging me. X

  • Susanne

    this is so amazing! I learned so much about you. You’re such a fighter and I love you so much!

    • Daniel Preda

      So sweet of you. Thank you Susanne! <3

  • Valeria Lay

    Daniel, this made me tear up a little. I have been bullied, I have an alcoholic father and I have watched my mom go through a heartbreaking divorce. I know what it is like to feel like you did. I am so grateful that I read this. I am so grateful that you wrote this. Thank you.

    • Daniel Preda

      Stay strong Valeria, we are in this together. I’m always here.

  • Jason Martin

    Sis no… this made me weep openly! I couldn’t imagine going through all of this stuff but I’m glad you persevered. Love you always and forever Sis and I’m glad we were able to connect the way we did 😘😘😘

  • Sarah

    this made me so emotional and im so proud of everything thing that you have become 🙂

  • Simme

    And this is a perfect example of why you are my role model

  • Leah G

    ILYSM🐷 So inspirational💜

  • Kelsey

    Wow. Way to make me want to ball my eyes out! This was so sweet! It was nice to see you in a little more depth. I’m excited for this blog! 🙂

  • hawi

    This is so beautiful, honestly.

  • Charlie

    OMG this is so sad I have an alcoholic mum X

    • Charlie

      I also get bullied in school just for being me it’s really unfair

  • Dakota :(

    God you got me emotional, I loved this and you sm bb ♡

  • Ros C.

    Just beautiful.
    Good luck with this new adventure.

  • Brandy

    This is so sad! yet beautiful! I know times can get tough but you can get thru it, you know why? because your strong and a fighter! keep up the good work, ily

  • Frank M

    I loved it Daniel! This is so inspiring and heartfelt. Keep it up and follow your dreams!!! I wish you and Joey a long and loving life. Say hi to Joey for me!
    Love you.


  • Sam

    This is just so inspirational even made me tear up! Congrats Daniel you have done amazing 😢😊

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m crying holy crap ❤️

  • Taylor Michel

    aww Daniel you are so amazing. I have been a fan of you for a long time and I am so proud of you for making this blog!!!!!!

  • Alyssa

    I Love you So Much!! Your such a inspiration!!!

  • Siobhan

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  • Hannah

    im in tears, this was so so sweet and im happy to have gotten to learn a bit more about you.

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    Too perfect for words. Incredibly inspirational and just lovely.

  • kam

    I’m seriously crying wtf Daniel you hit me right in the feels

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  • Olivia

    ah this is so heart warming!

  • Kailey banfield

    Beautiful ❤

  • Isaac Chavez

    Daniel, I need this so much!! I’m currently going through the bullying process at school for being different. But I know now that I will get through it because of you

  • Kayla

    Daniel!!!! This is beautiful and I admire how much you were able to overcome, and learn to love yourself and surround yourself with people who love you! I will always love and support you endlessly! ❤️

  • jule ♡

    This made me tear up… I loved all of it

  • Caitlyn Martinez

    I’m in tears, this was so beautiful

  • kam

    Stay strong prince

  • Madison

    This is was so inspiring. Keep it up!

  • Katie

    Sweetest thing I have ever read it made me tear up, and the bit about Joey! My heart melted and we are all here for you💕

  • Brittany

    Daniel, this is so bzeautiful. It made me cry a little. You are so amazing and string. ❤ you!

  • Tanya Patton

    As I read this, tears ran down my cheeks. This was beautifully written. You are an inspiration to me every day, and you’ve grown to be an amazing man after everything you’ve been through. I can’t thank you enough, I love you so much.

  • Chloe

    Great. 👏💜

  • Jasmine Munoz

    Awww Daniel I too have been bullied and still I am for my weight. Thus post just reminded me that I should not compare my self to others and that I should strive to get what I want. This is beautiful 💖

  • Julianna


  • Patricia

    This was so beautiful❤️ I’m in tears, most happy tho. Lots of love from Sweden to one of my favorite people in the whole wide world❤️

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    is it weird that i cried

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    Omg i love this

  • This has made me so motivated to get through what I’m struggling with right now, it’s all worth it in the long run. How easy would life be if we could just look into the future to see how things plan out?! It would be reassuring, but I guess that’s the excitement of living. You never truly know what is round the corner.


  • Chloe

    This is heart jerking. I loved it.

  • Natalie Geiger

    I want a book! Daniel Preda you need to write one. I think that you have so many stories and advice you could share with us and I would love to read it. This was so inspiring in many ways that I didn’t even know I needed inspired in.

