Whoever said you can’t wear black in the summer, was seriously disturbed. I’m a big fan of wearing dark colors 24/7 – maybe it’s just easier to put together or maybe its because black is always in-style and no one can ever tell what brand your clothes are, it’s just…black. For this outfit, I built the look around my favorite skinny charcoal jeans, which are from Allsaints, but can be found literally anywhere, actually does a good black denim and are super affordable.


When it comes to skinny jeans in the summer, you either need a light denim, or something with a little stretch, feeling like a pig in a denim blanket will make you want to jump into the nearest trough, so make sure they are comfortable.


My denim jacket is from Topshop, which is actually a little short on my arms, but I rolled up the sleeves and voila, no one knows, except…all of you. I love a subtle floral print, which are still a hot trend, especially Hawaiian prints with palms, (huge right now).  This short-sleeved shirt from ASOS is breathable and looks great on its own without the jacket, I like the contrast it gives to all the dark colors.


For the shoes, do NOT come for me, I wore my weathered chelsea boots, usually brown and black don’t go together, but who made up that rule? They give a little contrast, and I haven’t found a good black boot that aren’t too hot in warm weather yet, stay updated on my hunt.


I accessorized with these cheap, modern aviators, which look more expensive than they feel, they were like five dollars I think, but I always lose all my sunnies so, again, no one knows if it’s on-brand except you. Go with what’s cute and cheap until you feel like spending on a higher quality pair.


My metal bracelet by Giles & Brothers is actually a vintage railroad spike, I love the simplicity and it was a sentimental gift from my love, so it’s usually always around my wrist. #cuteAF – Let me know in the comments below if you liked this look or how you would wear it, if you decide to do your own version, tag me in the pic on Instagram @MisterPreda – I want to see your creations! And make sure to like this post so I know you’re loving these style-oriented blogs! <3


Love always,



Thank you to my amazing photographer, Hope Kauffman. Check out her blog at and social medias @hkcameraface. <3

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    • Daniel Preda

      Right! I think they do, if done properly!

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      Thank you Daisy! I’m excited to show you more of myself and adventures!

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    Leah x

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      Hey Leah! you def should! I am actually! Next week!

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    Sophia <3

    • Daniel Preda

      Thanks Sophia! Looks like we are twinning! I love dark colors in the summer!

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  • David Ian

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