Love can be either the most amazing feeling in the world, or the most terrifying, but somewhere in the middle, lies a happy medium, an unconditional love, the most sought-after type of love, which people can spend their entire lives in search of. But alongside that great type of love, is also the saddest, unrequited love, AKA “This cretin doesn’t love me back but I can’t stop my emotions..I will MAKE them love me!” No, you won’t, accept it, learn, and move on, theres more fish in the sea, and unfortunately, you cant force people to love you, believe me, I’ve tried.

Fortunately for you, I have experienced it ALL, so allow me to be your test subject yet again. Until two years ago, I never thought I wanted a relationship again; I went through two breakups in my life, I wont go into detail, but they were both equally difficult to deal with. It often seems like the end of the world when you’re in the middle of it all, but did you know, that the place where a bone breaks, becomes the strongest part after healing? That’s right, we get over it, we grow stronger, but we never forget the pain that came with the territory and the time it took to become whole again.

Intimacy isn’t the only type of love either, I have loved friends so much that when we outgrew our friendships, it was some of the worst pain I have ever experienced, its a hard part of growing up, moving on without someone, but sometimes you need to let people go, in order for them to become the person they were meant to be. I have realized it’s important to be able to cut anything toxic from your life, if you’re not building each other up, sometimes the best thing to do is end a friendship, have you ever done that? I have a few times, it’s really difficult, but the heart can only take so much let-down and hurt before shattering, you learn and you grown each time you go through the hurt, and I think that the hope for everyone is to find that fairytale kind of love, a love that deserves its own parking spot, or show on MTV, its a special feeling, that everyone is deserving of, and something that I am very fortunate to have in my life.

We as humans were made to love, we were not meant to live alone in solace, we were meant to bask in the sun and create our own happiness. Whether you are gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, pansexual, or questioning – whether you love a friend or a partner, a crush, or just your parents, hold it close, and never let it go until you have to. You deserve the right to love the person you are happy with, or if you love pizza, you deserve that right too…send me a slice. Share your story on love and loss in the comments below, I want to hear them! And as Rupaul once said, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gunna love somebody else?!” Can I get an AMEN?!

Ps: I love you

Love always,


  • samira

    yay stayed up waiting for your blog!

  • janiel


  • Ziggie

    I have never really experienced love so….. #Foreveralone

  • Sydney

    i hope I am lucky enough to find a love like yours sometime in my life. This was a beautiful blog post, love you Daniel!❤️

  • Jessica

    Amen! Stayed up too (in Sweden) and now I can sleep well. Great post Daniel!

  • Casey

    Just a single pringle for life, but I like food so it’s okay 😊😂

  • soph

    I’m only 14 so I’m still working on this whole love thing but I’ve still been thru a lot with relationships. There is this boy I met in 7th grade and I’ve had a special feeling for him ever since but he just doesn’t feel the same way. And I leaned away from him to give myself space when along can me another boy and now I have the same feeling for both and I don’t get it. Thru all of this I’ve discovered I’m bi and there was this one girl I liked for awhile. Isn’t highschool great. Any tips for sorting out these feelings?
    Lots of love,
    Sophia <3

  • Ellie Schneider

    I may not have experienced love, but I had a best friend who I loved so much but our friendship ended last May which broke my heart, I miss her more than anything but after everything that went on, even if we did become friends again, we would never be as close and it would just never be the same.😔

  • Sara Copley

    AMEN ! 🙌🏼

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  • Nick

    I was heavily in love with a guy but for him, it wasn’t that serious. He liked to have fun and to go out with me but for him, it wasn’t the big love. It was hard for me, because i really and truly loved him. Nevertheless i knew, i needed to let go. I had to end it before it destroyed me. He got over it in a second while i was hurt. Sometimes it’s hard to let something go that you truly love but as you said, if it is not good for you, you need to move on.

  • Ellie Schneider

    another great read Daniel, I’m honestly so so happy that you made this blog, you’re such an amazing writer and it’s so great to get to know you more!
    I love you so much! <33

  • Cheskie Wolf

    So inspiring as always 😘 I love one person. That is my best friend. I love her with all my heart ❤️ I don’t have many people to love me. But as long as I have my extra large stuffed crust pizza (yeh I’ll send you a slice) I am sure I am gonna be fine ☺️ Love you so much queen👑you always find a way to make me smile <3 xxx

  • Cheskie Wolf

    Also…. A FRIKIN MEN

  • Tanya Patton

    I’m only turning 16 years old in a couple months, and I don’t even think I’ve ever been in love before. (Which is okay! I’m not in a rush. I’ll be perfectly happy if I find love at 17, 25, or even 30.) But I truly look up to you and Joey and hope to have a relationship as strong, romantic, and magical as you do when I’m older. I can’t thank you enough for deciding to share your relationship on the internet, because you have genuinely made me believe in true love, and that I can find it too. I hope to find someone that’ll be both my best friend and true love simultaneously, the way you and Joey are, or as you call it, a "fairytale" kind of love. One question: What would you describe the feeling of "being in love" as? I know it may be hard to put into words, but how did you know when you were truly in love? Oh and YES you can get an amen! Preach!

  • olivia

    this made me feel so much better about somethings. thank you so much <33

  • Camille

    I love you so much Danny xo Do more type of those post, I’m already addicted to your words 💕

  • ade

    AMEN! I love you so much Daniel. You don’t understand how much this is helping me believe that things are possible, even though you’ve only had this blog up for 3 days. Once again, I love you. <3

  • riliebowman

    I hate reading. but this??? this is goooood 🙂

  • Trinity

    About a year ago, I broke up with my boyfriend for almost 2 years!
    It was the hardest thing ever. I had the mentality that love wasn’t something I could ever be a part of mainly because people these days can’t & won’t commit. I couldn’t deal with something like that.
    I thought I was gonna lose my mind, so many people have said you can’t experience love at 18, which I think is absolute bs!! I have loved and would like to be loved; like genuinely loved by someone. But as you said It takes time. It may be awhile before I even contemplate the idea of love.
    But thank you for sharing your experiences! Seeing you & Joey together makes me feel like there is hope. There is someone out there who will love & care for me when that time comes.
    Thank you<333

  • Naydelin graceffa

    I lost my friend once,I was shattered but i healed and moved one which also took awhile, btw love your blog, you inspire me 💚💙

  • Amelia

    Stop making me cry. I swear Daniel will be the death of me….

  • Phoebe Cargill

    i had to end a long frienship last year and you’re right it is for the better im much happier without that person in my life, despite them being a big part of my life. letting go and moving on was the best thing for me i know longer had to deal with being lied to and being pushed aside.

    love this and you Daniel!! x

  • Cheyenne Aikens

    Beautifully said, Daniel. Also, I love you.

  • Jenessa Weller

    I’ve experienced love but it didn’t last long. I thought he was the one for me but I thought wrong. I’m glad I have people like you and Joey to make me feel like I’m loved. You guys mean the world to me. I love you so much!! ❤️❤️😘😘

  • Ana Victoria Zabala

    So nice of you!! First of all, excuse my english (my first lenguage is spanish), I like the way you’re so open about love. I have depression, anxiety and PHILOPHOBIA (fear of falling in love) one of the reasons is I grew in a polygamous family, so it’s my mom, my dad and my stepmother! my dad lives with the stepmother and I live with my brother and my mom, but they are all in a relationship and they know and to me that’s messed up. My mom is sad because he’s with her but he doesn’t take her to any place or introduce her as his significant other… he only does that with my stepmother.
    So everytime I get close with someone I run to the otherside and it’s frustrating because i really want to know what is like to be with someone romantically. I hope one day I can have a relationship like your’s.
    Thanks for sharing and,

  • Liset

    Beautiful piece! And you are right about the break-ups making you stronger, it is something I have experienced as well. Unfortunately, I am now in a situation where I am the bad guy (girl actually). I broke my best friends heart when he told me he was in love with me. Not being able to love him the way he loves me hurts too! And I have no idea how to make him feel better without giving him hope. Do you have any advice on that? Lots of love all the way from the Netherlands!

  • Gaby Cardenas


    • jessica

      said what

  • Kaitlyn Grimmette

    Ok well I’m always crushing over every other boy and sometimes I feel like a WHORE lol…I’m not btw. But thanks Daniel I will take this advice. I’m always trying to get them to live me, but forget them…I’ll just lover myself!!! Thanks again Love you!!!!❤❤💕💕

  • Addy

    omfg aw I’m crying so much now! ILYSM Daniel, I’m so happy you have that fairytale love now, and am so proud of how strong you are!

  • Dans

    Wow me just crushing on this one boy who just fakes to like me and I’m lik 😬😬😬 why do I have to like him!!!!

  • Kawtar Guenoun (bubblygraceffa)

    I love you so much!! so happy and proud of you ❤️

  • Natalia Perez Ancona

    My story is always the same. That horrible thing named friendzone, but I’m lucky I have really amazing friends to help me over it, thanks for the blog Daniel 😘

  • D

    Again, so inspiring and beautifully written. I’m now 18 but i fell in love with a girl when i was 16 and i gave everything to her and I nearly didn’t make it through the end, its the hardest thing I’ve ever pulled myself through. But it helped me realise the toxic friends in my life who didn’t care even when i directly told them i was suffering and needed someone. And I am stronger and I appreciate the little things more, and i appreciate my new friends a lot more. But I want someone close to me in my life and as a (not fully out) trans guy its hard to approach any situation. I have to think positive. I’m so close to getting out and going to uni and living for myself. I love you. thank you.

  • Alyssa Marie

    Another great read!! You are literally so inspiring. I love how much confidence you have!! You hit 100k on Twitter!! You totally deserve it!! Thank you for everything you have done!!!

  • Isabella


  • Tessa

    To me when ever I just have affection shown to me I dont like it is that normal like someone would say I love you to me and I wont like it or they will give me a cute girlfriend nickname but I hate those type of things is that normal

  • Caitlin


  • Eva

    Really amazing post! Love ya always Daniel xx

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  • Dans

    Haha the ending literally I was watching rupaul and she said that!!! Ahh

  • Patricia


  • _mynameissteph _

    this was beautiful and I’m glad that you are happy now and hopefully you won’t have to go through another breakup again❤️

  • Marcin

    AMEN TO THAT! 👏 🌈 greetings from Poland!


  • fiona.

    I have never experienced love but I have very close friends who have. From their experiences that I have seen, Love is complicating. I have lost a couple of friends throughout my middle school years and to this day I wish everything can restart again and I want to be friends with her again. She was one of the funniest person I knew, and she always made me happy . It wasn’t each other’s fault, my friendship between my best friend was ended from my other best friend through a Facebook message . I still do not understand why she did that to our relationship with each other. Recently in the past couple of years, as I joined the joey fandom I have made tons of friends. , as I joined the joey fandom I have made tons of friends I can’t explain how happy I am . They make me happy every single day and I hope I can meet them someday and give them a big hug and say thank you & i love you.
    cant wait to read more of your blogs daniel! Keep it up, youre doing amazing!
    I love you x

  • ari

    I love this! I’m already loving the blog so far❤️

  • Erika

    As a child my mum went throughout a divorce with my dad, he then moved on got a new wife and had two more kids and I had to learn to move on and realise that he didn’t help me in life therefore letting go was the best thing for me and to right, I have a step dad now and he is the best thing ever and I never think about my real dad, letting go and learning to love my step dad was the best thing and has made my life 100 X better ❤️

  • miranda

    This is so sweet. Iv’e never been in love and i know not anytime soon. Love can be very scary. Even with friends and family. But I know I love you Daniel. I love the people that make me happy every single day. You don’t know me but I love you. And I hope you don’t go through any other heartbreak ever again. <3

  • daniel boardman

    this was so inspiring as usual!

  • Esmeralda

    I love you too and btw this helped a lot. Thanks

  • Veronika

    Ohh jeeez. First you scared me, but now I’m smiling and crying simultaneously. Thank you, Daniel. It’s a pleasure to "know" you.

    All the love:

  • austin

    One day I hope to really, TRULY, experience love. I’ve dated in the past but it’s nothing like love you hear from others, novels, movies, etc. I’ve loved friends and my family more than I EVER have anyone else. They’re the ones who’ll stay by your side and support you no matter what, and if I don’t find love anytime soon I’m just glad I have my friends with me. 🙂

  • Zoe

    Everyone I know tells me I need more self love but I feel like I’ll never be able to. I just really don’t know how to love myself and I that’s what I hate about myself. It seems like a never ending battle. -Zoe

  • Laura

    I had a best friend in high school who was the Will to my Grace. He was one of my favorite people. We had so much in common! And we dressed up in couple costumes. We even talked about moving in together in college. He graduated a year before me. My senoir year I started becoming depressed because all my friends had graduated. I ended up falling into the ‘wrong’ crowd. At first he.said he was ok with it all. But then he slowly stoped texting me. After a month or two I asked him what was wrong. He said he didnt think I was someone he wanted to be around anymore and he said I was a liability to him. It broke my heart. It took almost a year to move on.

  • Brenda

    Letting go of a friendship is so hard. Especially if they were the only ones you trusted … or told your secrets to, that not even your parents know, but at the end, it was the right thing to do. even if it hurt to let them go.

  • J

    You are such a great writer!

  • A.

    I’ve never dealt with a relationship heartbreak but when I was 11 I once had a "breakup" with my former best friend. I helped a friend going trough bullying… Anyways, I insulted (as a 11 year old does 😂) one of the best friends of my best friend because she was attacking/bullying that friend and the next time I wanted to hang out with my best friend her mother meant that she would need time away from me…. I’ve never spoken a word to her again…. I was crying so much even at that young age! I literally didn’t know what to do…..Turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me: I’m 15 and I really do have the best friends ever…. And I believe that those will last a long, long time

  • Sedika

    Thankyou for sharing Daniel. I hope to find a love as pure as yours one day

  • Suki Graceffa

    My true love is my girlfriend. I have had two boyfriend in the past and they tore me apart until their friends started to bully me they still do…. so I cut I don’t know how to stop… please someone give me advice. Love you Daniel

    • Suki Graceffa

      AMEN ❤

    • soph

      You self harm?? I struggle with that myself and I’m one week clean. My best advice to you is try and focus all your negative energy on something else. Draw on yourself, get a punching bag, write, draw, run absolutely anything else. And tell your parents and if u don’t feel safe enough doing that tell a friend and hopefully they will motivate you to stop. Good luck, stay strong <3

      • soph

        If you want to talk more my Twitter is fw_timetraveler

  • Dans

    I have a problem of getting too close to people even though they aren’t close! And then after the friendship ends I am heartbroken! I’ve never really had a real relationship but I’ve had crushes and it is terrible to know that they don’t like you and then your like please why did I have to do this!!! My dad always shouts at me and it’s really to emotionally upset me so he thinks I always fake cry but actually every single fight I mean it when I cry! I feel like he doesn’t love me and doesn’t care about me!! I hate these feeling and hopefully I’ll have a happy feeling soon!!

  • Kimblee


  • Gamer_Chloey133


  • Maddy

    Awww this made cry,i honesly stoped believing in love because of how many guys/lovers have broken my heart and they say they love u but then they dont and sometime i just wanna be love for reals someone that actually cares about me and someone who will listing to every momment.But now that i have read this made me think that there is someone out there that will love me foreals

  • Dakota :(

    Amen, I really don’t get into relationships, I’ve been in plenty but I’m always the one who loses interest and leaves without a note ( like I literally just don’t respond to them at all ). Then again I really don’t care a for my own relationships, bc I’m too focused on others 👀

  • Janiel fan


  • Cassandra Cordero

    We were each other’s first love but he was questioning who he was as a person, he thought he was gay, maybe even bisexual. At one point I knew it was time to face the truth, it hurt like hell but we let each other go. I believe he finally found happiness and we still talk sometimes but letting him go.. One of the hardest things I’ve done. Though I finally found someone who might be forever. If it wasn’t for letting each other go, we would have never found the ones who truly completed each other. Sometimes its the best thing to do. So I truly understand this post in so many different ways and not just my first love experience. I love you and joey, watching you guys makes my day ❤.

  • lexi

    Hey Daniel,
    I just wanted to let you know that I love you <3 This entire website has inspired me in so many ways, and reading your blog posts is honestly my favorite part of the day. Your posts are incredibly helpful, and so well written. I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments, and keep up the amazing work.

    Just shipped the pizza slice, but it might be a little cold or soggy by the time it gets there.

    <3 lexi

  • Katie

    Amen queen! So inspiring and relatable😊 I’m so glad there are people like you that are here in this world to make life better and clearer for people like us😙 I love you deeply

  • Steven

    Well first thanks for sharing. I’m going through a thing at the moment with this guy I’ve been seeing nothing serious but he just recently told me he’s in fact recently engaged but he still comes around and I let it happen I feel horrible but I just can’t stop myself.

  • Lauren Bigelow

    So inspiring❤️ I lost my best friend last year and it was one of the hardest things. She had been Pretending for a few years. I learned to get over her though it still sometimes hurts. Thanks for posting this today!

  • Lauren Jensen

    I lost my best friend and found the love of my life all in the past 5 days and I can’t handle anything lately. I feel crushed in so many ways… This made me cry because I realized they both may be better off without me. With the tears and agony that love brings we grow. I feel like utter shit and this helped me realize it’s for the best. I want a love that hurts and that’s what I got. I crave the hurt and sometimes I make it for myself. But as they say; you’ve made your bed, now lie in it…

  • Marina

    Amen! Also I have gone threw heart break it sucks so bad I lost my frien if 5 years she bullied me after all that time cyber bullied even I have gone through love and my time when I didn’t want to live again but I have a big heart so of corse I did but my heart is shattered I am trying to rebuild it price by piece

  • Cami

    I never really knew what love was but after this I completely understand

  • Verenisse Chavez

    You always know what to say daniel. Love you

  • Dylan Smith

    This was so good and inspirational. I am a true believer that certain things happen in your life for very specific reasons. And reading this was a message that I have needed for quite some time. I feel that one of my best friends and I are about to part ways after having been friends for over 15 years. I feel like I have forced the friendship so much that it has become so toxic that it’s just depressing me and holding me back in life. So this has been the boost that I need to gracefully let go and allow the both of us to grow and blossom in ways that haven’t been. Please keep the blogs coming. They are truly inspirational and so so good!

  • Jenny giles

    Love is complicated for me I really don’t know when to say I love you if it’s to fast and I’ve dated 2 guys and I’ve said I love you the first one said I love you back the second one never said back I don’t know what to love if no one loves me and I find it hard to love myself because I don’t know how and I would love to know how

  • Vasco Oliveira

    Crying: CHECK!
    Amazing post queen! I’m so proud of you! Thanks for all <3

  • Samantha Bartoszek

    Honesly this is why I love Daniel. Your and amazing person and ur extremely talented. Also thank you Daniel for being one of my biggest inspirations! 😘❤️👑

  • Zoe Hodgson

    Such an amazing post once again! ❤️ Why do I cry each time I read them?!? My best friend is moving and I love her so much and I cry each time I think of her leaving! I can’t imagine having to go to school without her…. HELPPPPP!

  • Rianna

    This is the most inspirational blog I have ever come across. Good job Daniel!! I’m beyond proud of you 💕

  • Sara

    This is the exact thing I needed to hear right now. I’m going through a rough time with people that I thought were my friends, but in reality, were just a group of people that didn’t even like me. It’s tough going through situations like these, but it’s nice to hear that it’s ok to move on from people you once loved.

  • LaUren


  • Bri

    I love this so much. I’ve been struggling with the thought of being bi and it scares me so much tbh. I appriciate this blog and you’ve helped me so much already. I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Oliver Atkinson

    Amen,I love you to Daniel. Your blog posts are amazing

  • Katherine R.

    This is the most inspiring post ive read in a while you’re amazing 💜 just like pizza 🍕🍕💜

  • Vasco Oliveira


  • Erica Jones

    I love this blog so much you have a great way with words you are so inspiring in so many ways can’t wait for the next blog

  • Jimena Pueyo

    You are sooo helpful

  • Anna

    I’ve let go of 3 friends, it was really tough. Someone once hurt me so bad, hurt was normal, but I found love in friends and YouTube (how I found your boyfriend) and I’m happy!

  • autumn rose

    beautiful peice! wow. my experience with love isn’t the best I’d say. I’ve never been in love before. I’ve had few petty relationships and one that honestly meant something to me. yet I still haven’t felt what it’s like to love someone. and i dont know maybe I’m scared to love or maybe I just haven’t found the right person but I feel like I’m truly missing out one this grand thing. in due time I hope.

    but I absolutely LOVE this! xx

  • Jordan Fennessy


  • Alexa :)

    I’m letting go of a couple friends, it’s hard 🙁 but I think it’s what is best for me and that’s all that matters, right?