  • Cassandra ✨

    I’m crying this is amazing ❤️ I’m so proud of how far you’ve come

  • Nikki

    This was lovely, Daniel. You’re so strong. Proud of you. <3

  • Jenniee

    Lovely post Daniel, it honestly made me cry a little. Sometimes it’s good to revisit the past, that’s how you know how far you’ve come. Everything that has happen to you, makes you who you are deep inside. Although you also have the power to decide who you want to become and work hard to get there. I wish we all could have had these kind of encouraging words when we were growing up.

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad, but glad that you have Joey now who knows how it is. He has your back as you have his, right? I absolutely love that you allow strangers like me to follow along with your lives and your love story. It’s just so inspiring and gives me chills, don’t know if that sounds creepy. Oups.

    Happy that you made this site of yours, I always knew there’s something very interesting about you, right from the first times I saw you in Joeys vlogs. Thank you 🙂

  • brianna chavez

    Omg daniel u made me cry this isso deep im sorry u had to go through that hard life but ur not alone not olny me but a hole bunch of other people know what thats like but look at you now all that hard work payed off i hope to meet you and joey someday and hope u and him have an amazing day love u so much -ur fan Brianna Chavez 😘❤️

  • Emma

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    Daniel this was absolutely precious. I almost cried and I learned more about you and I’m sorry about everything you’ve been through but I’m so happy that you’re better now! love you!

  • Daniel, this is so beautiful
    I cried the whole time while Reading it.
    I understand what happened to you and I know what it feels like and this was just so inspiring.
    Perfect first post
    Can’t wait to read your blog every day

  • Brianna Elyssa

    Daniel, you’re my inspiration. I love you!

  • zoe

    No matter what, you will always have Maria,Sorin, Alexandru,Joey, and all of us!! I love you

  • Liyah

    My heart just burst into pieces💞 Daniel you are such an amazing person and reading this has inspired me. I’m so proud of you! Keep doing what you do because you are great at it💓 And that special person you cook for is very proud of you too☁✨

  • Daniel,

    This actually made me cry😢 I’m so proud of you and right now I have no words so I’ll just shut up🤐💖

  • Jeehae Park

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    This was amazing. u r truly a fighter u r so strong and amazing. I loved this so much and I love u so much 💜

  • Janiel_1fan


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    When Danny mentions Joey and Hope in his blog… 😭😭😭💜💜💜

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    I love this! So happy that you have completed this project. Looking forward to more blogs!

  • Nejc Omahen

    Daniel!! Thank you for this. You and Joey are literally saving me from killing myself. You two are the only 2 things, well people that I care about and love.

    Please keep posting this. You can save a lot of lifes.

    With all the love
    Nejc Omahen

    • Aliza KedarMehl

      there is so much to life for, the world and life in general are beautiful. you were put on this planet for a reason. <3

  • Astacia Wilke

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  • ✨Marissa✨

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  • Andrea

    I’m so proud of you, you made it through and now you are here today! I don’t remember much of elementary school, so I can’t remember getting bullied if I ever did. But I’m about to enter middle school and this gave me so much hope (no pun intended) that I’ll make it.


  • Jacob

    oh my gosh. i literally can’t stop crying. i know exactly problems of gay boy from Christian family. you are complete right that this world is a scary place. Every single day that you have to struggle with. when you are bullied at school ’cause you are gay. when whole world hate you becouse of this, even your parents. Love you Daniel . I hope we will meet up together one time in the future. your friends always will be with you. ;*

  • Tori

    This is so beautiful

  • Irma

    This made me tear up boy!You’re such a big inspiration to me and thousands of people,I love you and I’m so excited for this project!

  • Kinsey Cardema

    im in tears

  • Amya

    I’m so proud of you pig🐷🐽 I related to most of the things you said and I hope young Daniel made it through ok

  • Alma

    Legit teared up! You’ve conquered so many obstacles! And I’m so proud of you for it my love! Keep shining through the dark! 💛

  • Emilio Vazquez

    Oh my ! Look at the kween pig you have became let those bullies fuck off ily daniel dont ever think you aren’t good enough dont compare yourself to others we love you joey loves you hope loves you lots of people do dont ever think that for one moment youre a failure your the biggest success in the GALAXY have a great day piggy sincerely-Emilio Vazquez Youll Probably Never Read This But Its Okay… All The Love And Support That Can Radiate Off Of Me Have A Nice Life❤️

  • maliha huq

    this was so beautiful

  • Kimberly

    Daniel, you are so inspiring and I hope you do so well in the future and conquer any hardships in your life. You are strong- minded and I hope that you work hard and try your best In everything you do. Have a wonderful day! 💖

  • Melissa

    oh god I got so emotional. To a lot of the things you said I can relate and I hope some day I’ll be as lucky as you and find the right place for me in this world..

