Mister Preda x Daniel Wellington Summer Collection


Well Hi Guys!

I’m here in Mexico and excited to be partnering with Daniel Wellington again to showcase their Classic Black collection! This collection, including a pairing of matching cuffs, is definitely one of my favorites. With finishes available in classic silver or rose gold and a comfortable nylon band, these beauties are completely timeless. From now until June 5th, Daniel Wellington is offering a free, super-comfy NATO strap with all Classic and Classy leather watch purchases. As an awesome bonus, I’ve paired up with Daniel Wellington to offer you an exclusive 15% off your order using my code MISTERPREDA15 at www.danielwellington.com ! I hope you guys enjoy the blog and let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!










  • Leonie Graceffa

    Slay my queen! That last picture is iconic 👏🏻♥️

  • Jennifer

    The last picture made me bust a nut

  • CNicosiaAnthro

    Come thru aesthetic king, the last picture is epic! My favorite watch is the gold and black watch, the contrast is sick, and definitely going to be using the code towards gifts (gotta save)! Moreover, watching you grow has truly been inspiring, keep at it! Enjoy your journey and take it wherever you want to go! Love you sir!

  • Alyssa

    My favorite is the first one, but I mean the last picture😍 ICON QUEEN!

    • Sings Dolphin

      I Agree it was my favourite ,too

  • Francesca

    Slayyy 😍

  • Brady

    I love u Daniel!!❤️❤️ Happy thanks giving❤️❤️

  • Lucy James

    Your amazing ❤️❤️