    • Alyssa❦

      ALEXA! I love you and I’m sorry 🙁 I hope it works out girl <3

  • Jenny

    LOVE IT!!

  • Nayla

    Love you too, Danny boy! I don’t have a long huge paragraph to post this time but I still really enjoy this.

  • Dakota :(

    Quick question, will be sharing your recipes w/ us? Pls show us how to cook like you 😂👏

  • Brianna Elyssa


  • jul

    Hi, I just wanted to say I love your blog so much and I’m so proud of you. You inspire me everyday bb❤️

  • Karrington Lala

    Your blogs are so inspiring. Loving your work. Keep writing!

  • April Garcia

    I personally haven’t experienced love yet since no one wants to date me but friendship wise, I had to let go of my best friend from kindergarten who I loved very much. We’re two different people: she was outgoing, popular, pretty and I’m quiet, a loser (compared to her) and not a social butterfly. I took the liberty of not speaking to her again and rejecting the friendship. It was pretty tough but I know that she’s probably happy with her life and her relationship w/ her boyfriend and I’m okay staying at home, eating chips and having friends who will have my back 🙂
    Love you Daniel <3

  • Caitlyn༝ lෆ⃛h

    These blog post are going to kill me.

  • Valerie Esquivel

    Omg that Rupaul reference at the end pulled everything together. 😂

  • Kleineganz

    I’ve already commented on your first blog post about losing my husband earlier this year. We’d met in 2005, soon after my mom passed from complications of her alcoholism. It wasn’t love at first sight for either of us, but I was definitely attracted to him – especially his brilliant mind. He was someone who could keep up with me intellectually, which I loved about him.

    It wasn’t until a year later that he finally asked me out, when we kept running into each other at mutual friends’ gatherings. It started as a fling and developed into something more far faster than either of us were prepared for. We had a few rough stops and starts before we were actually together. However, once we were, we were inseparable.

    Unfortunately, all that ended this past January when the inner turmoil and pain from his depression and anxiety finally got the better of him, and he chose to leave this life behind. Emotionally I’m mixed up between missing him terribly and wanting to kick his ass for doing that to me and his family.

    However, you’re right, I have to let him go and move on with my own life. While this will forever shape and color how I approach love in the future, I will not let it hold me back either. For now, I have our wonderful pets, my wonderful friends, and his wonderful family to love. I have a business to nurture and grow and a novel I hope to publish.

    I hope your love continues to grow and stay strong, both in your friendships and your relationship. Revel in every minute of them, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

  • itsclaudia

    These words are so important for me.
    Dear Daniel,thank you for sharing all this with us!!

  • Vivian

    I had to let go of a group of friends this year. I have known some of them for eight years. It was really hard, but I got through it. I still am, to be honest. It helps to know I am not the only one who had to cut out friends they loved. Thanks for helping me remember I am not alone.
    Ps: I love you too

  • Ethan

    So inspiring 💕 I was with this girl for 1 year going to 2 years but she didn’t feel the same after a while so she left me and I was a emotional wreck but as time passed I realized it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never allowed myself to love

  • Anya Lane

    So sweet and very to the point. Unrequited love is awful, I’ve had my fair share. Toxic relationships are the thing Ivery suffered with most. My dad is just simply a toxic person and a lot of my friendships have been toxic, sometimes (regretfully) due to me. I love that you are sharing parts of you with us, it’s nice to relate. Love you Mister Preda 🐽❤x

  • Nick

    I hope that one day I will be able to experience the fairytale love, and the strangest part is the Rupaul quote because I was totally thinking about that this morning and I discovered that this whole time I haven’t found love is because I haven’t learned to love myself yet!

  • Annika Turnquist

    A lot of my friends don’t like the way I look or who I am now. I realize that i have to move on, but like you said, its really hard. But I know its the best thing for me to do. This post helped me a lot. Thank you Daniel <3

  • Vivian

    also I would send you a slice but my pizza is my only love and it is MINE

  • Claudia

    I really love you’re new post <3. Me and my friend ended our friendship about 4 years ago. Well actually she ended it because I still don’t know what happened back Then but maybe it was something she needed. I still have my two best friends but I feel like we’re starting to grow apart a little bit. We study in diferent cities and really don’t have a lot od time to hang out. But we are trying to keep our little pack together ☺.
    P.S. I love you and Joey
    P.S. P.S. (i don’t even know id this oś oś thing) Sorry for any errors in my English. I’m from Poland ☺.

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  • Pieri

    Awww daniel that was so beautiful hope you can smile all the days

  • NanaTheLion

    Amen!! This is so beautiful!! I look forward to reading your blogs everyday, reading the other two made me feel great. They genuinely put a smile on my face. Thank you ❤

  • Janiel forever ❤️

    AMEN I love you so much Daniel aka(daniboy) 😏❤️😊😉

  • Savannah

    I now look forward to getting to read your writing because it’s so inspiring and amazing<3

  • Eileen

    speechless… right now I can only say: love this and LOVE YOU even more!

  • _mynameissteph _

    this blog was the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • Serena Scaany

    I live for your blogs! So much talent in one person.. I love seeing your posts! Love you Daniel! I hope to find love as strong as you & Joeys one day❤️

  • b

    never in my sixteen years of living have i had a proper relationship that wasn’t a silly little primary school relationship nor have i ever had a proper crush. it’s weird because i find boys attractive and whatever but i’ve never had a crush on any (probably because all of the boys i know are twats or gay) i’ve even had guys make moves on me, chat me up etc but i always blow them off and act like they’re huge perverts. i’m honestly just considering dating the boy who uses the most cheesy, punny chat up lines and touches my thighs at this point just for the sake of having a boyfriend.. (sorry this is long just venting)

  • Jackie

    I have a friend who I feel is a bad influence in my life. I no longer really want to be her friend, but the trouble is, we’ve been best friends for about nine years and our parents have grown very close. We always go on holiday with them and see them every single week. Anyone got any ideas on how I could fix this?

    • T

      Just give her a call and let her know how you feel. If she cares about you then she will understand.

    • Tory G

      Just tell them how you feel. They should understand. If they don’t want the best for you then were never a true friend.

  • Hannah Raye

    This was very well written and a subject everyone deals with. Love is a very strong feeling and no matter what your sexuality is you’ll experience love. Love you Daniel! 💕💕

  • Marta

    Thank you for these wise words, Daniel. It’s so hard to let people go, when you can’t even imagine one day without them, but at the same time you love them so much that the only thing you really care about is their happiness, so you know you have to let them move on, even if it’s going to break your heart. There is that one person, I miss her so much, no words will ever be able to describe it.

  • Aaron McGrew

    Straight wisdom right there! I love hearing the deeper parts of you, Daniel.

    I have only ever been in one relationship, which was three years with a girl. This was from ages 17-20. (I’m almost 29 now) We dated because it seemed like the right thing to do, but I was never attracted to her in such a way, and deep down, both of us knew it. These were naive days of failed attempts to forcing myself to become heterosexual. When we broke up, our relationship stayed pretty much the same—like brother and sister.

    This girl has been married three years now (as of tomorrow, actually) and has a daughter in her first year. I’m very happy for her, but we’ve grown apart. I hardly see her anymore. She was the only longterm friend I’ve ever had. I’ve always been a loner—still am. I’m just now addressing the fact that we can’t blame all of society for the hurts only a few people have brought.

    I fell in love with a couple guys since then, but they were either straight or simply not interested. Letting go was no different than mourning the death of a loved one. There was a night I cried in a dark sanctuary of a church for five solid hours. It’s especially hard for a loner to lose friends, for they are so few and far apart—never staying, at least not for me. It’s depressing as I near my 30s, but things will get better. I can’t say my life has ever worsened; it’s just very slowly gotten better.

    Well, they say slow-cookers produce better quality meals than microwaves. I’m just waiting on an amazing meal 😉

  • Charlie

    I have experienced love, my friends said we were ‘goals’, started dating on valentines day, first kiss at prom, first dance together at prom and we wore matching coloured clothing… then we were moving to different schools, so we lost contact for like a week in at the start of the year, I found out that he had then gotten a new girlfriend, without saying anything, I was so mad…. at school I started getting bullied… they called me things like, bitch, two faced cow, stupid, fat ugly pig, fatty, shorty, then called me one time and we were talking like the old times… I told him about the bullies and he said he agreed with them this was after I told him about 1 thing someone said… they told me to go kill my self, he said HE AGREED WITH THEM ;(, my life is so depressing… that’s why I watch YouTube and enjoy reading your blogs they are so inspiring, LYSM thank you for been so perfect and been such an inspiration!!! XXX love Charlie xx England

  • Brianna Elyssa

    I’ve had a best friend since kindergarten and we ended our friendship about three years ago. That time, I felt like she was always ignoring me and I would always ask her why, but she would always give me the same excuse. But then finally I broke and just ended it myself because I knew she wanted to do the same. Then we got into a fight- one that would impact the whole future. Ending that friendship was the hardest and most painful thing I had to deal with. I cried to the point where my heart hurt. But I got over it. We started talking again after a few weeks but our love wasn’t as strong as before. Now, I know letting go is something safe. You don’t determine keeping a friendship just because it has been continuing for years; and that’s what I’ve learned. Love you Daniel. I’ll cherish your advice and love always.

  • Pilar

    Wise and lovely words, Daniel! I look forward to keep reading your posts.
    Love from Argentina <3

  • Eileen

    could read it over and over.. AMEN!

    lots of love and the biggest slice of pizza for you.

  • Ragan

    I’ve let go of so many people sometimes I feel like I’m never going to find someone who is actually going to love me….

  • Niamh

    This was so sweet and loving I just hope that one day I will finally find myself someone who loves me for me.
    from Niamh

  • Allyson

    Daniel, I love this! This post I can relate to so much! 3 years ago, I fell in love for the first time and it was the best thing that ever happened to me and at first I thought he wanted it to and it turned out that he didn’t. It didn’t make sense at the time because he was holding my hand, kissing me and it seemed like he wanted to be my boyfriend. After about 8 months though of us being off and on, he told me that we had to end what we were doing. He had just broken up with his girlfriend not to long before he met me and he was just in a lot of pain and it seemed like he was looking for love like I was, but in a different way. I was devastated and it took me a full year to recover but I realized that he came into my life for a reason and he changed me because he made me see something in myself that I never noticed, I’m a lot stronger than I ever thought I could be.

  • Anna Widerstrom

    Love: I have been so fortunate and I´m so grateful, Met my husband at 17, married at 25, we´ve been through so much good things and hard things. Love is always there; sometimes very romantic, sometimes just nice safety, comfort and support. We have a lot of fun together, that´s important. And we give each other space, also very important.

    Friendship is more difficult. I have a few close friends beside my siblings; but like you, Daniel, I have had to end some friendships myself, and I´ve also been left out. So tough, both experiences. Life changes so much; people move, some people are more successful, there´s jealousy. My very best friend is a guy I met at university at 20, we clicked immidiately. After 4 days he came out as gay to me, it was like a wonderful gift. We´re still best friends, now incuding our families. Love and friendship are big deals in our lives, and my experience is that in the long run it´s always a good thing to give and to love when you get the chance.

  • Chelsea

    Is it bad that I’ve only had one crush in my lifetime? I’m only 14 but it seems like I’m supposed to have a lot of crushes

  • Ellie Schneider

    I’ve never been in love, and probably won’t any time soon, but what I do know is that I adore the people who can make me smile. there aren’t many but to name a few my mother, who is so damn strong especially right now, as she has recently been diagnosed with cancer but she’s fighting through it💪🏼❤️ you know who else makes me so unbelievably happy? you and Joey. I know it may sound cheesy but I’ve had such a hard time growing up, my depression and anxiety takes over quite frequently and I hate it so much. I’ll never be able to fully explain how, but you and Joey just make me smile so uncontrollably it’s actually surreal. I’ll honestly never be able to thank you enough.
    I love you so much.💘

  • Alana Miles

    This blog touched me deeply. I was fortunate enough to find my one and only on the first try. He is the only person I ever see spending the rest of my life with. Unfortunately I completely get having to cut people out of your life. I have had to cut toxic friendships where neither of us were benefiting each other anymore. I still have the great memories we had and can also be at peace knowing that we are both probably in better places today. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and I can’t wait to hear more from the fabulous Mister Preda 😘

  • Claire

    love this Daniel! This past year I struggled to let go of a friendship that I knew was toxic, but I realized in the end that the thing I hated in her was exactly what I did back to her — judgment. She was ignorant, yes, but I was stupid for not realizing sooner that I was a hypocrite for judging her.

  • Ashley hawk

    Even though my story is so very different this helped me so much. Growing up i acted like the most slef confident girl in school, I worked out everyday and ate super healthy and would go to party’s and would let guys control me and treat me like I was property. I never really did anything to stop it. I was once called a f*ck girl in front of the whole school. Guys would always talk down to me because I was "easy". Anyway later in my highschool year when I was about 17 I met this guy and I liked him. But I didn’t do anything about it because I’ve never liked someone before. He was a super "goodie goodie" as my friends would once say. And I was the complete opposite. Anyway we dated for a few months and by that time I stopped going to party’s as much. And then I met his family and I relized I loved him. And instead of being hungover like most Sunday mornings like I was use to, I would wake up and go to church with him. (Even though it was not my thing and I would be totally confused the whole time) I would look up and see him smile at me and it would all be worth it. And when I realized when once he said he loved me is that the reason I was always so different then most girls by saying I never wanted a boyfriend or to ever be married. Is because I hated myself so much and never felt worthy of anything. Any love. Now I am 18 almost 19 and we are still together.

    • Daniel Preda

      Wow Ashley! This is an amazing story. The right person can make you feel so alive and worth loving that it changes you for the better, as it did to me this time around. You ARE worthy. And your past does not reflect your current being or your future. Live in the moment, that is all we have. xo

  • Chandler Schmidt

    Hi Daniel I have this "friend" she always messes with me and when I told her that I’m gay she had this confusion on her face. I don’t think she likes me anymore because I’m gay. What should I do? If I break off the friendship I will still always see her because she is also friends with all of my friends help please

    • Daniel Preda


      Maybe she did like you, or maybe she didn’t know how to handle it, which is understandable. You have to be open with her and if you guys are truly friends, she will love you as a friend and accept you, but don’t judge her actions without talking it out! let me know how it goes!

  • Alexandra

    As an ace woman the fact that you acknowledge other sexualities that aren’t typically spoken about makes my heart swell, our love is still 100% valid even without the sex and it’s so amazing to see someone like you recognize that. I’ve personally only had one major relationship, but now that I can look back I can see that it was toxic, I was being strung along and being as young as I was I didn’t want to let go. If I could tell myself then something it would be that this person is not worth your time, you deserve someone who mess with your feelings and only "love" you when it’s convenient. You’re going to do so many great things that you’re proud of, focus on that instead of her!
    But really, these few posts have been amazing Daniel, you’re helping so many people with your words and I couldn’t be more proud/excited for your future posts! 🙂

    • Daniel Preda


      Ace is a very real thing, and just like anyone who is gay, trans, bi, pan etc…we are unfortunately not always taken seriously and its sad. I am glad there are people like you who are vocal about your interests, we are changing the world! All my love to you and thank you for sharing! xo

  • Cindy Medina

    Daniel, I love your blogs you are so great at writting. I wish i could write this good. Keep doing this AMAZING work!
    Love Cindy ❤❤🐷

  • M.

    I’ve actually never been in any kind of romantic relationship (I’m 19) but I’m so happy you’ve found true love.

    From Barcelona,


    • Daniel Preda

      I didn’t until I was 19! It will happen when its right! xo

  • Irene Delgadillo

    My love is my Girlfriend and we are only in middle school but you can’t break us apart we started out as friends now we are girlfriends and we will nev r leave each other that is what love is to me
    Love you Daniel😘❤️
    Love Irene

  • Bella Menzia

    Daniel it is Bella again and relation ships are always hard to keep behind youtubers camras it is way different then you think they have fights and is like ordinary people but on YouTube they act out on some stuff and act like every thing is perfect but it is not just like drama and face the real world but relashion ships matter the most with friends and family but also when you are dating some one like you and Joey I bet your relationship is strong and healthy right now but some times you fight and it does not end up like you want it to I am just trying to say stay strong and keep the relation ship with you and Joey and hope and all you other friends to and love him like he loves you keep it healthy and strong always Sincerely -Bella

    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Bella!

      Every relationship is so different, and yes, a relationship where one partner is on youtube is VERY different on camera than IRL…but I am thankful for a strong relationship with great communication, however thats not always evident to people watching and its often judged, which is very hard to deal with. Judging others when you don’t know what the real story is, is not a good look. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!

  • Ambereenッ

    Learning to love yourself is one of the hardest things to do and I’m still working on it, I hope I get there one day!
    PS love your writing style <3

  • kian (he//him)

    amen or gaymen

    • Daniel Preda

      BOTH! TBH

  • Ilana

    Thank you! In your letter to yourself i commented with a problem with my best friend how she is ruining my life but how i can’t live without her it’s a difficult situation and i’m still questioning on what go do. She always says that i’m the only True friend and that i’m her best friend but everyday she acts and says things that make me think like she can live without me is she really better off without me? she’s deffenatly gonna be mad because that’s basically 80 to 90% of her life but she’s still one of the reasons why i’m depressed and sometimes feel like quitting life. Everyone keeps saying that things will get better and that’s True and i keep saying the way to the happiness is long and sometimes painfull but sometimes i just think that that quote isn’t ment for me? I sometimes imagine what life would be like if i get in a relationship or what it would be like without that best friend in my life and i don’t know what would be better everyday i get up and think well let’s see what this Day brings me and every Day i end up yelling "water of a ducks back" in my head. I want to thank you so much that you want to share your stories and also that we can share outlr stories and even if we or i don’t know if you have read it i still wanna thank you that i could share this to at least talk about it and get it off of my chest so once again thank you! I’m so jalous of your life and especially friendship and relationship with you joey and hope i hope to have that one Day! Well not like steal those People from you, i wouldn’t dare! But have my own ^.^ lots of love from me in the netherlands xx

    • R. C.

      Hello Ilana, sorry if I intrude in your comment. I just wanted to tell you that I had the same problem with my best friend and had the same doubts. In the end I had to "break up with her". At the moment it felt worse than a break-up with a boyfriend, and she was really angry with me for left her by herself. But I don’t regret it. At all. You have to love yourself first. Even if you think that she doesn’t mean to be cruel, she is hurting you. That’s not a healthy friendship. She is toxic to you. Ten years later I run into my ex-friend at another friend’s wedding. We talked for a while. She is doing well and seems happy. I am doing great as well and I am happy for her. Maybe we will be friends again, maybe not, but as Daniel said, sometimes you need to let people go and let them grow as a person by themselves. She will be fine. You will be fine.
      Love from Spain.

    • Daniel Preda

      Maybe just take a break from each other for a bit and figure out what you need from her as a friend then grab lunch and talk things out. Communication is key! Let me know what happens! xo

  • Charmaine Kambabazi

    Is it just me or are daniel’s blog posts now people’s favourite part of their day? I love them all and can’t wait for the next

    • Daniel Preda

      Awe so sweet! glad you liked it!

  • Maddie

    Amen!! I love reading your blog posts and I love you ❤️

    • Daniel Preda

      <3 you more

  • Cristina 🐷

    I was with a bo, but we broke up because it didnt work, although I thought I loved him but I wasnt the girl he was looking for, I mean I think he loved me but I couldnt do what he wanted. The thing is that I was the one that broke up with him because he was treating me like shit, The thing I’m thankfull for its my best friend, because she was there for me in the rough times.
    Ps: Love you Daniel this was a beautiful post. You are great as a blogger😉 And AMEN QUEEN PIG!!🙏🏻👑🐷💕

    • Cristina 🐷


    • Daniel Preda

      Love you Cristina! You will find the right person when its right! Someone who treats you like a princess. xo

  • Katie.

    holy shit these blog posts are so inspiring

  • Stacy


  • Kristin the kiwi

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend, it wasn’t all that hard for me, I’m lesbian😱, but it was something else for him and I feel really bad for braking his hart… Over text.

    • Daniel Preda

      Ooooh yeah that must have hurt. But its sometimes easier love text than in person. Just remember to make sure you love someone before dating them, heartbreak isn’t easy on anyone.

  • Linda

    Very true. I have never experienced love for a relationship. But im only a freshman. <3 u Daniel #Janiel4ever

  • Tonya

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words life and love are hell sometimes but you gotta remember the song by Wet Willie- Keep On Smiling!!!!!!