  • karla agee

    Am I the only one who cried? This is the first post and I am already looking forward to this so much because well get to know Daniel for Daniel and not just joeys boyfriend. I’m the type of person who looks in someones eyes and just wonders what is truly behind them, the struggles, the heart break, the love and I feel like this blog is a way for Daniel to share tha( or at least what hes comfortable with) so thank you Daniel for letting us be able to be part of your life and for sharing it with us

  • The Book life

    This is so beautifully written and even though you are writing to your younger self, there are things in here that I can really resonate with. Thank you for writing this. I cannot wait for more posts on your blog.

  • Elly

    Daniel,this made me cry tears of sadness and joy. I can’t belive how far you’ve come and how strong you have been through it all. I’m so glad that you are happy despite the terrible things you’ve gone through,it’s so nice to hear about your life and what you have been through so your fans can get a better understanding and relate to you so much more. It’s just amazing being able to see letters like this to see your background. I love you. Good bye❤️

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    I’m crying right now!

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    This is one of the most beautifulest price of writing I have ever read. I am so happy that u got to read it, it was amazing Daniel it actually made me cry but I loved it. Can’t wait to see more blogs.

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    Oh wow this blog is going to turn out amazingly. This is really cool because it is your life. Thank you for making this

  • Sierra

    This made me cry Daniel. I’ve gone through my parents getting divorced, I barely ever see my dad, my moms never home, and my brother isn’t the nicest to me. Thank you for sharing this with us. ❤️

  • William(?)

    This was so beautifully written and inspiring and i relate to your words a lot but im not through the other end yet and to read your passage makes me feel like everything will work out okay. Keep writing.

  • Heart~

    Truly inspiring Dani. Thank you for this.

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  • lala⋆

    This was so beautiful and inspirational, Daniel. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. I’m sure you’ll continue to grow and love and make others happy just as you’ve been doing all this time. Can’t wait to see more posts on here. Love you lots. ❤️

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    I’m not gonna lie to you, I was a complete mess but I’m taking the time to say thank you!
    You’ve had quite a journey but that journey is what made you to be the kind of man you are right now. So kind and loving.
    I’m grateful for this because I know It will help alot of people including myself to carry on even when you think you’ve reached rock bottom and this is the end. Life is a beautiful thing and there’s always a rainbow after a storm..
    I’ll be forever thankful for this.
    I hope one day we meet one day.
    But as of now, you have my love and support from the other end of the screen.

    Love you forever,
    Trinity Xavier xx

  • Simone

    I’m crying a lot right now. I think it’s because how much I can relate to this. I want to be in a place where I can say "you’ll get through it. Your life is hard now but just keep going" but I’m not. I’m not quite there yet. I want to be though. This time in my life is probably one of the hardest things I will ever have to go through. I know I need to keep going and keep fighting but it’s so hard when everything around you is slowly breaking. I’m struggling a lot. But reading this gives me hope. I want to be able to look back on this time in my life and say that I made it. Thank you so much daniel. You will never know how much you inspire me. I can’t even put into words how proud of you I am. I love you so much.

  • I read this while shopping at Ross, and I have to be honest with you… I started crying. I can relate to this so much (except for the alcoholic parent), but everything else really hits my emotions. It’s a nice feeling to know that you’re not alone. Daniel, I would love to meet you one day, and I would love to be able to look at you as a friend or even as family. Reading this made me realize that my imperfections are what makes me perfect. Thank you Daniel. Thank you so much for making me realize this! I love you.

  • Nevaeh

    Thank you Daniel,for these kind words.Ive cried a little,I too have trouble with my family,my dad had to sell drugs just for me to have the things I needed to be happy in life.Hes in jail now and I won’t see him till I’m in my twenties(I’m 14).


  • Fiona Chae

    Aww bby. Im so sorry you had to feel this way when you were younger. This honestly made me tear up a bit. Some people (bullies) are so terrible, i dont understand why people would even bully others? Anyways, keep it up and follow your dreams, Daniel! This is so inspiring. Just remember we will always be by your side, supporting you! We are so proud of you and We love you so much, Daniel! <33

  • Anna

    I am so proud of you, we all are. You are so inspiring and this is something that I really needed to read right now, I am not in the best place. Thank you for fighting through this and putting this out there for us. I think it is time for us to know who Daniel really is.

  • Camille 💖

    You are such an inspiration to me. I know that some of the people are referring you as "Joey’s boyfriend" but for real, you’re so much more. You are such an exceptional human being, with a heart and real values. I love you, your words are so powelful. I love your new blog and I can’t wait to read all about you. You’re my favorite human ever <3

  • Karen

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    You are an inspiration to me and to so many people. You deserve to be happy and loved and everything in the world. I will forever love you💖

  • Damion Chapa

    This…this is truly inspirational! This is why everyone needs to accept every person in the world because you never know what their lives were like growing up. Everyone had their struggles and events that made them into the person they are today. I truly feel as if I now know Daniel in a more personal way even though he knows absolutely nothing about me. It takes a lot to put your story online where thousands of people can read an write their opinions. Good for you, Daniel, for being brave enough during the happiest time of your life to share your story. It is truly inspirational and moving. Keep it up Danny Boy.

    (Just a little self-promo….
    Twitter: @damchapaj
    Snapchat: damionjchapa
    Instagram: damionjchapa
    Add me if you ever feel like chatting! I can ignore fame, love, and bias and give honest, truthful opinions to any topic you feel like talking about!)
    I feel like you would be an awesome person to chat with, we share so many opinions and ideas! <3

  • Debbie

    You are an amazing person, thanks for making me cry . Love ya

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    Lil daniel is so proud and so am i. this made me feel secure? you know i feel like i will make it. my dad right now is in the same situation and reading this just gave me a little bit more hope. thank you<3

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    I’m literally crying, that was beautiful Daniel. I pray that you never stop making these blogs , it really touched my heart and I always wanted to know more about you. Love you always Daniel your biggest fan. 😍😊

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  • This is amazing, Thank you for being my inspiration. i love you

  • Mitchell

    Bless your heart what a Beautiful letter God Bless you and your many talents. Remember when people see us through there eyes they believe that we are diffrent but when they see us through there heart they know we are the same

  • Awkward stranger

    Okay so that was beautiful I almost cried so freaking hard you have inspired me to be myself and embrace the part of me that I usually try so hard to hide you’re relationship with Joey is perfect in every way and I hope I can find as much happiness with my partner as you have with him ilysm xx 💜💜

  • Dans Kurjanovics

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      Hey Emily! I’m sure that will come in time! Stay tuned!

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    • Daniel Preda

      Marta, I love you too. It’s a long journey to true happiness, we are in this together, thank you for supporting me, much appreciated.

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    I’ve followed you and your different pieces of writing in various places for a while now, and I’m a fan! You have a gift for literature and an amazing style of work already, i hope this grows as much as it’s deserved.

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    • Daniel Preda

      Dana, You are making me smile so big! Thank you for the words of encouragement. See you soon!

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      It’s real life! We all go through pain, But it’s how we take that pain and move forward to become the person we want to be! Thanks for reading Kenzie!

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    We are thankful to have you, Joey and Hope. <3
    Love and greetings from Germany.

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    Unfortunately, he lost his lifelong battle with depression back in January. I miss him terribly but following your adventures with Joey brings some light into my life and I’m grateful for it.

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    Be proud of him, he is an inspiration and an important person for me and many other people. I hope to get to know him more and more and maybe, one day, come back in California from Italy to meet him. He will always have a special place in my heart and (I hope) a friend in me.
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    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Anthony,
      Thank you for the beautiful words. I’m so happy I can help push you towards your own happiness. Hope to see you soon.

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      Love you too Linda! It’s not the easiest thing to deal with, but it gets better. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Hoping to here from you soon.

    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Pratheek, I’m so happy you could relate to this letter. Keep your head held high, you are in charge of your own destiny, I promise you will make it out of the hardships. Stay strong, thank you for your words.

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      Hey Kaya! Thanks for reading! Love you too!

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    • Daniel Preda

      Thank you so much Albert. Your support means the world.