  • Alexis


  • Christian Ribeiro

    Thank you so much Danie,this just came so in handy,and I’m literally crying like a faucet left open…cause you didn’t have to do this but you did cause is honestly from you heart,and you probably didn’t think it would affect us SO much.
    Ps:I love you dearly from the bottom of my heart and unconditionally.

    Now,let’s go to my story…I meet the most amazing boy in my life 8 months ago and boy who knew my life could change this much in such a short time.
    So I met him through a friend in common and he is from another city,so I met him and we became best friends in less then a day,cause our stories was similars and taste too.So we would hang out as much as possible,so one day we decided to go to a bar with a couple of friends,and I know that you know how alcohol can be a bitch,so I went full in and we made out,so that happen a couple of times,until we went to a Alice theme party at a club.
    We were holding hands and hugging a lot,and I made a joke like "I don’t feel the need to kiss random people" cause we were all single bit of course I was looking at him,so when we got inside the club we vanish and guess how/where I found him…I guess you though the right thing,yeah kissing another guy(which is one of my "friends"),so after that through the night I was mad and ignoring him BUT he would have to sleep at my place,so he did and in the other day morning we talked and he PROMISED me he would change cause he didn’t want to hurt me cause he liked me…yes sweety you guessing,he did it again.
    One day he called me up like "do you know any party happening this weekend?" and I knew so I took him,and yeah,same thing holding hands all cute,inside the party vanishing and kissing other people + he refuses when I lean on to kiss him. After that night I was done,we didn’t talk for moths but he won me back OBVIOUSLY.
    Around November I wrote a letter printed pic of us and bought a ring,Inwas ready to ask him,but he wasn’t,December came and I travelled and in this 1 month away he meet another guy and guess it again…yeah,they started DATING.
    I was so hurt when I found out,I wouldn’t eat,cry my eyes out,and something I had to use my Asma medicine(which I stopped using when I was 9),and because he was dating we split up,we wouldn’t talk for weeks,until a moth or so ago.
    They broke up,I he told ME first,r wanted to see me and go out,I tought he was sad so I invited him over to calm him,he came to my place,and during the whole visit there was this vibe like "what are we going to do next?",since he is from other town he slept at my place AGAIN.In the middle of the night his phone started to buzz and I woke up because of it,and it was GRINDR messeges I was SO angry,but in the morning when we woke up he jumped at me and I couldn’t resist…again.
    So in the other day I called him to explain thing and we decided,we were colorful friends who would always tell when hook up with other people,he would tell every weekend like "kiss this bitch" and I would be like "cute",but you think I was going out with other people? No,I wanted him and that’s it.
    But he has been strange for a week now so I investigated,and found out he went out clubbing with one of my friends without telling me,AND they changed their whatsapp status to the same thing at the same time.
    So I know I lost him again,and is so frustrating cause I dedicate myself for him and don’t get the same back…and my brains is evil,cause I CAN’T stop thinking about him,EVER,I would be running and think how will our house be,and try to snap out of it but it doesn’t work.

    So thank you again for giving me some light

    • Daniel Preda

      Christian, thanks for sharing! This is tough. It’s so hard with loving someone who can’t love you back, OR be true to you. What you need to know is that this is a problem with him, not you. You can move on, and in time, it may take a long time, it will get easier. My advice is to block on social media and not have any contact with him, its much easier not to see the person you love living "happily" – let me know how it goes, and thank you for stopping by! All the best <3

  • Mackenzie Valentine

    My first experience with loss is when I was in the first grade (yes I know) when I first arrived to a new school, I meet a kid named Jordan and we were instantly best friends, it was like that for most of the year, until he left one day out of the blue, he didn’t come back for a long time, they told us, because he had just been diagnosed with cancer. I sent him cards through my teacher, who checked up on him periodically in the hospital. The last time I saw him was at his birthday, and my little brother, in preschool at the time, put his fingers in the cake. By the beginning of the second grade I though he was going to be back, but the guidance councilor came in and told us he had died. My mom didn’t take me to the funeral because at that time also, my parents got divorced and my dad left for Iraq, But months after his death, I pulled out a book that the class made for me, everyone in the class got one, and I flipped through the pages until I found the page that Jordan made for me, I remember it saying that we were best friends always, and I cried for over 2 hours.
    Sometimes I will think about him, because even if he had survived, I would still have to say good bye because I moved 13 states away from my home town about 2 1/2 years ago. Now I’m almost in high school and I’m going to be playing trumpet in my high schools marching band which is going to be in the Macy’s parade this year!But you’re right, we do grow stronger from it, and our hearts heal. But it is hard
    (P.S. sorry this comment is so long😌)

    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Kenzie!

      No comment is ever too long! love hearing about you. That was so sad to hear, but I am so glad you picked yourself up and became stronger. Never change that about you! Good luck at the parade! I will be watching! xo

  • Maya

    Daniel you’re such a talented writer!! As a high school student, I can’t say that I’ve felt true love before, but I’ve felt rejection many times including recently. Thank you for the advice, I can’t wait to see future blog posts from you!!

    • Daniel Preda

      Thanks for stopping by Maya! Rejection is never easy, but if things are meant to be, they will someone how come back together. xo

  • nicki ace

    Thanks Daniel

    • Daniel Preda


  • Lisa

    I’ve loved and lost twice in my life. Timing was an issue with one. We never had a real chance because of it. Maybe relationships can be the worst – the constant what ifs. But the hardest was my first love. The actual breakup itself wasn’t too bad. There was some awkwardness for a bit, but I think that’s normal in the beginning when you try to stay friends after a breakup. We were semi-successful. The loss came later, 5 years ago, when he was killed in a hit and run. We hadn’t stayed all that close, a few reunions here and there, but he was still my first love and it crushed me. He was only 22 which made it harder. There was so much more that I wanted for him in life and he’d never get to experience it. He did get married a few months before his death though so I’m glad he got to have that fairytale type of love for at least some time.

    • Daniel Preda

      Lisa, this heartbreak breaks mine as well. I am so sorry you had to go through the permanence of losing someone you love forever. Hold close the good times you had together and the love you shared, and always keep a good thought for him. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  • rainbowvondy

    Daniel your blog is incredible, i just find myself looking forward to your new posts everyday and this one really hit me. Im 22 and ive been through so much heartbreak already that sometimes I wonder if im going to be able to handle whats left to come in life.. right now my heart aches for my parents, a boy who broke my heart and a boy who I thought was going to be friend forever. Sometimes I wonder if im going to ever get over it, I want to be able to smile at the memories I have of them instead of crying because they’re happy out there without me. Theres times I stop whatever im doing and wonder how they’re doing, if they’re happy,if theyre okay… but things happen, for a reason i know but most of the times I dont know the reason and I cry and get upset because I hate knowing theres someone like them out there and theyre not in my life but then I look at people like you.. people who give me hope that one day Im going to be as happy, as strong ,as complete and as beautiful as you. It really warms my heart to see you found that love that fairytales talk about, you deserve it, please never let it go.Its the only love that gives me hope, hope one day is my turn too. You inspire me and I love you for that. Stay beautiful daniel <3

    • Daniel Preda

      Wow! So many similarities between the two of us! We are both so young still..you can’t let yourself think that your past is what you deserve, I promise the right people will walk in when you least expect it, and the people who left can always come back. Love you!

  • We_live_for_Daniel

    Well all I can say is that the only love I’ve encountered was janiel and I love it so yas queen yas love life love yourself and love the people in it if they love u that’s what I always say

    • Daniel Preda

      YAAAAS! And we love you!

  • Danny Arteaga

    Amen, QWEEN

  • Luis

    AMEN! You are literally such an inspiration to me, so beautiful and inspiring…You go Daniel!

  • christ pirgu

    well my ex friend lets say her name was ellen ellen was nice and comforting and seemed like she was always there for me but i had to be there for her she didnt have to be there for me and after a while i came out as bi to her and she hugged me then she was LITERALLY forcing me to come out as gay then i did and she foced me to tell other people and it was just so bad that i had to end it and know i have other loving firends and i dont regret letting her go out of my life but at the same time it was tough

    • Daniel Preda

      Never do something unless you are 100% comfortable, in the future, anyone who truly loves you will respect your decision to wait. Don’t give up on who YOU are, for someone else.

  • Cassandra ✨

    I’ve been through some heart break before. I had a crush on my friend but she didn’t like me that way and I was crushed, now I’ve gotten over it and we’re amazing friends. It all works out in the end ❤️

  • Jonathan

    You give me hope, Daniel. Thanks for everything you do.

    • Daniel Preda

      I’m always here, thank you for being so sweet.

  • I don’t even know

    I once loved a boy for two whole years of my life I was lead to believe he liked me too it was only towards the end of the second year I discovered he didn’t

    • Daniel Preda

      A life lesson, doesn’t mean that love was not special. You will have someone who adores you one day, I promise.

  • Lee

    I have had to let toxic family members go. Heartbreaking, but it was making me physically ill from the stress, disrespect, and the feelings of betrayal. Walking away IS OK!! I didn’t do it hatefully, I just walked, with zero contact. No longer are they attatched to my life in any way. Thanks Daniel. All you said is true.

    • Daniel Preda

      I’ve done the same. Sometimes you need to let go, in order to grow yourself as a person. I am so proud of you Lee!


    this is weird but I had a boyfriend in 3rd grade, his name eric, but I had to break up with him cause I going to my 6th school now and I’m only in 7th grade I had to let a lot of my friends go. I tried to keep in touch but it didn’t work out and I haven’t talked to them in 3 months P.S. LUV U 😛😂

    • Daniel Preda

      Awe that’s tough too! 3rd grade! DAMN! You have more game than me! Love will come and go, when you find the right one, it will be impossible to run away from. Thanks for stopping by Liberty!

  • Alyssa

    Your writing is extrodenray. I would love to have the talent, ability, and time to keep up a blog. Sadly though, I’m only 15, and should probably wait a while. I’d like to share with you my first experience with love, and then the pain that follows it. I LOVED my Great Uncle Emil so much. He was what I aspired to be. He was strong, confident, and smart. He was also kind and loving. He lived 7 hours away from me so I only actually met him 4 times, but he was still my inspiration. I loved hearing stories about him, and cherished the short time we did get together. I would write him once a month to catch him up on details about my life, and would call him every two weeks. In fact, he was actually the first person I came out as bisexual too. (One of the times I saw him in person). He hugged me, and told me that he knew, and he didn’t care. The last couple of months he started to sound more tired on the phone, and his writing became more shakey and hard to read. My family around me had neglected to tell me that he had cancer, and he didn’t have much time to live. The day he died, was the worst day of my life. The tears wouldn’t stop streaming from my face for days. When his funeral came around, I couldn’t even bare the thought of going up to the casquet, but my mom said it was good for closure. So I gripped my moms hand tightly and she walked up with me. That’s when I saw him. I fell to my knees with a very loud, high pitched, cry. My mom had to put her hand over my mouth while she hugged me, so I didn’t scare any of the younger kids there. Since then I have been afraid to be close to anyone in fear that they would leave the same way my Uncle did. I’ve learned though, that along with the bad times of love, you also have the great. Like the times he would sit at the piano and try to teach me. Or the times we’d hike through the forest and pick blue berries. I miss him greatly, but I wouldn’t have changed a single thing we did together.

    • Daniel Preda

      Alyssa, thank you for sharing your sweet story. Losing family, and anyone you adore, is THE hardest. I share a similar experience with my grandmother from Romania who I only met a few times, she was an amazing woman, and I still am so sad I did not get to see her one last time to show her how I had grown up, but know that the people we lose are always looking down on us, keeping us safe. I know Emil is so proud of you, never forget the love you shared. xoxo

  • Alma🌹

    I recently got the courage to let go of someone I feel I loved very much. I knew he was wrong since the beginning for me, but I guess he filled me with words that I felt needed. His actions were what drove me away though. And at the end I had to stop letting him intoxicating where I put my self love and worth, due to him. I had to love myself more. It was hard, but it was a lesson that I’m glad I learned, it taught me alot.

    • Daniel Preda

      It’s so hard! but the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Keep your chin up! xo

  • riley bush

    when i was in sixth grade, i met a group of girls who i thought were my closest friends. i told them things i wouldn’t even tell my closest friends. after a while, they pulled me aside and told me to "f**k off". then, for no reason, they started to spread rumors about me. WORST HEART BREAK EVER. but i have gotten over it.

    • Daniel Preda

      That is terrible. Those girls were never your true friends, but you will find people who love and treat you the way you deserve to be, I promise. xoxox

  • R. C.

    I totally agree with you that the end of a friendship can be as painful as the end of a romantic relationship, or even worse. A year ago I ended a longtime relationship (more than 10 years) with a man that I though was the love of my live but in the end, the last months when I realized and accepted that I couldn’t change him or make him love me, it only hurted for a few days. I am surprised of how fast I could move on with my life without him. On the other hand, I had to end two friendships in different moments of my live. They were people I loved but I couldn’t trust, they made things that hurted me and even if I knew they didn’t do it purposely, I felt like they were toxic to me and I had to end all kind of contact. Sometimes I still feel the hurt and the void that those friendships left. I miss them more that I miss my ex.

    There are different kinds of love, and there are all important. I would like to found another "love of my life" but I also still need the love of my friends and family. I can live and be happy being single, but I can’t live without the love of the people I love.

    PS. – Just three days and I already love this blog. Keep writing, I will keep reading. And sorry for the long speech and my imperfect English.

    Regards from Spain.

    • Daniel Preda

      This was so heartfelt, R.C! I have been through the same with friends, its so difficult letting people go, but it can be necessary. Hugs from the U.S. and than you for stopping by!

  • riley bush

    ps: i love you too danny boi

    • Daniel Preda


  • Yalda

    AMEN 🙂

  • Kaitlynn😛

    Recently I had a boyfriend and we dated for almost 6 months. He broke up with me Thursday the 24th. That following Tuesday would have been 6 months. School had just been let out for the 3 day weekend and we met up like usual and headed outside. We ended up talking for a bit and he asked if we could talk about something. Of course I said yes, but it was a conversation I thought would never happen. He was the type of boy that didn’t seem like he would be the person to break up the relationship. He said, "Hey I’m thinking about breaking up." I said ok in a confused way. I then asked him why and he replied with, "I think we are more friends than we are a couple." You would think that’s how a good relationship would go. Let me remind you that this was both of ours first REAL relationship. As soon as he said this to me, my heart dropped. He didn’t even talk to me about breaking up, he kind of just did it. Which in my mind shouldn’t go that way. Also he never really took me on dates. I waited for him to make a move, but he never did. When he broke up with me, he asked if I was ok with it and then walked away. You probably can guess what happened next. Yep, I cried. The worst thing was I had to get on the bus. My father drives the bus, so it was a little better. He eventually noticed I wasn’t being myself so he asked what happened. After him talking to me about it, the next day at school I obviously told my friends. They ended up cheering me up. Also what cheered me up was watching Joey’s DIY’s with you and the wig! Also I love your blog!! Keep up the hard work Daniel!


  • Andrew waddell

    My friend is moving away we’re at the best past of friendship we’ve both said we love eachother but we know we’re not into eachother in a sexual way. She’s still my best friend and we’re going to try and make our friendship last even when she goes. However when you said about friends outgrowing eachother I couldn’t help but she’s a tear as she is going to a university and feel like she is outgrowing me

  • Marce Márquez

    AMEN!! I once had a really toxic friend, always focusing on the negative and saying bad things about everyone, included her own friends. One day I decided to let go of that friendship since I was feeling really bad when I was with her, It was a tough desicion, I really missed her for a few months, but soon I starte feeling better, I was happier and I could see the good things about the people around me.
    Your words are inspiring and really accurate, I loved this!!!,

  • Maddie lunsford

    So in love with this blog!! It is so amazing!! Love you Daniel 💕💕🐷

  • Unknown

    Two years ago in the summer (2014) I fell in love with a girl I met via Twitter. Her parents were extremely homophobic and after some months, well they found out and made her delete me from everything and delete all of her online accounts. I was heartbroken. A month later I found out she actually was a catfish (wrong name, wrong age, wrong face.) As you can guess, that broke me even more. For over a year I couldn’t trust anyone, and when I say anyone it really was. (online or in real life) I felt so stupid that I didn’t realise she was lying all along and I felt so worthless too. I was at my most depressing moment of my life. I got into depression and other stuff. I only ended up being fine after meeting my next girlfriend (I made sure she was real first, trust me.) We aren’t together anymore, but she definitly made me more confiant about myself and I started trusting people again. I now am single and I am so happy with my life honestly. So yeah I guess everything gets better.

  • 👑Dijah👑

    I met somebody in early 2015. We loved each other. After about a year, I guess he got tired of me, which I didn’t really understand why. That was probably the worst point in my life. I felt alone, I was depressed, and I even questioned whether I was worth anyone’s love. But I’ve learned that nobody should define my happiness and that I shouldn’t let anyone tear me down. I can officially say that all of that is behind me.🌹

  • Lili

    STOP making me cry, Daniel. I could read your writing forever.

  • Hannah LaValley

    Love this! You’re blog has turned out so well. Your posts intrigue me and I find myself looking forward to your next post. Keep up the good work!

  • nicki ace


  • Cassid

    The feels are getting to me! Me and my pizza are very happy together. I’ll make sure to send you a piece!

  • Siera Infinger

    Love and Loss:

    Well let me tell you the Loss of my ‘love’. It’s not a boy friend or a best friend, no, it’s my Nephew Landon. He was my everything. My mother and I had raised him and my two other nephews for the first 6 months of their lives. My sister had some problems and couldn’t be left alone with them, but that’s not the point. Everyday he melted my heart more and more. He was some to hold when I needed a smile and he brightened my day.

    One morning, my mothers birthday, I woke up extra early to make my mother breakfast in bed for her birthday. I went about my morning until I heard my brother yell from the other room. My nephew wasn’t breathing and we don’t know how long he hadn’t been breathing. The ambulance came and informed that he was gone. I was devastated. I went around for the next few months telling myself that it was my fault, that if I had just went and checked on him sooner then he would still be here. I couldn’t help but think it was my fault and I was to blame.

    I finally told myself that It my fault and that there wasn’t anything I could do. I knew that I had to stop blaming myself and know that I had to move on.

    It still hurts, a lot, but I know he was loved.

    Sorry if this wasn’t the type of ‘love and loss’ you were talking about. But it helps me to talk about it sometimes

    • Zach Finnell

      You’re a strong individual

    • sweaty boi troye

      I feel you. I lost a loved one who was closed to me a while back and talking always help me deal with it. I’m sorry for your loss. Stay strong!

    • Robyn M.

      I’m so sorry about your loss. Btw, nephew’s best friend is his cousin, Kayden(My nephew has Autism & while he’s high-functioning" he still has problems relating to his peers) so thank gawd, Kayden,while a few years younger than him. is his pretty sharp for his age & understands that Christopher(my nephew) has his quirks but he still accepts him.. So it doesn’t matter if Landon was your cousin,he mean’t a lot to you & that’s what matters..

      • Robyn L.

        P.S. Sorry about the typos but I hope you understand what I mean..

  • ariella

    I’ve let go of a few toxic friends it feels better without them I feel free almost they made me look at everything in a negative way and now everything is positive because they stopped putting those things in my brain

    • Robyn M.

      Too True! Not to diminish Cancer & it’s sufferers(a good friend of mine passed away from it a few years ago) but they were like a cancer & once I removed them from my life,I felt MUCH better!

  • Kitty

    This has shown me a lot of things we didn’t know but thanks for that 😄

  • Thegreatgatsby

    I have never experienced love. Mind you I am 27 and a hardworking, loving person. I have my own money and give back to society. It has taken me 27 years to realise that have to start loveliness MYSELF. I have never been my own biggest fan, I am the kind of person that will put others first. I am still learning and struggling everyday. It is a slow healing but I know I will get there and get my true love. Thanks Daniel for your words you are very relatable and a good write. Xoxo Thanks for the lovely piece of work

  • Taylor

    Uggh. This is too amazing Daniel. Now I wish I could write. 💕

  • Jacob

    So true. Few weeks ago I broke up my frienship. It’s the most terrible feeling I’ve ever had. I cannot figure it out still. It is literally physically feeling of your heart being broken. It hurts as hell but I believe that one day it will stop. It’s really hard to let somebody or something go. I think it’s an art that we learn our whole life.

  • Riley

    Before I went into the fifth grade I lived in Florida. I had so many friends and I thought of them as family. When my parents told me that we were moving to Indiana my heart broke. I lost my very first best friend because we didn’t have a way of communicating. The last thing I said to her was we will see each other again. It has been three years and I haven’t seen her once. I till have one of my other friends though he came out to me and I was so proud of him I literally hugged him and cried I was that proud of him and I always will be. I sometimes still cry about how much I miss my friends but one day I will see my friend that I haven’t seen in three years, because I made that a promise to her.