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    P.s. Never give up because the darkness will turn into the light

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    • Oliver Atkinson


    • Oliver Atkinson

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    • Daniel Preda

      You are never alone, I’m always here. xoxox

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      Hi Alaina! Thank you! Happy you are here and reading! <3

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    • Ben Carme

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  • Daniel you are a strong boy who has a boyfriend who is amazing and will always be their for you and you have lots of friends and now that you have Joey you have lots of people that will support you I am so sorry about your dad but you ha e your mom and sister but most important stay storn and love Joey cause he will always love you sincerely -Bella

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    Daniel I hope you my comment, this blog was beautiful and touched my heart! I was bullied in elementary school in 3rd grade. All of my classmates called me "fatty" and "ugly girl" I wanted to know why my life is hard and chosen to be me. I wanted to cry and to give up, but I have family, friends, and of course God because they understand me, accepted me who I am, and loving me. They always there for me when I’m in depress, mad, confuse, and lost of hope. I always compare with other pretty girls and wondering why I’m not that pretty. But my father told me "Delilah, don’t listen to other people. You are beautiful. And I’m glad to have you as a daughter. You always be beautiful inside and outside. Do you know why? Because you are you. Seeing you helping and caring other people touched my heart. I’m so happy God created you and being my beautiful daughter" Than I started to rise and not giving up. I am me and this who I wanted to be. I’m alive for a reason! I’m glad have those people in my life because without them I’ll be in depression and might become suicide person. This blog really touched my heart and I really truly to see more of your blog! I Love You Daniel ❤

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    • Daniel Preda

      It IS! Such a great feeling to know little ol’ me is helping someone by sharing my experiences! Thanks for stopping by, Jay!

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    My father isn’t alcoholic but he is sometimes verbally abusive and childish. He has his bad days…

    Anyway, you seem really genuine and beautiful human being. It’s awesome that you have found happiness in your life. I wish you all the best in life! 🙂

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    I’m sitting here crying harder then I can remember crying in a long time. Thank you for sharing this. When I was in inpatient they had us write letters to our younger selves and I can’t imagine ever being in the place where I’d be comfortable enough to lay myself bare like you have.

    Please keep writing. You have an amazing, amazing gift.

    All the love,
    Heather lee

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    All the love. Shivani x

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    daniel i’m so pround of how far you have come and how strong youve stayed through the tough obstacles in your life. today you bring smiles to so many faces and you have a little family you cherish and hold so close to your heart. i know that they mean the world to you. i love you💖

  • Azza Mzoughi

    Wow this is moving Daniel! the words are so inspiring and heartwarming! You really are a nice, kind, smart and beautiful person despite what haters say don’t worry you’re beyond them! you’re doing great so far so keep it up and never forget that you’re unique and special! I love You xoxo

  • Guadalupe

    This is so inspirational. I can related to some of the topics in the letter. I’m not a really big blog person but this is the best blog I have ever read before in my life. Keep up the blog Daniel. You never know who you will inspire.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It makes me feel so much better

  • Das


    • Daniel Preda

      I am the exact opposite of privileged. My family came to America with nothing. My mother cleaned homes while attending nursing school and raising three children while my fathered slaved away at his granite company 18 hours a day. I owe everything to them.

      NOT privileged.

      Determined. Persevering. Strong.

      • Das

        You got to go to college and your boyfriend is a freaking celebrity.
        Nuff said.
        My frail single mom spent 20 years providing income for her own son, her mother and sister’s entire family by babysitting and doing maid work. I cant afford to go to college even on the few scholarships I got. I’ve got no one or nothing to rely on, and what irritates me is people like you going around giving others false hope and that you love them and have faith in them despite not even knowing what they look like- it feels forced, cheesy, and dishonest.
        Only the privilaged make it in this country.
        You are privilaged.
        And the fact that you have to advertize your romance with Joey to get attention is also concerning and superficial.

        • Curtis

          I’m sorry but who are you to say these things? Maybe he DOES genuinely believe in us. Jealousy is a harmful trait, don’t use it to attack people just because you may not believe in yourself.

      • Das

        You’re also attractivd ‘af, so you can get whichever guy you want. Once again, privilaged.
        You also seem to travel all over with your boyfriend, who is a celebrity. Once again, privilaged.

    • You have absolutely no reason to say this to him. What have he ever done to you? Ok, fine you didn`t have it easy either but hey do not hate on somebody else with a lot of the same struggles. Try to compliment or show that you understand how it feels. I try to keep calm but I can feel the rage tickle inside me. Sorry, I hate to be rude but i just get enough of these comments myself and get so irritated by them. I just don´t think Daniel deserves this, I don´t think anyone does! This blogpost he just wrote took a lot of coruage to write! It´s okay to say what you mean, but remember to also think before you post anything((;

      I´m done for now…
      Love you Daniel, keep going! You and Joey are my heros<3

      Love Regine

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    • Daniel Preda

      Hi Hannah! You’re welcome! I’m glad to be there for you through my words.