  • Karlee

    This helped me a lot.. Thank you so much Daniel! I’m soo proud of you and this blog, I look forward to the next one!
    Ps. I love you too Daniel❤️ thanks so much for this..

  • Aiyanna

    I know what it’s like to feel like you can never let go of someone. All of my friends taunted me, saying things like, "You still like him!" or "You guys should get back together." Although it was true, I kept denying that I liked him, but I’ve learned to let go and now him and I are still best buds, but it still kinda hurts to think about him like I used to. This inspired me to just simply let him go.

  • ndru

    DANIEL This is ssOO good! This is making me wish I could write tbh

  • Kelley

    Thank you for your amazing words I really needed to hear them today. Your are just amazing please keep doing what you do.

  • Mercedee Cooper

    This is so cute! I loved your first blog post as well! Keep them coming! They are great. I love you!

  • Ersin

    GOD you can write.

  • sweaty boi troye

    Daniel, this is so beautiful oml ;u;

  • Tyna

    Oh, man, I’ve had awful luck with romantic love. I’ve never dated anyone that hasn’t cheated on me. My first "real" bf and I dated for about 2 1/2 years, and then he dumped me the day after my 19th bday, because I was finally old enough to go out to bars (I live in Buffalo, and Canada is 20 min away and their legal age is 19). I then found out he had been seeing other people the entire time we were together.

    About a year later, I met someone else, and we were together for about 1 1/2 years before I got knocked up. He was thrilled and I was terrified, and we ended up moving in together. He cheated on me numerous times while I was pregnant and then dumped me when my daughter was 10 months old because he was "in love" with someone else.

    Now, I’m 32 and haven’t been on a date in about 10 years. But, as a single mom, I’ve finished college, grad school, and nursing school. I’m independent and I have a family I love very much and an 11 year old who is my favorite person in the world.

    Maybe I’ll find someone someday, but I’m not counting on it. Like I always say, things don’t always turn out the way you want to, but they always turn out the way they’re supposed to.

    Love you and your blog!

  • Genevieve

    I’m crying, this was absolutely beautiful and inspiring. I love that you speak from the heart and don’t care what people say. Very amazing I love it 💖

  • Mads

    My "friends" would always make me feel bad about myself I felt in any way they knew how. They would always make plans in front of my face and not want to sit next to me. I would always try to make them happy but once I started to act like myself instead of putting on this cover of me being happy all the time. They all turned on me calling me names and spreading rumors all the time. I couldn’t take it anymore and it was the worst thing I’ve ever had to go through. I have a few friends now and as far as I know they love me for who I am. Now I’m not a push over and I speak up for myself so I guess I learned.

  • Emily

    I never thought I would find someone one who I would love so much until this year when I found the love of my life my adoring girlfriend (yes I am a lesbian don’t ask questions)

  • Pastel~Serenity

    I don’t know if it’s fortunate for me to have never been in love because I’m fine being #forever alone, but one day I seek to find the kind that you have Daniel (p.s we ALL love you too) <3

  • Delaney Wright

    these posts are great<3 keep them up :-))

  • Freebaby12

    I loved what u said Daniel so touching and inspiring for me I loved and (p.s. we all LOVE u too) <3 <

  • Jenna

    So i went through a brake up about a year ago and I can honestly say I will never be the girl I used to be. The one who trust everyone the one who pests people walk all over her the one who is positive on who she wants to be. But lets be honest who ever is at the age of sixteen, the age of wondering who we are and were we are ment to be in this world. This guy broke me with words but now that he is out of my life I can see the people who care about me the most helping me be happy an they are trying to help me trust again. It suvks she one person has you questioning so much even with them never in your life again. My friends and family I know will be there for me no matter what but I still have those annoying questions on if I tell them I’m not sure if I’m straight or if I don’t want certain things will they be mad or tell me its a phase. Its shocking to know one person can have this much affect on you.

  • Miss Iridescent

    I was dating a guy and told one of my friends and it got around the whole school, and everyone kept making fun of him so he broke up with me

  • Baby Cake

    Oh I just love everything. And I just love your rupal refrence!!!

  • Sophia

    I’m very grateful for being able to love and being loved back, but things are really hard, long short story my girlfriend and I can’t be physically together cause her parents won’t let me see her and they even changed her from school, they’re homophobic, I’m grateful to have such an amazing person in my life and someone who loves me back but i just hope things get better.

  • Ceci

    That text made me feel way better so thanls Daniel,
    My kinda love story… I’m 15, I’ve never dated or even kissed someone but, for about 8-9 months now I’ve had a crush on a really good friend, I know him because three years ago he used to go in my sister’s classroom at the highschool I am studying rn but he’s an idiot and failed… Twice so while my sister’s in college he’s still there, before I got in highschool I was scared of him and all of my sister’s friends but as I started seeing him everyday I had no option and started talking to him, after about two weeks I realized I was falling for him, I know I’m 4 years younger and he has a crush so I dont really have a chance but now he’s just a really important person to me, having him as a friend is honestly something amazing because he’s really shy with new people but he started talking to me right away bc of my sister, he’s really funny and interesting and hanging out with him is like the beat thing ever, maybe he’ll never know that I’m in love with him, maybe he’ll do but whatever happens it will happen for a reason and for now I’m happy enough being able to have him as a friend <3

  • Kendal J. Matthews

    I used to really like a guy (one of my best friends) (I’m a guy) and the whole school ended up finding out, him included, and he doesn’t really talk to me anymore. But now his best friend and I are talking and idk where it’s gonna go but I’m just finally happy I found someone that cares about me.

  • I have a sibling who is not emotionally stable. For as long as I can remember, it has always been an "off-and-in" relationship with this sibling and my family. A couple months ago, she was in need of a place for her and her three sons to stay, so my mom took them in. Sibling completely used her, now will not let any of the family see her children. It’s tough and pisses me off to no end, but there’s nothing I can do except let karma take over.

  • Maggie Gross

    This really helps with the current times and thank you so much for this life advice! ily

  • Kaylee Hasenstein

    Sadly, my best friends of 8 years and I had a point none of us wanted to be at. We just one day stopped taking. Only two of us went to the same school. Myself being one of them. We all just kind of did our own thing. Since I’ve known them since I was 4 it was difficult. All of us being 13 and all losing them sounded like the worst thing possible. As I realized it was happening I did nothing about it. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to change it. But, we somehow started talking again. When you are away from someone you love for so long and you stop talking, you feel like you are lost. I now finally feel like I’m found. It’s the best feeling to know someone loves you back. I want to hold onto that feeling for the rest of my life. I know it’s not possible but I want it to be and I will do anything to make them happy. That’s the key point in a relationship. I love that about our friendship and I always will.

  • Luna

    Have you ever went out with someone you liked a lot
    Liked so much you where willing to give your v-card to
    Then the NEXT day have them break up with you
    And spread it around
    It’s the worst feeling ive ever felt

  • Juleah Bauer

    I’ve only had one real relationship, and that ended horribly. It all started when I went over to my friends house, and she asked me to sit with her and then she goes, "So uhm, I like boys, but I also like girls..". I was so shocked that she told me that, and I told her I was Bisexual as well, (she was the first person I came out to ever), so then she goes, "I’ve also had a crush on you since last year." – The problem was I only liked her as a friend, but I had never said no to anyone because I’d never had anyone ask me so I said yes, I would date her (although I really didn’t). So we started dating and it was okay, but I still had no attraction to her and I started thinking there was something wrong with me, and through the relationship, I started cutting more than I had and I hates myself. Then one day I told her that I had to stay after school for band, and she instead brought her cousins and told me to leave band, but I guess while telling her no, I said it in a weird way, and the next day she told me that her cousins called me a bitch and that they were going to beat me up. At that point I had cut so much my legs would drip blood all over the floor and I hated myself so much. I soon built up the courage and ended it, and I really don’t want to date until I know that I can love myself again cause it’s like I’m always trying to please someone else and I’m trying to make them happy when really I hate myself and I can’t even be happy.
    .. she tried hooking up with me again over text but she quickly erased it but I saw it. I’m just not happy right now and I feel like I’m always drowning in sadness and there’s nothing I can do to get out… so that’s my dating story so far… bye.. -Juleah

  • Cheech Gitto

    I love the part of the loving of pizza that just remember me of my friend Jess
    (ALSO A FAN OF YOU) and I remember the quote from Rupaul.!!!

  • Holly Arace

    Right now I really like this person, but they don’t like me back. There have been a couple times where they have flirted with me but then the next day comes and they ignore me. I have liked this person for a while and I think that I should let them go because we will never have chance. But my feelings for them are really strong and I can’t turn them off. They have helped me through a lot and I know that I can come to them. But when I am clearly upset they don’t seem to care. But I care about them a lot. I need to let them go but I can’t stop my emotions.

  • lizzie

    It was the first real relationship I’d had with a member of the same sex. She was so beautiful and so artistic and creative. She had the same interests as me, but the downside, her family was so homophobic (which I did not know for the majority of our relationship).

    It all started in late 2013. We would text every day and night, despite the distance between us, and we spoke of our future plans and our biggest dreams. She made me so happy, the happiest I’d been in so long (after having many struggles with severe anxiety), and she supported me. While I was with her, I went through a deep depression, yet she stayed by my side.

    But the unfortunate thing was that not all good things last forever.

    In mid 2014, a few months before I ended our relationship, I found out that her family was homophobic, and her close family was strictly Catholic. It scared me so much. From those days onward, we began to argue a lot more than usual. She began to insult me, and it continued like that for two months.

    Two months later, on a quiet summer evening, I decided that perhaps it was time to end our relationship. The things she said truly hurt me, and I knew that I was holding her back by staying in our relationship, which was now toxic. It was the most difficult thing I had to do, and things did not go down well at all.

    However, after two years, we have both healed, and I know that we have. 🙂

  • IA

    Hiya Daniel finding the blogs really inspiring and looking forward to them everyday. I want to share my experience about letting go. I had an amazing childhood friend she was the light of my day. We always hung out and played sports on the street. When I started high school I went through a very rough time. She attended the same high school as me. I had no friends so whenever she would say hi to me I would ignore her as I was ashamed and really awkward. By doing this I pushed her away and everyone around me unintentionally. We do not speak or see each other anymore and she only lives down the road from me. I miss her so much. Also where I live I have no friends so I am very lonely I only see my friends when I go back to school. Can you try and help me figure this out as it has been prowling my mind for about 5 years ? Thank you yours truly IA

  • Oliza

    IV had one relationship but it did not end well he ended up calling me worthless and a fag and then he kept trying to contact me at school. and he took all my friends away from me then all of it but know he just gives me dirty looks and calls me fag alot even though I doint know if I am and the worst thing is I’m 10 and I doint really know who I am anymore what am I supposed to be I wish somebody would help me but I’m too scared to tell so I hope when I get older he don’t hurt me like he did before

  • Kaitlin

    I don’t have a love story as I’m only 12 (turning 13 this year). But what I do know is that you and joey have a very close and honest relationship, and that’s what everyone needs. Hold on to that relationship and cheerish it forever. Keep smiling Daniel,



  • Michaela Hewitt

    I know i dont know much about love yet, im just a 16 year old trying to still figure out my life but that’s okay. my whole life so far ive spend moving around from place to place with never enough time to make some real friends. i would meet someone and we would become really close then i would move and it would all fall apart, over and over. 3 years ago i finally settled down for long enough to meet some of the most amazing friends ever. now we are the closes of friends ive ever head and i hope to never lose them , though i know people change and that some will move know. it is still wonderful to know that here and now – with some of the most confusing and frustrating times of my life ahead- that i have such friends for love and support. they don’t really know how much they mean to me i think but that’s okay because i hope to have the time to show them.

  • Alex

    I once had to cut a friend out of my life because she treated ms awfully I always felt bad about it but I’m glad others have had to do the same thing

  • aleah

    Daniel you’re such an inspiration to me and so many others out there. I’m glad you’ve found someone to make you happy.

  • Albertp22071983

    I had had plenty of bad relationships. Things got to the point where I unconsciously avoided ALL men who were interested in me. I have to admit that I was too scared to open up my heart after being broken and disappointed so many times. I couldn’t trust them anymore, basically.

    Then I met a guy almost 12 years my junior who was persistent and determined to accept me and all my flaws yet still gave me time and space to gradually come to terms into accepting a new relationship. We have been together for 3 years and 3 months today. We have our ups and downs, but we are happy and content being together. He is so accepting and so amazing. I am incredibly fortunate!

  • Alex

    I’ve recently come to the realization that if you cannot find someone to love in a romantic way, you should love the things that love you back in life. If that be your dog, parents, or whatever it may be love it back. Show that love because if you don’t, when will you?

  • Alex

    I’ve had to remove both family and many friends from my life and it was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to do. I’m not even out of high school yet (although I’m about to graduate). Two of my best friends, who I happened to have a huge crush on, unfortunately, were very toxic. One of them, after coming out to him as gay in 2014, started telling other people I was gay even though I specifically told him not to tell anyone as I wasn’t ready to tell others and needed to do it myself. He would also purposely leave me out of things (same with my other friend) and other rude stuff like that. It was so painful that I got so close to failing my classes, suicide, etc. I’ve also had to remove my mother from my life after I learned that she wasn’t very accepting of me being gay; she thought it was a choice. It was a very toxic environment so I moved in with my dad just before Christmas 2014, who is, thankfully, accepting of who I am. I’m in a much better place now.

  • Kristen

    Janiel is my otp

  • Elizabeth

    It’s funny that I read this blog post today because recently my friends have been struggling with a situation and I found this post very relatable to my current situation. I haven’t experienced love at this point in my life but I am fortunate to have great friends. One of our friends has been feeling left out but honestly I think we are growing and changing as people and so is our are relationships. Nothing drastic came about that set the friendship to flames but we are all getting older and I agree with you when you said sometimes you have to let people go for them to become the person they were meant to be. I think that’s the stage we are at and it is time to let go and move on and reading this really opened my eyes to our situation.

  • Michaela M.

    Letting go is always the worst even though it can do you good.
    I was always the person who was friends with everyone I didn’t care about what you did who you were I just loved being friends with people hoping to change lives, then about a years or two ago I realized while I was trying to understand everyone and trying to help, I forgot the most important person, myself. I had friends who were constantly tearing me down. For example,
    These friends I had were way smaller than me so they were always putting me down for being a bit bigger and I hated myself because of it. But now I am no longer friends with them and I don’t care if someone doesn’t like a certain aspect of me. Yes I am bigger but that is not going to stop me from anything. I can still do everything the Skinner girls can I just have a bit more to me. I’m just as pretty, just as smart and just as talented.

    So my advice to anyone reading this is to cut any negative person from your life and realize that you are not what they label you, you are perfect the way you are and never let anyone change that.

  • Andrea

    I’ve been trying to deal with my best friend. I’m gay and she thinks just because I’m twelve years old I don’t know yet. We have been friends for four years, and it would be hard to end our friendship but should I? She thinks I haven’t found the right boy, and a few weeks ago she said "Are you really gay? Are you really stuck in that gay phase?" She’s eleven, and she’s been taught by the bible. She’s even said to me "In the bible, it says you can’t be gay, you’ll go to hell" I could teach her better but maybe its best to let her go. What do you think?

  • YT Obsessed | Smyrna

    As I am only 15, I don’t have that much experience in this beautiful thing you call "love." I do love pizza though, don’t worry I’ll be sure to send you a slice. I have many friendships that I love right now and hope I won’t have to end. I’m in a really good place with my parents, even if they get on my nerve sometimes. But my life isn’t perfect. I go through many tough times. I have suffered with constant anxiety and panic attacks ever since I was little. Around the age of 12 I found this amazing thing called YouTube. There, I found many people who made me feel like I was not alone in my anxiety. Joey Graceffa is one of them. And I am so thankful for him and I am also very grateful that he found you. Daniel, you and Joey deserve each other and I shipped it the moment that music video came out. Also I almost cried in ikea when I found out that JANIEL was real. I love you both and you never cease to make my day in Joey’s vlogs. Now that you have started your own blog I feel like I can become more connected with you and share my opinions with you. I related to your first blog post on an emotional level, I almost started crying, and you inspired me to keep moving forward. Daniel, I can honestly say, you are my QUEEN! I love you and keep doing what your doing. <3 also, say hi to Joey and Mrs. Wigsworth for me ❤️

    • YT Obsessed | Smyrna

      I posted that with the wrong Twitter. Held

      • YT Obsessed | Smyrna

        Help* god dammit.

  • Joseph

    After having a crush on someone, the first person I actually had a crush on, I got broken like there was a hole in my heart, letting him go was difficult but now I guess it’s better and thanks to him I realized that I actually dont love myself. Yes, it’s true, I do not. Right now I’m in the process but sometime I want to give up on it. I’m gay and for me it’s hard to go and be myself because I feel like a evryone there to judge me scene my parents. I’m trying, moving on and off course reading Daniel blog’s.
    Thanks so much Daniel, I appreciate that you created this space.
    Love You, Krandbey.

    • Morgan Law

      Try not to worry about everyone else i know how hard it is i have been going through somthing similar. Just do you boo. I’m hear for you. Love ya!💙

  • Luis Palacios

    OMG Daniel! That was very inspiring!! I LOVED IT!! You are such an amazing writer you’re soooo talented! Can´t Wait to see more!! (Friday Post) ly!

  • Morgan

    I have this friend and we have known each other for 2 years and we have been getting really close and im graduating this may and he is a year younger than me. I have watched alot of friends walk out of my life or we just drifted apart. I really don’t want to lose this friend and when i go to college (which is only 2hrs away) im afraid i will. Please send help!!

  • Annie

    One of my old friends had been friends for almost 7 years. We were almost inseparable except for when we got into fights which was all the time. She would always make me feel bad about myself, talk about me behind my back, and never let me have other friends and when I did she drove them away. I finally let go of her and it was bad for the first couple of months but once I started to meet new people and discover that not everyone was horrible, I was truly happy. Although sometimes I think I wasted all of those years, I didn’t. She helped me get strong and helped me realize that I didn’t need that in my life. She was toxic and no matter how it hurts, sometimes you have let them go…

  • bella

    There was this douchebag dude I thought that I would end up with for a long time but we all know how that turned out

  • Allie Collins

    Awww Daniel I love your blogs I love that you can open up its truly beautiful and Im looking forward to many more in the future they definetly make me smile so thank you for allowing us to get to know you better ♡♡
    Ps I love you to

  • Stasya

    Thanks for the tips

  • Brandy❤

    im only 14, (aroace) I havent had much experience with love yet, I do however love all my lgbt friends and may have a crush on one, but I hope I find someone soon that will treat me nice! this blog made me a litte teary eyed!anyways have a nice day

  • Janakia

    I have yet to experience love. But I have experienced the love friends give and right now that’s all I have and I love it.
    PS I’d love to send you a slice of Pizza

  • Rachel Spann

    I feel like I’m in the in- between phase right now with one of my friends. We have been friend for years now and have hung out on what would be called dates if it were to go there. In the past it was obvious that he liked me, but I told him I wanted to focus on school. Now, I’m ready to pursue it and I don’t know if he is still interested. I kinda feel like we’re drifting apart because we don’t talk as much and we go to two different colleges. So confused as to whether it is time to move on or to just see where it goes.

  • sara joseph

    LOOOOONG story short: my 1st love
    i’ve lived and experienced the most captivating and extraordinary love in my life ,i was so young ,just freshman college girl and he was senior ,we loved each other so much OR at least that’s what i did , And one year later, the time comes to introduce me to his family i refused in the beginning saying that what if they don’t like me he comfort me and putting my mind to ease by saying that his family would never do that and they’re nice people BUT he was wrong about that big times, cause after meeting them, all the doors of hell opened into my face at once and begin to shatter me one piece at a time. his mom apparently didn’t like me, but we spend two years together against her will and to show her how much we’re in love,
    BUT that one disastrous day come to slap me in the face and wake me to the bitterness of what’s so called reality, he came to me repeating his mom’s words to my ears "either me or her, i’m your mother so it’s your choice and you can forget that you have a mother living in this world" i felt pain there in that deep deep place in my heart that i couldn’t breath anymore i was suffocating and i choked on my words and couldn’t say anything to him i mean that’s his own mom if and ONLY IF he’s ever thinks to chose me over her i’m pretty sure that he’s gonna hate me in the future, and i can’t let him chose in the first place i don’t want to know the answer cause i see it in his eyes ,i know for sure that he loved me, but his family over any kind of love for him "family is the superior love that ever found "and it’s true but YOUR HAPPINESS??
    Everythings over to me i was slowly dying and even commits suicide but faild and left college, but just like happiness has come to an end so as misery.
    but even though i’m over it now and got back to college of course, but this made me cry..
    THANK you for everything you and Joey does to inspire us every day with strength and determination to go on into this life .

  • Shaylee Marie

    I hope I can experience real, beautiful love that you and Joey have together! ❤❤❤❤Love you Daniel you are so talented!!!

  • Avery ♡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    I love you too Daniel. ♡♡♡♡♡
    This blog is amazing I have told all my friends about it

  • rachel!!

    thank you for sharing your story 🙂 i think it’s so great that you’ve fought past so many tough parts in your life.. and after all that look at where you are now!

    stay fabulous and ALL the love,
    rachel 🙂

  • Jorja Smith

    This has helped me out a lot I love this so much thank you for making this Daniel it helps a lot with my situation at the moment ❤️

  • Averi Downing

    Theres a boy in my life well he is my "Boyfriend" his name is Mitchell we say we love each other but i dont think we mean it . I just dont know . And yeah this is my lover story we kinda need to work on it but i think were good for now 👑❤ well thanks love you ❤ byyyye

  • Mary

    Awww daniel that is so true I recently went through a heartbreaking break up and that really was good advice good job! You have really helped people out and you should know that.

  • Ashley

    Whats the address to send you some pizza ?

  • Selina

    I loved a girl who loved me back but I wasn’t ready to give her the love she deserved so I had to let her go. We’re still great friends and she’s found someone who gives her everything,

  • Elmo Fernandez-Armstrong

    AMEN Daniel, Amen!

  • Paisley Kramer


  • Chloe

    I have went through heartbreak myself and it was with my bestfriend though not a significant other. We had been the best of friends for 5 years but towards the end she was becoming more distant and then one day she decided that she just wanted to move on and make new friends. And I was happy for her because I was never able to make new friends because of my anxiety but then she told me that she only did it for the popularity. But I’m over it now I have new friends thanks to my brother.
    Thank Daniel this helped so much and I love this blog 💕💕

  • Gisselle

    I have this crush on a guy, we dating once but I guess we weren’t right for each other. I still like him but I just need a way to get over him!

  • Maddy Powers

    I have recently gone through losing a friend. We had been the best of friends forever and we had been through many hardships together. I started to question whether our friendship was a healthy when another friend who was very close to us left us to befriend other people. This other friend left because she felt that my other best friend was holding her back from having other ans better friends. During this large fight I thought that me and my best friend would grow closer but that could not be further from the truth. I began to think about what the friend who left us was saying, that maybe my best friend was being a bit controlling and not allowing me reach my full potential in the friend department, because she was now pretty much the only friend that I had. This also made me think about how little in common we had anymore, we literally could not talk about or agree on anything anymore. But, what was stopping me from ending this friendship was I loved her so much. And finally, after multiple nights of crying and trying to wish the situation away, I eventually came to the conclusion that I really needed to end this friendship. And I did, And I could not be happier, I have so many new and better friends that I have so much in common with. I even became friends with the girl who left us in the beginning of the story again, and she is amazing. Some part of me still wonders what would have happened if I was still friends with her but I try not to think about it too much. I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this and, once again, I could not be happier. Thanks so much Daniel for writing this awesome blog post and letting me get to tell my story. It’s really amazing. Love you so much…pig. 🙂

  • Andy  Ayala

    Daniel, I’ve been through horrible things, I’ve done horrible things… Things that I can’t mention on the Internet. Things that I regret and remorse on everyday of my life. But I’m learning to move on. I’m gay myself and I know I’m "too young" to say this, but I was in love with a guy once. Or At least I thought I was in love. He cheated on me the after being together for 6 months. I broke up with him, and somehow I still had feelings for him. I couldn’t get over him. So my stupidity got the best of me and I got back with him thinking that he had changed. I was wrong. He cheated again. And I have never felt the sadness I felt before. I left him, and honestly, I’m still looking for the man I can call my husband. I learned to let go, and now my search continues. And whatever happends to me, I will never give up and I will never loose hope.

    Love you Daniel,
    Andres Ayala

  • Jonathan

    I thought for the longest time I was going to date one of my more effeminate friends, who I had convinced myself I was in love with! He’s very confusing, and turns out he doesn’t like me like that. Sometimes I think maybe he does because he is a friend after all, but as you said, we need to let go. I’ll always love him as a friend and I hope he will too, I just know now that I shouldn’t have thought it’d be something more.

  • Mara

    In the beginning of the school year decided to cut ties with a person I thought to be my best friend. She started dating this guy who would consistly insult me. He told me “no one loves me and no one will ever love me”. She just laughed. I have through that my freshman year I wasn’t about to do it my senior. I have recently started feeling guilty and wondering if cutting ties with her was the right move. After reading this I realized I was in the right to cut ties with her. So thank you Mister Preda. 😘

  • Tiffany

    Amen. Ps, you should make an app for your awesome blog. Love you Queen ❤👏

  • Janelle

    So amazing and inspiring and beautiful and TRUE! I’m so fortunate to have all my family living in the same town as me, so I’m constantly surrounded by amazing people who love me endlessly. They’re hardworking and selfless and so giving and loving. Love really is the thing that keeps me going. Love you Daniel!! Slay! 👏👏💕👑

  • Cfir Daniel

    Amazing! Daniel I think you are a very smart guy and I am so glad that Joey has you as his boyfriend. I have experienced that a couple of times. One time was very painful, she was my bff for almost 4 years, but we were always on the edge and we just weren’t meant to be. she was Toxic to me, as you said very passionately. I loved her(as a friend) but we just couldn’t handle it. It was bad, but I got over it, I met new people and i’m sure she is as well.

  • Houston Gauthier

    I love how inspiring your blogs have been I just love your writing. It always makes me so happy to see you and Joey happy together.

  • Yazzyboo

    My two year relationship just went down the drain, by him dumping me and quickly moving to another girl. I was and still am heart broken that he would do that to me,we have been through a lot together. I even snuck for two years behind my parents back to date him, I went through hell for him. All he did was repay me with pain and sadness. I’m getting better but I still have the memories and I get sad a lot because I miss him and see him with another girl and it hurts. I know u may say I’m to young to be in a relationship but I felt a lot of love for him and I thought that was my true love. At the same time I did learn always listen to your parents. What hurts me the most is me and him did a lot together that I regret and feel stupid for but I guess he used me. I’m learning to let things go and move on but it’s really hard. I feel like I’m getting stronger about this and getting to the point where I accept it and to be happy.
    Love you Daniel your the best

  • Amelia Perez

    Theres this guy that I like but I don’t know/think he likes me back but everytime we see each other at first he ignores me completely then out of the nowhere he grabs me and kisses me then after that we spend like a month without seeing each other and he does nothing to keep in contact with me then the next time we see each other he does the same thing all over again.. Idk what to think about this anymore..😖

  • Benjy_Kun

    There is a guy I like who I met in Tennessee during spring break at my friends bonfire. We were talking a lot and swapped snapchats and everything. Recently we were talking and he asked if I like him. I died inside and he was still sitting in the chat waiting for an answer but I was scared and answered "No". I don’t know what to do now. I need advice. 😓

  • Derpy Unicorn


  • Love you Daniel. I can TOTALLY relate to the unreciprocated feelings thing; having a crush on the same guy for two years, telling him how I felt, and being crushed that he only saw me as a friend was quite deviststing. And of course he had to had feelings for one of my best friends. My friendship with the guy ended, and has sadly been replaced with a lingering awkwardness. I just have to get him out of my mind, but I’ve found that getting over him seems pretty impossible.

  • Janiel trash

    Amen. Thx for sharing this with us Daniel. I hope u and joey are always happy and u don’t deserve to be sad ever again. I love u.

  • Angel Smith

    Definitely hit a stop!
    These are great! WELL DONE! 💙

  • Ethel


  • Das

    Kinda hard to find love when everyone
    a) Is a fuckboy/ not into monogomy.
    b) Sees you as lesser than everyone else.
    c) is into the other sex/gender/whatever.
    So far everyone I’ve fallen for falls into one or more of those three categories. Love’s a hopeless bitch.
    Sucks even more when you try to fill up that gap with hook-ups only to end up feeling shittier and less wanted than before.

  • Claudia Gabrielli

    thx for this kind message amen to you and I hope u and joey are happy together and love eachother

  • Valentina

    I loving coming back from school and being able to read/ learn some useful stuff for the future/present

    Love u Daniel 😊 Keep doing what your meant to do

  • Emma Ruiz

    AMEN! Thank you so much for posting that! I dated thing guy all through 8th grade and freshman year of high school when he broke up with me two weeks into sophomore year and it crushed me. Mostly because like three or four days later he was like you need to work out be in shape. It really lowered my self esteem but after seeing you and Joey it made me think that real love exists and I will get it someday! You’re such an inspiration to me and I can’t thank you enough! Thank Joey for me too!

  • Ethel

    Well, honestly I have been through similar situations but I also learned to let go but it still hurts because me knowing that it wasn’t never gonna be a thing or whatever…. But anyways It’s not just romantic relationships that bothered me because clearly I’m still young and there’s more things in life that will hit me harder but will pick me right back up. I can some what relate to you Danny boy but like again.. I am still young but being young is part of life and just my personality and how fragile my heart is makes me really emotional and I mostly take things personally. WHATEVER! I have you and Joey sooooo…. YOU GUYS make me happy and that’s all it matters!!! BUT if you guys break up….. I will cry forever!!

  • Anthony Tanguma

    Advice that I give to those that are trying to get over someone is that you have to take the love you have in your heart and invest it into those that matter. I believe that you have to invest it into people like your family or your friends or even your dog and by doing that not only would you be making them feel appreciated but you’ll also be making yourself feel happy. It’s almost a way to distract yourself for the meantime until you find "the one". This was a great blog post Daniel! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for this blog!

  • Anthony Tanguma

    Also to those that say it’s hard to find someone when everyone is f*ck boys or b*tches. Not everyone is like that. You may have run into quite a bit of some in the past but you have to stay optimistic and keep in mind that there is someone out there for you.

  • Hi Daniel! My name’s Cristobal (you can call me Chris 😂) and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina! I really like your blog so far and hope you do great! I loved this day’s entry, and I’m so happy Joey and you are so in love! I also think it’s great that you encourage other people to share their stories as well. Some people really need to let things out before blowing up! Hahaha! Well Daniel, here goes my story!

    My "love story" is so confusing… I’ve been talking to this amazing girl for a few months now. I met her at a party one of my friends threw, and she was one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. I should mention this: at the time of the party, I was planning an exchange programme to Auckland, New Zealand (I went from February to April, it was an extraordinary experience, the best of my life!), and one of my closest friends told me he knew a girl that had done the exact same trip I was about to do 😜. So my friend introduced me to her (let’s call her Britney) and we chatted for an hour or so, conversation just flowed and I could feel a connection with her, and my friends told me they did too!

    The night ended and she asked for my number (dumb move from me, I should have asked for her’s as well 😐). The mext day I was giving up hopes because I thight she’d forget about me easily, but all of a sudden she texted me! We didn’t chat a lot but still, it gave me hope ☺️. Unfortunately we didn’t speak much afterwatds, and we didn’t get to see each other again as we live kinda far from each other.

    Two months later, I was about to leave to New Zealand! Only a few days left, and I got a text from her! She gave me lots of tips about which places to visit and asked me to text her as much as possible and tell her everything I did! Of course I forfot to do that as I was really excited to be in the other end of the world! However, ahe texted me again a few days later, and said "Hey! Have you forgotten about me already?" And I thought it was kinda nice having someone who thought about me and actually kept in touch with me.

    At first we talked a little bit, and she keot asking things about New Zealand that she remembered and wanted me to see. She did that so much that I got fed up of it at one point, because I was trying to enjoy my trip and she kept telling me to go places and I still hadn’t even gotten used to being in the other side of the world. That’s why I stopped talking to her for some time. Only a few days later, she texted me once again, but at that time I had already accustomed to New Zealand, so we had a great talk and she finished the chat with "don’t ever leave me hanging again 😂" After those days we talked pretty often, usually about how I was feeling and how the trip was going, so we had a good connection between us. We talked about deep stuff, everyday stuff, and pretty weird stuff too, which lead to me actually liking her quirks, and I knew I was starting to feel something for her…

    Weeks passed and my trip unfortunately came to its end. However, I was pretty excited to go back to Argentina: reuniting with my family, hang out with my friends again… And I was also secretly excited to see Britney again ☺️. I had even brought her some of her favorite chocolate from New Zealand! I was so eager to see her that I invited Britney to a party my classmates were throwing that weekend! I played it cool and told her to invite some friends as well, so that she wouldn’t show up alone.

    The week before the party was one of the most nerve racking weeks of my life. I was so anxious, and I didn’t know if I should make a move with her or if that would be completely out of place. I asked several friends what I should do, and I showed them out conversations, and most of them told me that I should kiss her. However, one of my closest friends differed from the rest and told me that she wasn’t completely sure if I should go for it. I know my friend very well, and I know that she only tells me things straight how they are because I did that for her when she needed advice. And that helped her. Because no matter how much I cared for her, I didn’t want to see her hurting, so I told her things directly how they were. And I appreciated her doing the same thing so much. But I was so stubborn that I thought "this is different." After that, I can’t imagine what was worse: the extremely high expectations I had set for the night, or the actual outcome of that party.

    That Friday night was the night of the party. I couldn’t be more excited to see Britney. When I got to the club, I started drinking a little and dancing with my friends. I was having a total blast, and things got even better when a friend came and said "I’ve got a surprise for you…" And behind him, there she was… Britney! It had been so long since the last time we had seen each other, and having her right in front of me was so unbelievably exciting! We chatted for a bit, but it was almost impossible to talk, as we were at the club (that’s what I kinda hate about clubs, you can’t have a normal conversation, which is why I generally prefer more calm environments like house parties). So I told her that I would get some drinks.

    When I went to get drinks, i came across a lot of people I hadn’t seen in A LOT of time. So I spent the next half hour talking to them, having a great time and catching up with all of my greatest friends. After a while I decided to go talk to Britney, so I went to the dance floor where we had met earlier that night. Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t there. I figured she was talking to her friends, nothing to freak out about. After a while of dancing with my friends I still didn’t see her anywhere, and it was a bit weird not to notice her anywhere. I decided to look for her a bit more, and when I finally saw Britney, she was dancing with one of my classmates. A part of me freaked out when I saw them, and I also got a bit mad because I felt betrayed by my friend and also a little bit betrayed by Britney. I decided not to snap, maybe they were just dancing in a friendly way.

    After a while, I didn’t see either of them, so I gave in and assumed the worst: they were making out. I wasn’t completely sure about it, but the signs were there. I was completely bummed out, and the party itself was pretty lame, so I decided to call it a night pretty early. As I was leaving with two of my friends, I actually saw Britney and my classmate talking, but I was so mad at both of them I didn’t even wave at them. I was devastated, and didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

    The next day, I got to know the truth: Britney had in fact made out with this dude, so I decided not to talk to her or text her back for a few days. As I thought more about it, I knew that this was a possibility, and the fact that I had built up this romantic movie ending was what made this situation worse. It was my fault, not hers. So we started talking again, and better than ever. Now we’ve become closer and talk pretty much every day, even though we live a bit far from each other.

    So my love story isn’t completely over, although I still feel hurt from that night (this happened two weeks ago). I’ve been meaning to meet up with her, and I don’t know why but somewhere deep in my heart I still have hope, even though I’m pretty sure a relationship between us is almost out of the question… I haven’t confessed my feelings to her or anyone, but I know that I started to fall for this girl from the moment we started talking back in New Zealand…

    If anyone actually read through all of this, you’re awesome and thanks for reading my story. As I shared this I felt that I was letting out a lot from that night, as I didn’t tell anybody how I actually felt as I didn’t want to seem jealous or anything, because I don’t want people to think that I like Britney and want to have some kind of relationship with her. If anybody has any advice to give me, I’ll appreciate it a lot, as I’m pretty much lost and don’t know what to do…

    Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my story or you felt somewhat connected or related to it. If you did, please let me know that I’m not the only one who experienced this, and if you want to give me any recommendations, go ahead and do it!

    I hope you read this as well Daniel! I admire you so much and hope you have a lot of success with this blog!

    Love always 😘


  • sazdragon

    Wow another amazing Blog post Daniel… My first love was my hardest to get over (I suppose a bit cliche) took me years and several broken relationships to make me into the person I am today… I have the love of a gorgeous guy (I’ve been with him nearly 9 years) He’s everything to me, been there for every stumble in the road to pick me back up and put me back on my feet (I couldn’t ask for anyone better)
    So for all you lovely people out there in the world, don’t be hard on yourself there is someone out there for you 😉 just keep being positive… This princess got her frog who turned out to be a prince xx

  • Sam

    I had a really good friend who I liked and the one day they started ignoring me and cut me off completely. To this day I don’t know the specific reason as they still take days or weeks to respond to a text and it hurts to even think about them.

    • Bella

      Sam, I ignore my friend same as your friends ignore you. The reason is that I am jealous to see photos of this friend having other friends around other than me in social networks, and this friend means a lot to me, we are like soul mates. But I do not want to be just one of the friends. I want to be the only and best friend, I love my friend, but ignore, I know it hurts, but I can’t help, because I am also hurt to see my friend around other friends more often than with me, so I think that I am not that important and reply texts in a week. And I cannot tell my friend truth why I ignore them, because I think that those other friends must not be ignoring my friend.

  • Cynthia Brier-Childs

    I’ve been married for 24 years to my best friend. I’m very fortunate. After all of these years, I try not to take him for granted, because in just a moment, it all could be gone. Age has a way of making one appreciate the fragility of life and loved ones.
    Love your blog, Daniel. It might be strange that a woman of my age follows you, but you have such a sincerity about you. Also, I find in you sassiness, humor, and sensitivity. All qualities which I adore in a person. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors. I think you will go far in whatever you decide to tackle.

  • ashlyn

    Very good writing today Daniel. Very proud. But my very first crush I had was tough to get over. I liked him for about 4 years and he finally got a girlfriend. And me and her were close so everytime we hung up all I would hear was about him. It hurt me a lot. And he knew I liked him. But I got over it last year. But they are still dating so I have to see them in the hallways at school. It hurts but I know they are happy. But your advice helps. Thank you Daniel. I love you.

  • KatieBLovesMusic

    Love you Danny 💕 I’ve been fortunate enough to find my love in someone who was one of my best friends (and still is to this day). We’ve been going over a year and a half strong; 2 year anniversary in August!! Happy Joey brings you so much happiness, I know he provides some for me when I have a bad day, all I need to do is watch his vlogs and I’m happy again 😊
    P.S. AMEN!! Now let the music play!

  • Ali

    Daniel, you are a true inspiration to many and I really value that. I am so glad that you have Joey in your life because you deserve the world, and tbh he is the world!! I love him and you ofc! I have yet to find a true love but I will keep in consideration on what you said in the future. The friendship part of your blog really stuck out to me as you said "I have realized it’s important to be able to cut anything toxic from your life, if you’re not building each other up, sometimes the best thing to do is end a friendship… it’s really difficult, but the heart can only take so much let-down and hurt before shattering, you learn and you grown each time…" Right now I am going through some really hard times in regards to friendships and I had no clue what I was going to do with the situation as I began to feel distraught and lost, leading me to cry almost everyday. But from what you said, it made me put more things into perspective that I will use to address the current friend situation. You’re the best and you made my day today… Thank you, I really really needed something like this to cheer me up. You’re amazing, never change and keep being you. <3
    Thank you again and lots of love,
    XOXO Ali

  • Tess

    "All things being even
    Here’s what I believe in
    Nothing matters more than love." ~Sister Act

    Love isn’t meant to be only shared between two people. Love can be from anything. I love my best friend, but am I romantically/sexually attracted to him, no! We’ve both agreed that we’re platonic soulmates. I love music, my biggest passion. I love music with all my heart, and that’s what i’m going to do with my life. I’m hopelessly devoted to music.