  • amazing, absolutely amazing ! it’s crazy to think that someone, who i have never been in the presence of, means so much to me, that person is you, daniel ! while its such a cliche thing you hear, you truly mean so much to me because you’re my role model. you have been through so much, which i now further see and it just makes me armire you even more. your strength, determination, your life right now with joey, it all shows me that even though your past can be awful at times and you may feel as if it won’t get better, it will.

    • Daniel Preda

      So kind of you! It does! Also, your past, does not reflect on your future whatsoever. Be well! Xoxo

      • Valerie Esquivel

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      Hey Sav, they mean more than you know! Thank you for the support. <3

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    • Daniel Preda


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      Alexandra, thank you for being amazing. And thanks for stopping by! <3 Have an amazing day!

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    I have so much respect for you this made me cry.You are amazing and an amazing writer.

  • Courtz Isabella

    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Maybe one day I will do this on my blog. Daniel I am sorry about everything that you have went through, just remember that Joey is there for you and so are we. You are so nice and the best thing that has happened to Joey and Hope. Love you lots xx

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    One beautiful lether which made me cry! Everything is better when it end that way ! Every hard path in our lives is like a lesson, that teach us what to become and why we should change, Also I’m so happy that you found your love, you guys are the best! Love you !!! #JANIEL
    Be happy and never let go !

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    PS: I’m in tears
    PS2: I love you! <3

  • Daniel

    Hey dude, always remember, you are awesome and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know how growing in Romania is, especially for..different kids, but look at you now! In the land of freedom with Joey by your side. You are lucky, dude. I don’t know if you’re gonna read this or not, but I just want you to know, if we would have ever met or become friends, I would be there for you. I keep watching you guys having fun whenever I can, so I’m happy that Joey is there for you.

    Ai grijă de tine!
    de la Daniel la Daniel

    • Daniel Preda

      This hit home for me Daniel, thank you for the love. Right back at you.

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    Kisses & hugs from a distant friend.

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    That’s amazing! I hope that everything for now goes best for you! Keep going!

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    • Daniel Preda

      vă mulțumesc atât de mult, cuvintele tale înseamnă lume. da, mama mea este o persoană uimitoare! multă dragoste pentru tine toate ❤️

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    • Daniel Preda

      Big hug and lots of love to you my darling!

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    This is soooooo beautiful and amazing cuz u actually got to learn more about u Daniel and I hope all is well with u and Joey but ya anyway love ya guys and goodbye I have two hours till I have to get ready for school………… ON MY BIRTHDAY 🎁🎁🎁🎉🎉🎊🎊💘🎈

    • Daniel Preda

      Thank you for taking the time to read! On your bday! Happy bday!

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    Thank you for that. This letter gives me such a lot confidence.
    Greetings from Poland. ♡

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  • Wow, this brought a tear to my eye. Although short this is an amazing insight into what makes you, you. I got so emotional about how you talked about joey and hope and how much love you had for them. You are an amazing person. Keep being you.

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    Hi Daniel,

    This poignant, pure and passionate letter resonates more than you know – to my younger and present self. I guess its all in the journey than the destination. With the love of your life and the world by your side, I feel our strengths run both ways helping each other grow towards a bigger, brighter tomorrow.
    Despite the distance, you made us all a part of this journey and I want to thank you for that. Keep smiling, keep growing and so will we by your side.
    Looking forward to more from you.


    Chennai, India xx

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    I was moved to tears reading this. I must admit: from being an all-hands-on-deck stalker on social media (before you began to appear in Joey’s videos), to this moment – getting to know these bits about yourself – it has been an amazing little trip.
    I felt and lived through a lot of what you described here and I can’t help but mention how many of us… "different" people (hate this label)… go through so much of the same stuff and experience the same troubles in one way or another.
    I’m really, really happy for you and for what you’ve been able to accomplish, and I’m glad that Joey is there by your side. He truly is an amazing human being and I believe you both do GOOD for each other.
    I hope to see more tidbits like this blog post in the future and PLEASE keep slaying as usual! Never loose your spirit and don’t change who you are for nothing in this world 🙂
    Thank you for this, and love, lots of love <3
    Emanuel, from Portugal

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    Oh daniel talk about an amazing aspiring message. I love it and I can tell it means alot. I’m greatful you shared that to the public and I’m so glad I read it. You have the right mindset and so does your beautiful man pig lol, just kidding. I love you and joey so keep on keeping on cause I’m not ready to give you guys up, you help me stay positive and I’m tank full for it. Oh..and tell joey I love his vids an he’s my favorite youtuber!