    I may not love myself, maybe its because all my love goes to my friends, music, and fandoms. And that’s ok 🙂

    Thank you Daniel, you are seriously so freaking amazing. I mean it; scout’s honor 🙂

  • Matthew Carroll

    Hey Daniel, I just read your latest blog post and it meant so much to me. Im experiencing this new feeling of longing and want for this boy who i know will never love me back the same way i love him and im finding it so hard to move on, but after reading your blog, i feel more confident about a brighter future for myself and that ill be able to move on find someone who will love me as much as ill love them, because like you said! (Theres plenty of fish in the sea). Im such a huge fan of you and you make the hardest of times and the times where i feel like the world is just crumbling around me survivable and that theres hope for something better. I love you so much and i really hope you read this. Love, your devoted fan, Matthew <3 Twitter: @MatthewC000

  • Anna Haws

    Daniel you are so inspiring❤️

  • Danielle

    There is this person that I love. They never seem to leave my mind and I always find myself thinking of them. I’m pretty close to them for what our relationship is considered. Whenever I talk to them, I always seem to stumble my words and I always seem to have a stupid smile on my face right after. But when you know the person will never love you back, it breaks you. You feel as if your heart was ripped out of your chest and stomped on 500 times. Your heart can inly take so much…

  • Hawi

    I used to have like, a big group of friends at school, but they cut me and another girl out. And for a while I was really sad, but then I realized that with being sad I wouldn’t get them back. And now I’ve found other amazing people via the internet.

    Ps. AMEN.

  • Lauren

    The part where you talked about loving a friend is so completely true. I used to be the happiest person you could image, until I found out that my two best friends basically planned on ditching me as a friend. They told me all of this stuff to change about myself before we could continue being friends, and that’s not okay. I had to let them go, and that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life. I became so depressed that I cried 24/7 and got severe anxiety. I realized that all of that happened because I cared so much. But it’s so important to take toxic people out of your life. I’ve now realized that and I’ve never been this happy!

  • Julia

    First and foremost English is not my first language so this may not make a whole lot of sense I apologize now.
    So me and my best friend Katie went to my friend jared’s house to watch RuPaul’s drag race one of are other friends had seen it yet and he just had to see it was Willems season.
    we play a drinking game I got absolutely wasted I asked Katie to call my mama and tata
    Let them know that I was staying at Jared’s house she never ga let them know that I was staying at Jared’s house she never did why she didn’t call them I’ll never know I got into a whole lot of trouble with my parents they had tried to calling me over hundred times I didn’t answer my phone they were worried sick call because I was too drunk to call . I lost my parents trust my best friend all in one all in one day. I have never had an alcoholic beverage since May never will Heather really dramatic things happened that night too don’t want to talk that’s my story sorry it’s one big long Run on sentence

  • Jane

    Well on the brighter side we grow so much as a human, learn to love ourselves even more that when we look back we actually become thankful to those times which made us a better person.



  • Love your words Daniel. I’ve unfortunately (or fortunately?) never been in love. I have loved family members and friends a whole lot though. It can be hard losing friends and family that you love. The hardest for me has been losing friends that I love that I know I must lose. I’ve grown close to many people but realized in the end they weren’t adding anything to my life that was positive, only negative. Although I did love them and wanted them to be happy, them being a part of my life was not what I wanted. It was the hardest thing cutting off someone I once cared for so much. But I realized that it’s ok to miss people that you NEED to cut off. It’s a part of the process. One day you’ll look back and realize that your life is so so much better without them and vice versa. Thanks for your advice and words Daniel. You’re the best.

  • Colleen

    I have had all of those experiences too. I have lost friends, only to have been reunited years down the road. I have only thought I was in love once, but he didn’t feel the same about me. Now I have a fiancé and we are getting married next year. I am so happy that you have that storybook love now too. Thank you for your blog because I can relate to your stories.

  • sneha

    This brought back so many suppressed memories ! ! the hardest part for me has been letting go of a friend so we could grow and be better versions of us ! but I always hold onto the memories and now I’m happy to tell I have that person back in my life and its the best ! I found myself again when I decided to loose myself ! -sneha

  • Eliad Backlin

    When i read the part "if you can’t love yourself you cant love someobe eals" i know that feeling cause i have never love my self. I have hate myself all the time but now i know why. I am born in wrong body. I was born as a girl but i want to be a boy so bad. I can’t even see in a mirror whitout to hate myself more. And i din’t know how to love or how it feels.
    Ps. I like when you wrote texst i always be so happy

    • jayla

      Omg I feel you I really wanna be a boy. I het judged for being boy-ish. I really wish I could

  • Lily Swarup

    Loving yourself is the most difficult thing. I have never been in a relationship with anyone but I have loved my friends and been broken may times. I never had a good relationship with my dad he is an alcoholic and the mental abuse is to much. After all these years and after all the things I that I went through I realised that everyone in the world is going through something or another and i even realised that what ever happend was for my good and i am a better person now I realised before loving someone else I should love my self .Till last year I was in depression but somehow I found Joey’s channel and started watching his vedios, well he doesn’t know how much he has changed me and helped me .Everything you guys ever shared just gave me hope that someday everything will be fine .Thank you so much Danial I love you and Joey

  • Jayla

    Tbh…I’m still a little to young to know what love is to feel it. Ive always had love for pizza, but never a person. I’m too afraid of getting my heart broken. I might try and find love later. I think I’m going to try and love myself a little more first😊

  • Katelyn

    Amen sister !

  • Oliver

    Love can be fickle, even when it’s with yourself.

  • Markus Autio

    Love you too.

  • Emily Rodriguez 👑

    Love you too allways looking forward to your blog💕👑👑👑👑

  • Edwin Saw

    I have a crush on one of my best guy friend( I’m gay or bi I’m not sure), but he is straight. I tried everyday to get over him, but it didn’t work. But after reading this, I thought I’m the only one going through this. Can anyone give me some advise please.😌

  • Brittany Renee

    He’s right it isnt easy, but no matter how much it hurts, you will get through it, he promises im sure, and so do i (love you too daniel and joey too #janielforlife)

  • Chatrik Mangat

    Ps:Loving yourself shouldn’t be confused with vanity coz if you are like " I’m the best and your the pest" kind of a person… Say bye bye to your true love then and there!

  • Bird_of_prey91

    Love you ❤️

  • Annelise Palacio

    I recently had to end a 10 year friendship because the person was a toxic negative person. It was very difficult but I feel that it was necessary.

  • Lena

    I think the most difficult love in my life is the love of self. I tried many times to love yourself, sometimes it worked. In moments when I hated myself, I was very bad and painful. At the moment I’m working on it. But still I do not feel confident. I do not feel support. A very difficult period in my life … And you, Daniel, help me. Your advice, your story. Thanks to them, I have to re-learn to love and live. Just thank you for what you have. I do not know what I would do without you.

    With love❤️

  • Gareth Fivaz

    I Have lost one of my best friends, we have been friends for about 7 years and i was so blinded at the time that i did not see the type of person she really was, which makes me sad. We used to be so close, used to do everything together and now just hearing her name makes me so sad and angry. But i guess like you said "we grow stronger". Thank you for your inspiring Words. Much Love to you and Joey.

    Love from South Africa xxxxx

  • Lizzy Nicholson

    The greatest lesson I’ve learned so far has come out of my first relationship, and that is the importance of developing a relationship with yourself. I lost who I was because my sole focus was loving someone so intensely and putting every last need of theirs before mine. It got to the point where I let his mood directly affect me, I became pretty depressed. Looking back now I see how toxic that relationship was for me, and I wonder how I ever put up with it. However, I’m glad it happened because I learned to be there for myself and appreciate who I am. People will always leave you but the one person who has no choice but to stay…is you. So learn to love and understand yourself first, and then perhaps when that special person comes into your life it’ll be nothing but happily ever after.

  • Camille Conté-Sékou

    This is the first post I read, and it’s so freakin’ beautiful, you’re so lovely. I think your blog is my new fav’. Love you from France.

  • Marianna Delawder

    I literally cried while reading this, I have a crush on my best-friend Addison and I recently came out as bi-curious and this really helped because after my first relationship failed, Addie and I decided to take things slow and it’s going well. Thnx Daddy. I love u <3 You really helped me through a lot. You got me through a lot of tough times in my life that nobody could help me with so again, Thnx Daddy and tell Daddy Joey that I said HI. Love u<3

  • isabella gardner

    I remembered a break up I went through not that long ago it was horrible but when I read this it gave me hope thank you Daniel xxxxxxx

  • Fany

    I really like the way you write and hope that you keep doing it. Good luck with this blog 🙂

  • Amani

    You are literally an inspiration. Love you lots 😘😘💕

  • Eris.💖

    Daniel thank you for loving me & being the only person that has. Ilysm.😭😍💖

  • Kylie

    I don’t really know what to say..this post was beautiful. I wanted to say that im pansexual. Only my best friend knows and yeah. I would appreciate if you could help me with coming out like officially. Thanks for reading this. – Love, Kylie (a fellow supporter and LGBTQ+)

  • Zara


  • J_Squared37

    I can so relate. In the last 2 years i have had two break ups where i cried for a week and was depressed for several weeks. Watching you and joey on YT has made me believe in true Love and that fairy tales can still happen. Really all I want is a Happily ever after.

  • danielle

    You are my only love daniel lysfm

  • Sophie Berkeley


  • Sophie Berkeley

    janiel 👬😍

  • Mei Baad

    This spoke so true for me. I can relate to this. From my past relationships I can honestly say it’s really hard but you learn to move on and grow from it.

  • Sophie Berkeley


  • Courtz Isabella

    I’m scared to love someone because I am afraid of we break up. I have heard so many bad stories about boys that I am afraid altogether to date them. I am also slightly terrified to get too close to them because I don’t want to have a relationship with them. It’s wierd I know but I’m only young. I go to an all girl school because I am afraid of having a relationship with boys. I know that is very weird but I’m sure I’ll get over it someday. P.s I love u x

  • Alina Nieto

    This blog hit home with me. I can relate so much to this. You’re an inspiration to everyone ❤️

  • Anna Kovera

    I love to read your thoughts, because they’re so close to mine and so well structured.
    I guess I’ve had all kinds of love and loss, you’ve mentioned, except the true one (fairy-tale love). I can totally understand the lines about losing a friendship, it was the worse time for me, cause I broke up with two my best friends and a boyfriend in a month or so. It was really painful.

    Thank you for sharing you with us.
    Wish you real castles instead of air ones (cause you as a prince deserve them)

  • the girl in veil

    Loved your words. They made me feel optimistic :))
    Right now I have a love story with my parents and luckily i won’t ever lose it. Yes, AMEN 🙂

  • Shawn Doran

    A friend of five years recently let my best friend and I go. Instead of telling us face to face, she separately sent me and my best friend the same text. Copy-paste is a great thing. It hurt to be let go like that, but it hurt even more knowing she cared so little about us. She had already let go an moved on, but my friend and I are still hurting. That said, I definitely needed to read this blog post.

  • ece ilgin

    okay i experienced both of these feeling my best friend moved to another country this was so hurtful we are not close anymore i let her go i cried a lot but now i healed im ok….
    I had a crush for like 3 years to one guy and he said he likes me back thank god we didnt date cause i find out he actually likes my friend not me i remember when his older sister said ‘she is so ugly you shouldnt date with her you should date with her friend’ this was the most hurtful comment i’ve ever heard but she was right Im UGLY,SHORT and FAT yes i hate myself but i can love somebody else i just cant love myself i mean who likes me this is ridiculous until 3 months ago i never thought i will love someone i met w him he makes me really happy sometimes im feeling like he likes me too but NO NOBODY LIKES ME! whatever thats all i really love you Daniel thanks for this blog <3

  • Alina Dw

    Aw daniel. Your words always inspire us ♡♡ I’m currently in a wonderful love story with my boyfriend . And let me tell you, what a story it is. Can’t wait to continue it and see how the story progresses ♡ :3

  • Lior


  • Sami Blake

    My name is Sami and I had this best friend. Him and I did everything together he was like my brother. He was the most important person to me. Sooner or later all we did was fight. We couldn’t be in the same room with each other for more then an hour without something going wrong. I cut him out of my life last week because he was so toxic to me. He hurt me more then he helped me. It still hurts loosing a close friend but reading this made me feel better about letting him go. In the end it’s going to help me. Thank you and love you so much! <3

  • Malene Holst

    I loved and had to let go of my boyfriend/best friend. I still love him, more than anything I’ve ever loved, which is why letting go probably hurts so bad. I hurt him badly and he hurt me.. then he moved on and I had to accept that, because I felt so sorry for causing him pain and I can see that he’s in a great place in his life right now.

  • Katelyn

    "I have loved friends so much that when we outgrew our friendships, it was some of the worst pain I have ever experienced," The one part of this that stood out the most. I am going through it right now and it is really hard.. love this post <3

  • Emma Dalby

    So inspiring.
    Love is whatever we make of it.
    It is unconditional and beautuful.
    It is loving someone for who they are and not who you want them to be.
    Loving all their imperfections and your own imperfections.
    Loving the silence you have when no one is talking when you’re together.
    Love is for anyone or anything.

  • Zeek

    You’re more talented than joey makes you out to be on his vlogs #thisblogseverything

  • Vanessa

    I have just recently lost one of my friends. We were best friends for eight years but then I transferred to a different school and we both found new friends. However, we still hang out and our friendship grew stronger. But when she eventually decided to transfer to my school that was the time when things got difficult because she became best friends with a person that bullied me since I got to that school and she started making fun of me, too. She obviously didn’t have a big problem with hurting me and not being friends with me anymore but for me it was hard losing her because eight years of friendship are a pretty long time for me and I trusted her.
    P.S. thank you for this blog <3

    • Zariyah J.

      Well, she wasn’t worth it. She turned out to be your friend of eight years, but also turned out to be someone fake towards you. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t dwell on people that have hurt you the most because guess what, she wasn’t worth it. Friends aren’t suppose to hurt you, and btw you’re amazing and she was just a waste of your amazing time.

  • Laura

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’ve only dated one boy (cuz I just turned 13 two days ago) in January but broke up ten days later cuz he was a f***boy (excuse my language but it’s true) I was kinda sad but now I’m better😝😘

  • Melissa

    Well I had a girlfriend and she broke up with me two months ago because she "doesn’t want a relationship right now.". Then my best friend told me, that she’s with my Ex.

    I was really heartbroken, but not for my Ex, but for my best friend. I miss her but I can’t have her in my life right now, it hurts so much to look at her and I Need to finally let go even tough I know she misses me too, but that friendship wouldn’t be good for me..

    Ps: I’m glad you found the right Person for you Daniel! I wish you all the luck in the world

    Love you ♥

  • Zariyah

    I don’t really know if I’ve ever loved someone. I don’t know what love feels like. I’ve always been told that you’re suppose to love your parents and you’re suppose to tell them you love them, and I do.. But I don’t really know what that feels like. I just feel like i’m forced to say it. Can you help me?

    PS: I love your blog, so proud of you.

  • Margot03s

    It’s so beautiful😱💙 Love from France

  • Anastasia

    I’ve experienced how it’s paintfull to loose your best friend. I moved to another country and I miss her every single day

  • Felicia cangelosi

    Me and my once best friend did everything together, until she made another friend that didn’t like me.😞. After a week she stopped talking to me all together. Then I found myself sitting at lunch by myself at an empty table.i thought I could just make a new best friend but for me it wasn’t that easy. I began not talking to anyone and not trying in school which was a bad idea. Then I refused to even leave the house. I was depressed. Realizing I had lost my best friend that I loved more then anyone made me hate myself. This led to self harm.😢. it felt like I had nothing to live for anymore because since I sat alone people started bullying me, until I refused to go to school. I eventually realized that I needed to get over the fact that my best friend wasn’t really a true friend and find someone else. I started going to school again and started talking to as many people as I could. After a while I found myself with a group of friends that are always there for me no matter what. And my new friends expect me for who I am even after I told them my depression story. I love all my friends so much and don’t know what I would do without them!❤️

    P.s. Watching joeys videos made a huge impact on me when I was "sick" and I thank him greatly for making me smile when I was in the worst place❤️ I remember that I would just wait all day for him to post a video!You and Joey both saved my life and I wanted to give you a huge THANKS bc without you I wouldn’t be here today.

  • Karin

    I live in South Africa and a few years ago my best friend moved to England. It still hurts but we talk all the time. True friendships will survive the test of time and space

  • Elicia Jayne

    Last year me and my best friend got close, real close. So I decided to open up to her a bit more abiut how I felt and she didn’t like that side too much, so we fell out.
    It was after we stopped spending every moment together I realised how much love I had for her and it hurt like hell.
    But now i’ve patched things up and I feel like any day soon I could tell her exactly what she means to me, maybe.

  • _Mia_Is_Random_

    A couple years ago, i had 2 best friends. They were fun and we hung out alot… Separately. They didnt get along as well. That went on for awhile until the finally warmed up to each other and became friends. But some things started going in my life and i told them about it. One was pretty supportive, while the other one was stand-offish. Of course the stand-offish one was rich in a big house and a picture perfect family, while i, was not. She believed she could act better than everyone else because of this, so she did. I started getting invited to less and less things that they did together till one day i confronted them. This got them all mad and angry at me and one day i asked myself if they really were my friends, they werent. But now ive met 3 amazing best friends who are always there for me. I still have to deal with the mean girl who just starts stuff about me, but i know its okay, cause i have 3 amazing friends who will always back me up!

    (I watch Joeys videos all the time! I love seeing you and Joey doing stuff, that sounds weird… I hope you know what i mean lol. But, It helps me stay happy cause i know that you guys have been through some stuff too. But here you guys are! Happy and living life to its fullest! I hope i can be like that someday…. Thank you! @ Mia_Is_Random )

  • Robby Sewell

    I met one of my the best friends I’ll ever have in a an acting class and we live in two different cities that are a drive a part. But anyways, we can’t hang out much ever because it’s a hastle and we’re always too busy. We text every so often but he’s stopped for awhile. The reason he’s so important to me is because he taught me to love myself, be confident, and not care what people say. And we’re both really relatable because we’re both gay and we understand each other in situations other people can’t. He’s the first person I ever met who’s my age and is like me. I really miss him. But because I knew him, I’ve been been changed for the better and I’ll never forget him.

  • Ben Bertini

    I have had a relationship with a boy three years ago; my first crush, love, and heart broke. He played me like a peon in his game; whenever he needed to raise his ego, I was always there for him. But I was, and still, pretty foolish, thinking he was doing his best in loving me back. After five months we’ve started dating, I came across my F*UCKING BEST FRIEND AND HIM were flirting over text for like two weeks. It broke me, knowing that I couldn’t trust him, or my best friend.
    I had never told anyone about him and me at that time, because he didn’t anyone to even suspect that he wasn’t straight. On the other hand I had come out to most of my closest friends as bisexual, but never told them we were dating, except to my best friend.
    I became really antisocial, I couldn’t trust anyone, and neither he nor my best friend talked to me when I told them I’ve found out about them betraying me. I started to self-hurt, to not even wanting to go to school, because I’d see them there, I stop studying at all, my grades dropt. The only thing I kept on was writing and playing piano, the two only things that kept me down to earth, my anchors, my saviors
    And now, three years later, I’ve found new friends, I started to talk to him last year and we’re sort of friends. And I haven’t let him go, I just can’t stop and can’t help what I feel for him. I think I’m slowly getting over it, but it has been three years, and I’m still stuck with these feelings. He has a boyfriend now, and he told me he was sorry, and I think he was pretty sincere about it. But still, he confuses me very much till today. He makes my life a mess hahaha.

    You and your boyfriend, Daniel, always made my day whenever I felt sad about this stuff or other. I really can’t thank you enough.
    I love you so much

  • Gabby Beauvais

    Awe Daniel. Your words are always so inspiring and help me get through my day! Keep up the great work!! Love Gabby <3

  • Lola

    We’ve been best friends for almost 6 years, I love him to death and he loves me too, he’s about to leave town for 4 years to go to uni and I’m so sad that I’m not going to have him 3 minutes away form my house but miles and miles away, I’m so happy for him but at the same time I don’t want him to go.
    It hit me really hard the part where you said "you need to let people go, in order for them to become the person they were meant to be" I am learning to accept the fact that he’s leaving, cause I know he’ll come back.
    Ps. I’m loving the blog so far! I love the way you write!
    Sending you love all the way form Mexico xxx

  • CrystalLolli

    Daniel ur blogs r really inspiring and it also encourage me to not give up that easy:) we all deserve what we like and there are no rules against that we should love each other the same as we love ourselves because in everyone’s heart, there is a certain courage waiting to set free someday soon, it could possibly be a fairytale or maybe…DESTINY would guide you to the person we deserve most in life😇❤️
    Love as always xoxo

  • CrystalLolli

    Daniel ur blogs r really inspiring and it also encourage me to not give up that easy:) we all deserve what we like and there are no rules against that we should love each other the same as we love ourselves because in everyone’s heart, there is a certain courage waiting to set free someday soon, it could possibly be a fairytale or maybe…DESTINY would guide you to the person we deserve most in life😇❤️
    Love as always xoxo

  • Georgia

    Daniel I love your blogs and will keep on reading them cause they inspire me and now I will learn to love my self they way I am cause I am genuinely struggling right now so thanks Daniel xx

  • Natalie Nantais

    I’ve had to end a friendship before, I’ve also had those friendships where you were best friends then for one reason or another you just grew apart, you found new friends, a new group of people, didn’t have classes together, moved etc. I’ve had some toxic friends in the past that I’ve let go of, it was just growing apart/finding new friends, I’m thankful that those friendships ended because I like to think that if I would have stuck around them I would be a different person and have a different life. I remember one time in elementary school a group of girls they were a grade above me, I was in the 5th and they were in the 6th grade and at my elementary school the grades were combined (1&2, 3&4, 5&6). Anyway they told me that if I sat with them hung out with them and made an effort to "fit in" to their niche, then I could be friends with them. I didn’t like the thought of having to change who I was in order to be friends with someone and I respectively declined. 2 years ago I had to end a friendship with someone who I was friends with for about I don’t know 9 or 10 years, we’re friends since elementary school. We would get in fights all time in elementary and middle school to the point of me being in tears and thinking to myself I’m never talking to her again. She wasn’t a very good person, she was judgemental, racist, rude, negative, the type of girl who would talk about how much she hates someone behind their back and then be all nice and sweet when they saw that person, so she was two-faced. She was the friend who would always come to me for advice and I’d always be there and help her the instant she needed me, give her the best advice possible but I wouldn’t get the same thing in return. What would bother me is everything she would ask for advice, I’d give it to her but she would never take it. Then come crying back to me saying I was right and she should have listened to me. I tried cutting her my life many times, but I’d always come right back. It’s like that girl who can’t stop going back to a relationship withat a terrible boyfriend who cheats on her, and every time she would go back she’d say he’s change he really loves me and all that bullshit. Yeah I was that girl but with my best friend. She’d go hang out with a group of friends and never invite me, she’d ask to hangout with me but only when wad bored, she’d get me to fight her battles for her and cuss out someone for her an I hated it. There was a time when her and I went to small Justin Bieber concert and she talked about how he was coming on tour here again and that she was taking me with her and blah blah blah. Then the time came around and she got tickets, even won a meet and greet and took her other "best friend" with her. That hurt me so bad. I didn’t think I’d be friends with her again after that but I did. The next time Justin came to town she got tickets again and said I was going then decided to take other people, and as it turned out I actually got to go with her because her sister backed out last minute. We went to the same community college and I would give her rides everyday and she would plan her schedule around mine so I could give her rides to and from school. Then she would use me and my car for rides else where like going to lunch or the mall, or her ex boyfriends house to see his sister that she was best friends with. There was a time when I was going through a devastating loss of my best friends mom who died from cancer, I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning. I would wake up later than I should have get to her house a little late and then drive to her school. I might have got her late to her class once or twice, but if we were running late I’d drop her off so she would be on time. Then she went and told her mom I was making her late to class and her grade was dropping because of it. Her MOM Facebook messaged me about it and asked if I was fine with giving her rides. So I got pissed, I have a twitter account that is dedicated for fangirling and I went and vented about what happened on it. I was pretty sure she didn’t know about that twitter but somehow her brother found it and then her mother confronted me and then she texted me and I didn’t respond I just deleted and blocked her from everything. It’s been about 2 years since then and I’m still upset about it and I still miss her even though I know the friendship is toxic. She was the only one could I fangirling about Justin Bieber and One Direction with. She was the one who introduced to me Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Twilight, Pretty Little Liars, and Hunter Hayes. I miss all that but it’s for the better that were not friends. It was he hardest friendship breakup I’ve ever had to deal with. Wow this was really long.

  • T’aura

    Omgg this was amazing this is not my account I’m on… Its my sisters but anyways I have a question moreee than a comment if your answering them but I’ll never know until I try okay.
    So my friend (aka me) and her boyfriend have been dating for 4 years since the 7th of this month and when they first started to date she was in love with him but through out the years she felt distance from him like you know that filling like when your with him and his friends it like your part of whatever even though your not like you fill like your their and your not bored cause your with him that’s how it was in the beginning but like now when I’m with him and his friends I fill like I’m not even their I can’t look him in the eyes without wanting to cry and I want to end it but he has such a good heart and I don’t want to hurt him but I feel like while I’m trying not to hurt him I’m hurting myself and him even more than I would be if I just told him I feel this way can you please give me advice for what to do??

    P.s. my name is T’aura and it would mean the world if you could help me

  • Gabi Kenney

    This is so beautifully written. I have had to end friendships because I knew my friend was putting much effort into our friendship as much as I was and part of that was because this person was changing. This is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing <3

  • Alan Baltazar

    I think I should end my friendship with my person (Grey’s Anatomy term) because we don’ speak anymore and that’s fault of her boyfriend, I’m gay but the boyfriend is super jeaolus so she stop speaking with me so in that way he won’t be jealous anymore

  • Sarah Dunbar

    This is so Beautiful

  • Sarah

    i love this. it is so beautiful.

  • Angeline Moshonas

    Love you so much!

  • Cierra Starkel

    I love you too <3… You may not know me, in fact you don’t know me at all, but I know you. And I know that you and Joey love each other. I just always love the way you look at him. I’m sorry for your pain, and what you’ve been through although I can not compare because that is one thing I don’t know about you. But without that, you wouldn’t be where you were now.

    Love you even more and always,


  • Mack

    I feel like I’m falling in love with my best friend, this helped a lot😘

  • Jazz Brar

    Beautiful. Unfortunately I know the feeling of a person not loving you the same way you do and not letting go or moving on, it’s a tough thing to do.

  • Stephanie Tineo

    Love it, thanks Daniel! I like hearing your voice, obviously, threw the blog its awesome, totally you. I like what you said too. What stood out to me was when you said we were not meant to live in solace, which is absolutely true. I mean thats why God made an Eve for Adam. I have been having a hard time finding friends. Another line that stood out to me was that how is anyone going to love you if you do not love yourself. And that may be the reason why I’m alone, yup good ol low self esteem punching in me in the gut, but hey I will be ok. Any who keep up the good twerk.

  • priscilla

    well, I just got out of a 2 yr relationship. 1 yr of being best friends, another year of being lovers. when we were together. God, I was the happiest I’ve ever been. my whole entire life (18yrs)has felt/has been shit, I suffered from depression, suicide thoughts, hospitalized bc I got to the point where I would’ve taken my life, to being sexually harassed by my stepfather, to being bullied. everything was shit, until I met him. he was my go to person, the first guy I have ever loved. I would’ve gave him everything & now, he’s gone. I knew he stopped loving me when he stopped sending goodnight texts, or when he would go hrs/days without talking to me. to the point where I felt emotionally,mentally, & physically ill. I loved him & I still do. I miss the person he promised me he would be. our late night conversations, or when he cheered me up when I was sad & in a bad place. I just hope he’s in a better place now &a that he’s found someone else to share those feeling with. there’s so much I wish I would’ve said, but couldn’t. I’ve learned to live without him, but I sill miss him everyday. I don’t think that’ll ever change. hopefully one day.

  • Albert Caffey

    4 years of a relationship with my man, my confident, my everything. We are very happy of living a complete story, sharing our calamities, our success, our happiness and dissgraces, now we have a vlog in youtube where we are very excited to work together in a project as a couple sharing fashion videos. i would really really really love you could take a look at them someday so you could fall in love in us as we hace fallen in love with you guys. We really think you are one of the best couples and we would be extremmelly happy to meet you. Anywho, here is our channel www. Youtube.com/c/hussito

    Please give us a shot and well, as your big fan I’m personally waitinf for your next post.

    Love as much as you can. Never give up with all your dreams. Face everything that bothers you. Be that legendary warrior and enjoy life all the time


    One of your biggest fans: Albert Caffrey 🙂

  • indigo

    This is so beautiful daniel !!
    Well…This guy and I were bestfriends but not really close, I loved him alot. And when he stopped talking to me I was miserable by all means, I would see him at school and he wouldn’t notice me, and even if he did, he don’t say hello or anything. I wished that I would go back time when we were still friends and get closer. I thought that I wouldn’t ever get over him, that was a year ago.
    But now I’ve moved on and when I see him don’t even look at him twice. It just takes time, I was in love with him for 2 years.

    • 0405

      I’m sorry

    • Daniel Preda

      Indigo, this happened to me once, it was the worst feeling. Just know that it passes, keep busy and learn to love YOU and your friends, you will be just fine. xoxox

  • Gabriella Montez

    This was beautiful…I have experienced a similar situation. We were friends for a very long time. When we became more than friends it was, of course, wonderful at first, but when we broke up it was impossible to go back to just friends.

    • Daniel Preda

      Sometimes you just have to let go so they can be the person they are meant to become!

  • Iola Grubb

    This is beautiful Daniel! Tears were starting to fall.

  • Katie Mirza

    Dear Pig,
    Thanks Daniel, this has helped me so much of understanding about love and knowing when to let go. I personally have not been in a relationship yet but I always get scared that I won’t find the love of my life like you and Joey. I need your advice Daniel, how do I know when I’m in lovewith someone? And how do I know if he is the true love I’ve been waiting for? Love ya pig!

    Katie Mirza

    • Daniel Preda

      Hey Katie,

      It’s not hard to know. I think the moment I knew is when I realized, "I would do anything for this person even if I get nothing in return, my happiness is that they are happy" – love isn’t one-sided, it is two people coming together and acting as one. You will know the feeling when it comes, and when it does, it will be the right time and place.

  • Mehda Gyal

    Amen :p

  • Irina Grankina

    Hey Daniel,
    That so good, thank you too much
    I just wanna to say, that my love lives too far from me and it’s hard don’t to see your love, couldn’t touch her, but I think, that if you love smbd nothing can destroys your relationships.
    Also, i don’t know what I should do with my BF, ’cause we’re like no friends anymore at all! She just ignoring me and I think, that is exactly these situation wen you have to let go people…

    Again, thank you too much! Love you <3

    Irina Grankina

  • Estefania1974

    After reading this you’ve open my eyes to a new world, i will start loving myself. But i hope you give advise to how to love yourself without judge or to have the need to correct imperfections. You and Joey have made a big impact in my life, you guys have saved me, all the love you’re admirer<3

    • Daniel Preda

      Love you!

  • Morgan

    I have a friend and I love her more than anything in the world, or at least I used to. I met her in my freshman year and we were inseperable to the point where people thought we were dating. There were two major times when we had what some could call a breakup it was so serious. Yet, we still kept coming back together. We are great now but she’s so different than she was two years ago. Is it awful that I fought so hard for this relationship to work again, but now I don’t know if I want to be around who she has become?

    • Daniel Preda

      Morgan, try communicating with her and being open on these changes that bother you so much. Your quality will show if you fight to keep the friendship, and there is no way she can know what she’s doing if she is not aware. Good luck! xoxo

  • Leslie

    You are such an amazing person, You have a great heart and I’m so glad you and Joey met each other you both are so perfect for each other! I’ve had a relationship once and it was probably one of the worst even tho it was my first, Everything was just completely wrong with it and we both never clicked he cheated on me so many times and since I was so blinded with "Love" I just kept going back to him and eventually we ended everything and now I have never been happier just by myself, and doing me until the right person comes along. But Daniel thank you for being amazing ❤️

    • Daniel Preda

      Learning to love yourself can be so empowering and amazing, thank you for your kind words and I am so happy you are comfortable now with being by yourself. All my love to you.

  • Levi

    I’m transgender, male, and it’s gotten to the point where no one understands me. I almost feel like I can’t find love, cause no one understands my insecurities and because of that, I can never be comfortable.. But thank you Daniel, for putting my hopes up. Maybe it will happen one day, the world may never know.

    • Daniel Preda


      So proud of your strength, you have already dealt with so much, never give up. Your happiness is close, just continue to be you, always, cause you are so amazing. xoxox – D

  • Fabiola

    I had a best friend… We were really close , we grew up together and told each other everything. Life broke us apart a few months ago. I’m still sad, but your wise words made me feel a bit better. I guess we weren’t made for each other and I have to let her go. I love you Daniel and thanks for putting a smile in my face after a long time

    • Daniel Preda

      So sweet of you! It’s hard when life gets in the way, but you will be stronger because of it. I love you! xoxo

  • Frankie Harte

    These words give me strength to move on, Daniel. it’s so magical!
    I was in love with my friend almost two years. I was trying to make his life better, I always supported and helped him in everything. You know, I just wanted him to be happy. Sometimes it seemed to me that my feelings are mutual, because he was very nice to me. We communicated a lot and we were spending so much time together. But he didn’t love me the way I did and when I finally realized it, my heart was broken. It took me almost two years to realize that I’m wasting my time on someone who doesn’t care. Now I’m just moving on. I feel very free from all this shit and I’m really happy about it.
    And you and your words give me hope that one day love will find me and it will find all of us. I believe in it, I really do!

    Thank you so much again, Daniel.
    Love you ♥

    • Daniel Preda

      This is a beautiful story, you will find that person one day, I promise!

  • :)

    Love it Daniel. You words are beautiful. I’ve never been into a relationship before but I had to let go two friends. The reason? I felt like I was the only one interested in the friendship when they didn’t even make an effort to send me a message asking me if I was okay 🙁 but now I am surrounded by good people so I’m happy! Anyway, I wish they were still my friends but how you said, I cannot force anyone to want me.

  • Sam

    I really appreciated this blog post Danny boy! I’ve had to cut many toxic people out of my life and this year I lost a lot of friends this year. High school changes people and it made me realize who my true friends were, it’s been difficult but this article really make me have high hopes for the future. I hope you keep this blog going

  • Juliana

    Honestly, Daniel’s blog just makes me happy. Happy I can read it, happy he can share things, etc. Hope you keep this going.
    jk Juliana

  • Or

    Hey Daniel, first of all it was great blog, I loved it.
    And I also wanted to sher my story, one of them, so, I had best friend and she became my girlfriend(I’m a girl) I loved her more than I love myself. I gave her everything!! And after half year together suddenly I had to move to Canada with my family. We tried to make it happened, I tried so hard to keep continued give her everything she wanted and be for her like it was before. She made me leave my family and come back to her, and little bit before I came she told me she cheated on me with somebody(a boy)
    But she promised that she wants me and she’ll be with me, and I came back alone, and she didn’t 🙁 and even when she said that our friendship important more than any relationship she doesn’t have been there.(I staied apart from my family for a year and half and without her) Almost 2 years passed, I found some love(boys.’cause I can’t see myself loving a girl again, only her,she was special) and it also ended up very fast
    But I also still miss her a lot.
    So this is my story, I hope to be loved again soon and always remember that it’s get better thank you, love you so much ❤️
    (And I’m sorry about the English mistakes)

    • Or


  • Alone

    Hi ummm this inspired me to let go of a friend and it is hard but I know I will come back stronger in the end I want to thank you for helping me daniel

  • anonymous

    This is a great article. This truly helped me let go of some old friendships that hurt me deeply.


  • Mikky

    Wow!! Brought a tear to my eyes x I have both lost and let go of very special people is my life and reading this really made me feel amazing, knowing that someone else has gone through it aswell x Thanks MRPREDA you are amazing in every way keep doing what you are because clearly it is inspiring many xx

  • Ellen Slijkoort

    Hii Daniel!

    I usually never react on anything but this is such a powerful blog post and by the way a beautiful written one. I can relate to most of it and it even helped me a little, it’s really a source of inspiration. I’d like to share a short story of my own… since you asked 😉

    About 4 years ago I was mostly spending my time behind my laptop because all the attention went to my big sis because of her mental illness. At the time I didn’t really spend much time worrying about that, I thought it was normal since I grew up that way. That all changed when this girl; Hélène. I fell in love with her at first sight. I think you just know when you love someone when you see them.

    She made me feel special, loved and cared for, she gave me so much I never had. The first 2 years were into the relationship were truly magical, she was my everything. But when she started to go out more with friends and spending less time with me, I became really insecure. I was starting to feel like that little girl behind her laptop again. It scared me so much to the point I drove her and myself crazy, I didn’t know how to coop with the feeling of being alone, this was the biggest reason of our break-up. We were not building each other up anymore, it was time to move on. When she left me after a relationship of 3 years straight I had no friends left and nobody to talk to besides my mom. It was my turn to make myself happy now.

    It’s true; you have to learn how to love yourself first before loving anyone else. I’m very lucky that my mom helped me find my way to friendships again. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in order to experience new things and meet new people. I’m even going to LA this summer, first time in an airplane, first time outside of Europe and first time going on a long vacation on my own. But I love it and I truly am starting to find myself again. If I see you in LA I’ll say hi and give you a big hug because you are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you for all the laughs you gave me at my happiest and toughest days.

    Lots of love,
    From the Netherlands

  • Eryn

    A few months ago my best friend of two years decided to cut me out of her life. It was and still is the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I don’t understand how we could go from being the people that know each other more than anyone to now being almost like strangers. I don’t know what I did to upset her and make her cut me out. I guess that’s what bugs me the most not knowing. Plus even months later there hasn’t been a day where u haven’t thought her. And we have the same friends so seeing her randomly is so awkward. But at least she doesn’t totally hate me right? We have rending meaningless convos when our friends are around. Ugh help I feel like I lost a part of me.

    • Sara

      I’ve lost important friendships as well, I’ve cried and felt horrible, but you’ll heal, or at least you won’t feel that bad after all and give it a year perphaps, you’ll start to appreciate the good times you had together, it will remain like a good memory. You’ll find new ppl, new friendships, be open enouh to see them and your heart will be happy again.

  • Aylin

    Love you too daniel

  • kat

    I love you Daniel!! thanks for being the best advice-giver I’ve had in a while.

  • Jose Navarro

    Reading this made me so happy because I can relate to the pain you’ve experienced. It makes me glad to see there’s a celebrity I can truly relate to as I also love writing and I’m also into fashion!

    My story of love and loss… I’m currently 19 and I’ve really only had 3 relationships that didn’t work out and left me feeling completely and utterly devastated at the end. Well, not all 3 were relationships, but they did leave a major impact on me and I do want to share them aha. The first time I got into a relationship ever was during my Senior year of high school. Sometime during February 2014, this guy and I have been talking in class and over text. He said he was bored and wanted to hang out with me over the weekend because I seemed really cool. I went along with the idea because I thought he was cool too. We went to the mall to watch a movie-which I didn’t even like- and had some froyo together. We had a good time together and we stayed until it got dark, so we had to call our parents to pick us up soon. It wasn’t a very popular mall, so it felt like we were the only ones there at night. Right before he left, he gave me this huge and tight hug out of no where and started confessing his feelings to me. His words started to shake and he took his time to say how he really felt about me. After talking about what just happened, I wanted to give him a chance, so I agreed to be his boyfriend. After a week later, he broke up with me because he was confused about his sexuality. I was basically devastated and obsessed over him, trying to get him back, but it didn’t work. If he wanted to be back with me, then he would have. I didn’t get over him until almost 2 years later in January 2016 when I got my third boyfriend. I met the second guy on Grindr in 2015. They were all really interesting relationships but they ended the same; all dumping me. Each rejection has made me stronger and wiser at least. The guy I met in January 2016? I got over him over a few weeks instead of years or months this time. He’s no longer an obsession or on my mind as often. I guess I’ve learned to not let my heart get too attached to the point I get hurt. Each of the 3 guys I met were great but they ultimately hurt me in the end. I guess explaining all 3 would be a lot, but they all taught me something and I’m grateful to have met them.

    I’m glad I found you and I hope to read more your life! Thanks for reading this (:

  • Franklin

    Hey Daniel,
    Reading this makes me reflect on so many how many times I’ve had to let go when the going got tough. I have fallen for my straight best friend, got crushed, fell for another straight guy, got broken, met a gay guy, literally got cheated on. And I confess it’s hard sometimes, to want a certain love and not have it. It hurts a bit but I am trying to handle it. Work is something that has given me a break from my thoughts plus an amazing support system from my mom has really given reason to move forward.
    Am I alright? Am not. Will I be okay? Am not sure. Am I going to be better and stronger? I sure as hell hope so.

    Thank you Daniel. Joey and you remind me that all is not lost. And I am going to hold on to that promise.


  • Emily Harris

    Another awesome blog!!keep it up

  • I completely understand what you refered to as far as friendships. I had the same best friend for 10 years ever since kindergarten. One day she just stopped talking to me, stopped calling wouldn’t text back I was totally lost as to what I did. About a month later she called to tell me she felt like we brought out the worst in each other. I remember crying everyday about it for a couple months to be honest. On her birthday I saw all her pictures at her party with her new friends and was so sad because it was the first time I hadn’t spent her birthday with her since we were 5. I still ask myself what I did, could I have done something better? Probably. But what’s done is done. Reading this helped me get a step closer to getting over it, seeing that someone else has been heartbroken by a friend shows me that it happens and I’ll make peace with it eventually. Thank you daniel.