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    Daniel… I don’t even know what to say! I love you so much more now! (not that I didn’t love you before) I just want to say thank you! I’ve gone through so much, and just seeing you smile makes me feel 10 times happier! So the fact I get to see these blog posts and learn more about you, and myself for that matter, is definitely going to be interesting! There are so many things I want to tell you, and get your advice on, but are kind of personal, that I don’t wish to share in this comment. But I wish one day I will get the honour of meeting you, and have a big chat.
    I’ll go now. But I’m definitely coming back!

    Love Olivia

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    I just wanted to say that after reading your blog.. I realised that it’s okay to accept people that are different and we shouldn’t be scared to do so. I’ve been judged all my life for things I’ve done and it’s really lowered my self-esteem but surely enough I’m finally rebuilding it. My best friend named destiny is just like Joey personality wise I mean she treats me like I’m everything to her and she makes me realise things that I’ve never realised about myself at all..while on the other hand I’m more like you past wise and personality wise I’ve always struggled with my mom going through a mental illness such as like constantly drinking,drugs everything along those lines and the only other family I had to support me was my dad and nana. My mom and dad were constantly in court trying to get custody over me but eventually it was over and I live with my dad now. I’ve come to realise that once you have a past like mine or yours it’s always something you can’t forget and you eventually just have to start over and find people special like hope and joey are to you lucky I’ve already found a best friend that is like joey..I just need a hope in my life now. I’m so glad I’ve got to know you better from reading your blog and I hope to learn much more about you during this journey and another i love you and joey so much and I hope to meet you one day.

    All the love as always,

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    Lots of love,

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    I’m so proud of you, Daniel! You have been through a lot and look at you now. You inspire me to keep moving forward even if things get tough.. Thank you so much for this. Love you! xox

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    ✿ Daniel, I’m so excited! It really is a good chance to get to know such a wonderful person like you. This letter… It touched me. I am writing this through tears. You and your creativity inspire me and give hope. I’m really starting to believe in this world and in humanity. Together, we can overcome all the difficulties. Just know that we’re here. We will always help you, no matter what happens. We love you, Daniel. I wish success to you and your blog. ✿

    With love ♥

  • Diana

    Hey Daniel (: I love your blog, the letter to yourself was amazing. I know you’ve gone through a lot but I just want to let you know that your okay now and that we all love you. You have amazing people in your life, Joey, hope, wolf and storm and of course us. We will always believe in you and love you . Continue being you pig. Lots of love,
    Diana @tweetmebacon

  • Andres

    Dont ever underestimate your life as it is one to conquer. Life as it seems has been difficult but Love is the greatest gift. Never allow people to change that. Be generous and kind and let Love take care of your. Be free and wild and enjoy this life. I was a child once a long time ago and I can relate to your struggles just the other day at 28yrs old I was called out of my name by a group of guys. My boyfriend wasn’t around I felt hurt but then I told myself love people who dont understand and are not walking in my shoes more. I wish you the best in this journey and ill be praying for Joey and you that Love always rises more than the hurt and that also Joey gets healed and yall never look back at that pain but carry the scars like a battle wound. Never forget where yall came from and the change yall are making sincerely Andres Adame

    • Daniel Preda

      This brought me to tears! thank you for the amazing support. Hugs!

  • andres adame

    I forgot to say congratulations keep moving forward. You like many of us. Have a duty to protect the innocent and bring justice. I hope and pray that the journey you and Josefina lol jk you and Joey have embarked on never ends. I hope yall keep being a support for one another. Hope yall find refuge in one another and help each other to heal in this process called life. Wish you the best again.
    Sincerely, Andres Adame

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    Thank you for the inspiration and for the support you send to us. Just be happy and always smile, we love you so much ♥

    • Daniel Preda

      Frankie, thank you for your sweet words. Wishing you all the best and thank you for stopping by! <3

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    I just wanted to say, that God loves you even tough you are gay 💙!!!! It doesn’t make any difference!
    Allways remember: you are a child of God💝

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    Thank you so much Daniel you have inspired me to except myself and to except other people, whenever my mom would fight I would cry all night just listen hopelessly I could do nothing shut it out, my mom was mad at my dad so was I he is letting him self slowly die his has a disease that paralysed his legs down so he is in a wheel chair justin st sitting there over weoght. But whenever I watch you and joey collab together it makes Melanie laugh and forget all about that stuff,
    Thanks so much bethany

    • Daniel Preda

      Love you bethany!

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    • Daniel Preda

      Good luck! Make sure its 100% what you wan to do! You’re amazing for even considering it! 🙂

  • Amr

    I felt every word you have written..for years I have been bullied by my friends and father for being different, even in college there were those snarky comments from everyone..in the end I managed to accept who I was after years of self-loathing. .the people around me are still being bullies to me but I try to not think about it when i go home.
    but reading this has motivated me to try and surround myself with better people..i need this.
    you are a wonderful person daniel..i hope your life becomes what you wish it would be and even more 🙂

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    ps. i love you

  • Nina Alothman

    wow..that was deep but beautiful thank you Daniel or sharing

    ps. i love you

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    This is what i needed! This is so beautiful. The way the words turned into a real story, i could imagine all the things daniel had been through and that things indeed get better but the way to it is long and sometimes painfull but it’s the People along side you that help you survive and are your family.
    I do have one question and maybe you know the answer.
    I have a best friend but in this friendship she is ruining my life and not in a good way. She’s a big reason why i’m depressed and she’s telling People shit about me but she’s still my best friend and i’ve known her for almost 6 years now i have a great time when i’m alonr with her but i have no idea what to do. Do i Let her go or do i make her stay?
    Again thank you so much and i love you!

    • Daniel Preda

      Ilana, I dealt with this same issue recently with a friend. I can’t tell you what to do, cause only you know that. But, I can tell you, that people come into our lives for a reason, and most friendships have a shelf life. As we each grow and change as people, that friendship changes and sometimes its for the better or for worse. What I am trying to say is that its completely okay to halt a friendship and call it quits if its unhealthy for you. You will meet new and amazing people who treat and respect you the way you should be.

      I hope it all works out soon! xoxo

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    Don’t listen to the ones who call you an opportunist, I don’t think you are. You’re such a wonderful person! Keep up with the hard work and never give up!
    Your story inspires me so much!
    Greetings from Italy, with love

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      Love you Laura! Glad it helped you!

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    • Daniel Preda

      They do! I promise!

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    • Kyle

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  • This is literally me, Tears did happen, but in the end it all worked out. Thank you for the inspiration you bring to us all.

  • Thegreatgatsby

    Love it. Keep up with the positivity. I’m sure you will make a difference in the world! xoxo

  • Alyssa Marie

    I can relate to this because I was bullied since 2 all the way till 10th grade. I didn’t even do anything thing to them. It came to a point where I just let it happen or I had my best friend stick up for me. I’m now am constantly worried about what people think or will say about me. In 10th grade it got so bad that I cried and my friend said that nobody should make her friend cry. In gym I try to get out of everything we are doing because I don’t want people to say something about me. I don’t stick up for myself. Which I need to work on.

  • Ellie Schneider

    okay so I reread this because I thought I wouldn’t get as emotionsal as I did yesterday.. I was wrong. I feel like it’s because I’m going through such a hard time right now as my mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer and it’s really made a huge negative impact on my life, after reading this, It’s almost as like you have gave me a lot of hope, she’s doing okay right now and I just hope and pray that she beats it.
    I love you so much Daniel❤️

  • Aisha khalifa

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    Love ya!

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    Keep it up with the blogs❤

  • Sara Joseph

    This was so deep and it’s got me right in the darkest suppressed secrets of my soul that i can not ever be open with .,and i can’t help it BUT TO CRY .i suffered from bully even from my family ,my own what’s so called "dad".
    Daniel you’re such an amazin’ and mesmerising person to share your owm oldest fears with us..I CAN’T BE MORE THANKFUL TO YOU ENOUGH ,SO THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

  • Anya Lane

    This made me cry so much..was like being on a roller coaster, first I was sad and then I was happy then I was just whizzing around. Lol. I’m so glad we can hear your opinions and feelings. It’s like getting to know you virtually and not just Joey (whom I love a lot also). Hope you are have a fabulous day Mister Preda, you deserve the best 🐽xxxx

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