  • Claire Smith

    I have grown up in a hard broken family. It was tough. Growing up my parents were fighting one another. My older siblings would fight with them, and one another most of the time. My little brother and I "had it easier then my older siblings did", but it never felt that way. My dad told us he wanted to divorce my mom when I was about 11 going on 12. Then that same year, our best family friend who was also my god mother and "aunt" deciphered she had type four cancer. She didn’t want to do anything because she believed it was time, that God was calling her up to heaven. She died about a year later, and my parents were divorced then too. My older siblings all got married and moved out, so we didn’t see them much. My mom, little brother, our special needs foster sister, and I all moved into a new house later in the same year. It was scary, but we made through it. My mom met a great guy, and within a year of them being together they got married and we all moved an hour and a half away from I grew up. It was hard leaving my neighborhood and the friends I made in the neighborhood (they were all adults really). I grew a lot, sort of. Learned to mature quickly and I even had a trouble time trusting to break out of my introverted shell, and to this day I still struggle with it. Life isn’t easy now either. I started public school this past August for the first time. Going in as a sophomore, but having to take biology, PE, and Health (all freshman classes) is kind of weird, everyone thinks you failed it and are re-taking or something else. Not to mention when you’re the oldest one in your grade you feel like, and you have crushes who are anywhere from a few days, months, one year, or even two years younger than you are. I wasn’t allowed to date until I was sixteen, and to a degree I’m glad I didn’t. But when I did, I through morals (sort of) out the window. I kind of really wasn’t willing to wait and rushed into a relationship within a few months of being sixteen. I regretted it. We turned out to not be very different and that we didn’t help benefit one another, we both pulled the other into bad habits that I personally was trying to break (not alcohol or drugs or sex or anything, just different things like again, introvertedness and shyness and things of that nature). Now I have crushes here and there. But I’m kind of afraid to really go for it or go into one. The long term crushes I eventually told/asked out however shot me down, which didn’t help my self-esteem because I felt like they were liking other people and not myself, and why they’d like other people and not me. I don’t know. I’m messed up in a way. Either way I’m learning from all of the heart ache so to speak. I’ve picked up on people’s cues, emotions, if they’re tolerating you or don’t like you (however I always get the feeling that over 80% of the people I do hang out with they’re all annoyed at me and are just tolerating me), and how to be very quiet. My favorite thing to do is disappear and reappear around people to scare them sometimes, because I’m so quiet and I’m 5’1" so everyone always taller then me. But I’m still constantly learning and trying to figure things out. Thank you for righting that stuff, because it helped me think a lot about how it’s okay to just not be in love or anything and just be you for the time being, and cherish friendships because they never last sometimes.
    You’re the best and I hope you live a wonderful life.
    -Claire S.

  • Julia

    Hello Daniel,
    I hope you’ll read this someday. I need to tell you, that you’re the most inspiring person I’ve ever heard, or read of. This post really did make me cry and while reading it you became more and more of a role model for me. My ultimate goal in life is to think and be like you, because being confident, loving and standing up for yourself and your decisions is the most beautiful thing in a person. I hope that oneday, I will be as strong an powerful as you are, strong enough to let go of all the things, that are toxic for me, even though I love them.

    I also wanted to say, seing how proud and happy you are with Joey is making me happy too. I hope I will be looked at in the same way as you’re looking at Joey someday.

    You are a wonderful, intelligent and inspiring person, thank you.

    Greetings from Vienna!

  • Danny Boy!
    Okay, I don’t think you read this and if you find this, don’t waste your time.
    I’d never find that kind of love, I mean, I’m only an stupid teenager but you’re so inspiring and I know that someday I’ll find true love.
    I really love the way you express your feelings, I’m really proud of you.
    And thanks for share this with us, well, makes me feel like, I don’t know, safe (? , Just a months ago I realised that I’m pansexual and I’ll come out soon.
    Te iubesc c:

    -Sorry if I don’t write in the right way, I’m honduran


      ArcticQueen_ Thats True and you guys gotta believe it XD

  • Natalie Nantais

    I had to basically break up with one of my best friends that I was friends with for about 7 years and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. It was a toxic friendship and she was a toxic person and I realized that by hanging around her I was becoming a terrible person. we were friends since elementary school I was in the 6th grade and she was in the 5th (in my elementary school we had combined grade classes) anyways when I first became friends with her, we got in a lot of fights where I would end up crying and say I’d never talk to her again. Teachers would have issues with us sometimes because we would get in these “fights” and we would be sitting at the same group of tables it was a mess. She was the kind of friend who would always come to me for advice and I would always give her really good advice. but she would never take my advice and then come crying back to me when I was right all along. when I would need advice or I would be on the verge of breaking down its like she wouldn’t even care, she cared more about her problems, or if she did say something it would be a one word answer which made me think she didn’t care. I stopped being her friend numerous times, but would always end up being friends with her again. Like that desperate girl that would always go back to the cheating boyfriend who treated her like shit, that was me but with my best friend. She introduced me to so much music, books, tv shows, movies, and I told her everything. I never once judged her at all, but I always felt like she would judge me. Mostly because she was the person that would act like your best friend to your face and be so nice then the minute you walked away she’d talk shit. I know this because I’ve witnessed it many times and I always wondered if she did it to me. She introduced me to Justin Bieber and took me to my frist JB concert just a small charity event. She told me he was coming back to michigan during his world tour and told me she was taking me with her. Then she met some girl that turned out to be a huge Justin Bieber fan too, ended up taking her to the concert instead of me and ended up meeting the biebs. I never felt so betrayed in my life. Yet I still continued to be her friend. I stopped being her friend again when she was on again off again with some douche bag guy that cheated on her with her so called friend. I was dealing with my own shit, and her always being miserable and not wanting to get help or get better was detrimental to me and my mental health. but then months later I felt horrible for leaving her and became her friend again. A year or so later we ended up going to the same community college and we carpooled by that I mean I would do most of the driving to school (well all of it) and her dad would sometimes drive us, and I was always promised gas money but never got any. And she would abuse me driving her to school by getting me drop her off at her aunts house, or take her to the mall during lunch break at school, or to her ex boyfriends house to see his younger sister who she was best friends with (coincidence? i think not). So there came a point in my life when I was dealing with the loss of a loved one, my best friend chey’s mom and I was heartbroken. It took me a while to get out of bed in the morning and go to school. Often times I would wake up later than I wanted and pick her up at her house and get her to school 10 minutes before she had to get to class. apparently she was late to class enough times that her grade was dropping and blamed this on me. So her MOM messaged me on facebook asking if I had any problems with giving her rides, and that her grade was dropping because she was late all the time. Apparently I was getting her late to class (which I never did) and she told her mom it was my fault. When in reality she failed a couple test thats why her grade was dropping. I ranted on a twitter account I had that was dedicated to tweeting celebrities and fangirling (I call it my fangirl account). her brother some how found it, then showed her mom who then messaged me again on facebook saying how disapointed she was in me. that was the straw that broke the camels back. I blocked her number, blocked her on twitter, removed her on facebook, removed her on instagram and never spoke to her again.I kinda miss talking to her about Justin Bieber and One Direction because none of my other friends are in to that. but I know not being her friend anymore is for the better, becaus she was a terrible person and a terrible friend. (this is really long I apologize. I have a lot of thoughts)

    • jenna green

      if you EVER need someone to fangirl with just message me ill be here! even more so if its about one direction!

      • Natalie Nantais

        Thank you! You’re so sweet 🙂

        • jenna green

          welcome and thank you

      • Natalie Nantais

        Also if you have a twitter feel free to follow me: Lil_Skyscraper

  • Star Labb

    Love always back!❤

  • Korey K.

    Girl I know it might seem hard right now. Trust me, I´m going through the same thing (actually it´s kinda worse since I´m 18) but you can´t look at it like that. The fact that you don´t have a partner shouldn´t make you sad. Btw trust me, I´ve seen it so many times, the best kind of love is the kind that you don´t look for,but the love that finds you 🙂

  • Korey K.

    Go get him, I wish you luck 🙂

  • Jahnvi Patel

    Thank you.. I have tried that.. it’s just that one moment I love him so much and the other I just hate him… I try to distract myself but that works only a couple of times.. I just can’t seem to move one even though i really want to.. but somehow my thoughts always go back to him.. my friends keep on telling me to move on form him.. but it’s damn difficult to when he’s always around me…

  • jenna green

    i had a crush on this guy that goes to my youth group at church and i let m friends in to telling him that i liked him so i wrote him a note saying that i liked him and that i hope this doesn’t change our friendship.So i let my friend give it to him but she gave it to his best friend and he read it. the next time i saw the guy i like it was awkward because we didn’t talk. After a couple of months of me and him just avoiding each other. my friend got his number because she liked his best friend so she start talking to him through my phone (cause she doesn’t have a phone cause of her parents) after i got home from church that day me and him continued talking ( he thought i was my friend) and we ended up playing truth and we have a lot of things in common. His friend (since he read the note) always makes fun of me for liking his friend. And now me and him aren’t talking anymore. (sorry that was so long. it just feel good to get it off my chest. i also don’t really know why we aren’t talking right now) if you having any advice on what i should do please help cause its hard

    • Natalie Nantais

      If he’s not okay if you liking him then he’s not a friend I’d want to keep in my life. Tell him straight up how you feel and if he doesn’t feel the same way then move along. I’ve been in weird situations like that before we’re I told a guy I liked him then things got awkward when he didn’t feel the same way. I’ve been in situations where guys were douche bags about it and I’ve been in one’s when they just don’t care or ignore you. Don’t lose faith in finding someone special. The guy I’m with now when I told him I liked him he didn’t feel the same way at the time, but we promised to remain friends. Later on down the road we started dating. Now we’ve been together for over 3 years.

      • jenna green

        thanks ill do that. that helped a lot

  • Andrew Epperson

    I needed this. I’ve recently been struggling with emotions from the last real relationship I had and it hasn’t been easy working through it.

    This really helped open my eyes and get my head going in the right direction. Thank you for these words of wisdom, Daniel.

  • Selina Martineau

    I was in love with a girl who loved me back but I had to let her go. I wasn’t in a place where I was able to give her all of me, and she deserved more than having to hide our relationship because I wasn’t out of the closet. She deserved someone who could really love her, who could hold her hand in public, and introduce her to the parents. That just wasn’t me. It’s ok now though; we’re still great friends and she’s found someone she deserves. And I’m out now… So that’s nice. I feel sad sometimes that I missed the opportunity to be with her but know we’re both better off.

  • Anthony Rosales

    Hi Daniel <3 ILY!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Mills

    first off amen. Truer words have never been spoken. I had this friend who i loved and it was pretty obvious that i liked him and because of that are friendship suffered. i waited for him hoping we would get together but the only problem was he was straight, i always hoped that would change i couldn’t help it i loved him i couldn’t change my feelings. i tried everything to keep him even acted straight but in the end i lost him as a friend, but it like you said its like a broken bone ive been able to grow and mature from that loss, there is still pain when i think of him or even see him but i know that i need to keep moving forward and find my prince.

  • Anna Faryniarz

    Oh my gosh! This made me cry!! I love it! <3 <3

  • Cambria

    The P.S. I love you at the end killed me and it was a beautiful way to end it!

  • FanGurl2143

    TBH i agree with the pizza thing

  • Cloe Hodges

    This is beautifully written thank you for your experience.

  • Julia Stackhouse

    I had my first relationship break up not to long ago, he dumped me because another girl that he like. The worst part was he wanted me back after dumping me. I had to let him go and not I am okay

  • Deep Graceffa

    Hey Daniel!!! I love your blog SOOO much!!! You’re such a talented writer and the blog is so detailed and amazing!!! I think you should write a book!!! I love you SOOO much!!!!!!

  • Charlotte Cox

    I love this blog SOOOO very much! I love it it’s so relatable I. needed, this. so. badly. Yeah I have a love and loss story. Loss: I used to have this secret bf that I kept “us” a secret about. Then I broke up with him well technically it was his fault. He was dating 3 other girls at the same time so know what I did. I said it to his face and told the rest of the girls. Now he’s probably somewhere else doing the same thing. Love: On 12/1/16 I was at the Winter Dance w/ an all boys school. I saw this cute guy and it started a war between me and my friend to get his attention. He only said Hi sorry because my action plan was to “accidently” bumped into him. Fail.

  • ilovejoeygraceffa 15

    I had a boyfriend that I was dating for two years and he broke up with for a man that was three years older than him. I was really upset but I’m happy that he found himself and what makes him happy. We are still good friends. And I love you Daniel Preda!!

  • janielgraceffax

    I have had my heart broken by this one person so many times…We were friends since the 4th grade and now we are Freshman in high school, and somewhere in between there around 7th or 8th grade we dated. I fell madly in love very quickly and thought this person was the one. We dated for a few months before i found out the person was basically cheating on me but didnt know I knew. I had to gain up the courage to break up with the person even though i was madly in love with them…a month later we got in a serious fight were she basically blamed everything on me. We then stopped talking for about 5 months, and i completely blocked her from my life. I grew depressed and full of anxiety, not only that i had built a huge wall up and wouldnt let anyone in…but yet through all of this I still loved the person and couldnt shake them from my mind. 5 months passed with out having any contact with this person besides passing them in the hallway…she came crawling back to me saying saying stuff like “i cant go on with out you by my side” and claiming she “needs” me. So me being the person I am let them back in my life and eventually dated again for about another couple months. But this time it felt like I was being used and like I was just an old toy that would eventually just get tossed to the side when a new one came…I wasn’t happy at all and I was also confused about my sexuality so once again I broke up with the person. This took place about 8 months ago and we are still pretty close friends, but since then when have gotten in many fights that always end up with me crying. I just don’t know at this point, at one moment me and this person are laughing and having a great time and then the next thing you know where screaming at each other. I dont know how to let this person go…and still after everything the person still means so much to me. The problem is I dont love myself enough to be in a relationship and im not positive on my sexuality…its just a very confusing time for me and being in my first year of high school isnt helping at all with my anxiety I am feeling a lot happier recently though… (didnt want to use the pronouns he/she or giveaway the name in case the person stumbles across this one day)…And I know you most likely wont ever read this Daniel but it was good to get everything out, Thank you <3 I love you so much!

    Twitter: janielgraceffax

  • janielgraceffax

    I have had my heart broken by this one person so many times…We were friends since the 4th grade and now we are Freshman in high school, and somewhere in between there around 7th or 8th grade we dated. I fell madly in love very quickly and thought this person was the one. We dated for a few months before i found out the person was basically cheating on me but didnt know I knew. I had to gain up the courage to break up with the person even though i was madly in love with them…a month later we got in a serious fight were she basically blamed everything on me. We then stopped talking for about 5 months, and i completely blocked her from my life. I grew depressed and full of anxiety, not only that i had built a huge wall up and wouldnt let anyone in…but yet through all of this I still loved the person and couldnt shake them from my mind. 5 months passed with out having any contact with this person besides passing them in the hallway…The person came crawling back to me saying saying stuff like “i cant go on with out you by my side” and claiming to “need” me. So me being the person I am let them back in my life and eventually dated again for about another couple months. But this time it felt like I was being used and like I was just an old toy that would eventually just get tossed to the side when a new one came…I wasn’t happy at all and I was also confused about my sexuality so once again I broke up with the person. This took place about 8 months ago and we are still pretty close friends, but since then when have gotten in many fights that always end up with me crying. I just don’t know at this point, at one moment me and this person are laughing and having a great time and then the next thing you know where screaming at each other. I dont know how to let this person go…and still after everything the person still means so much to me. The problem is I dont love myself enough to be in a relationship and im not positive on my sexuality…its just a very confusing time for me and being in my first year of high school isnt helping at all with my anxiety I am feeling a lot happier recently though… (didnt want to use the pronouns he/she or giveaway the name in case the person stumbles across this one day)…And I know you most likely wont ever read this Daniel but it was good to get everything out, Thank you <3 I love you so much!

    Twitter: janielgraceffax

  • Thank you Daniel, I am so grateful for you and the advice you give on your blogs. I have had a very hard time with a friend once in 3 grade. We the best of friends and one day she turned on me. She came the most intense and hurtful bully i have ever encountered in my life. She used the secrets i told her against me and often sent her ” new friends” on me to hurt me even more. I was on the edge of running away and ending everything, when my mom came and helped me. I was raised only by her because, well it didn’t work out between her and my dad ( to say nicely), which made me very close with her and we would always rely on each other for help. I saw her as a role model and i wasn’t wrong because she made it better. She didn’t make it a big problem with the principal, she just did what was one of the best moments on my life, she came up to my best friend and she said something like ” if you hurt my little girl again, i will make sure that you get thrown out of this school” I know a little intense but this thought me that the first person a can ever rely on is my dear mother. I will never forget that hard time in my life, and how the most closest person to my heart stood up to me.

  • Riley Donadio

    I recently ended a friendship with one of my best friends. He was my rock, and helped me through really rough times this past summer. But I soon realized that he was changing for the worst, and it was giving me a bad attitude, and making me upset. I gave him warnings and a million chances where his responses were “I just need one more day.. please”, and I would give him that one more day. Around three weeks later, I knew he wasn’t serious about our friendship, and I ended it. He didn’t take it well, but i’ve felt so free and alive since I made my decision. The first few days were difficult, but reading this blog post has given me some reassurance, so I thank you for that. Keep up your amazing work.

  • Call me Kaja

    God. I’m literally crying.


      Same. I just love his and Joey’s love story. I’m literally sobbing because they are so adorable lol

  • elaine venter

    i feel the need to talk today, so i’m just going to write…
    I’ve never believed in things like soulmates, or “the one”. I believed that you can truly love more than one person in your life, and fall in love more then once. that’s how it’s been for me, until I met her… we were together for 3 years, and go knows, she was my everything. We helped each other through so much, and have the best memories together. Long story short, things happened, life happened and with time came change. up to the point where we saw each other like once a month if not less, and i broke things off. Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Yeah no, that’s not how it worked for us. we needed each other. now, it’s been 2 years.. two years of me trying to move on, trying to be with someone else, but it keeps on feeling like i’m faking it. not a day passes by that I don’t think about her. why did I give up so quickly, why did I end it? so now maybe I do believe “the one”, and I found her, but I also let her slip through my fingers. maybe it’s because I don’t love myself anymore, maybe that’s why I can’t love anyone else… I just want to move on with my life and not constantly wonder if she’s with someone else, or if she still thinks about me, whether she still laughs when ever she sees a rabbit and think back on the day we went to the zoo… God I sound like a sad sap. So for now I’ll keep living in the stories of books, and others. It’s better then reality.

  • Zoey Foote

    This is something I have been pondering for awhile now. We as humans have the need to be close to one another. We have a great need to love and to be loved. I think that a lot of people crave that feeling so much that sometimes they force themselves into relationships that maybe aren’t the best idea. Being an uncomfortable, awkward teenager, I do this a lot. After a rough childhood I have aquired some abandonment issues and I often find myself seeking confirmation from random boys. Learning to be okay by yourself and loving yourself is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! Right now I’m trying to focus on finding me and trusting my friends to hold me up in the process. I think I’ll always struggle a little with wanting confirmation of myself. But I guess that’s the beauty of life, we have time to experience the pain and the love, hopefully all of it growing us in new ways. Thank you for your inspiring words and ideas. 🙂 Much love

  • Niamve1

    I have never felt in love and I´m so jelous when I see couples in the streets. What happens to me? I know very well, in order to be stabilized from my bipolar disorder, since I was12 years old my medications inhibite me to feel emotions at all. When I rebelled against it and stopped taking my pills, my life turned into a real craziness, hurting so many people, especially myself. So now, back to my pills andnot feeling alive. I doomed to live emotions through others, imagining how it could be. That´s why I love your story with Joey, full of feelings, chemistry, love, etc. and that´s why your my favorite because I really like your way of being, boy, full of feelings and big hearted. And don´t worry if you are sad, you are lucky because it means you are alive. I wish I could feel how you feel no matter what. My best wishes for you always, Daniel, you are so damn lucky.

  • Grace

    Well damn, here come the tears.

  • Anita

    I have loved so many but i have never been loved back. The biggest example of love i have are my friends. A small group with a heart big enough for me and all my problems. I just feel so alone most of the time because i realise that love seems to not like me but this actualy helped a lot, because now i see better than ever that all i need to do is put myself first and some day the love i have been looking for will come to me. Thanks Daniel for being such an inspiration and helpfull person. All the love in the world to you.