Where Have I Been?

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I’m Right Here.

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from social media for a little over a week. I wanted to write to you guys about why I decided to take some time off in hopes that it may inspire some of you out there. Over the past year, the past six months specifically, I have been dealing with some personal health problems, the first, and most important being depression. Now I am sure some of you make be thinking “What does he have to be depressed about, his life is perfect, he seems happy”, but that’s where the issue lies.
Social media, over the years has changed so drastically for me personally. Being online went from being a care-free place to spill my thoughts on pop culture and social issues to becoming a full time job with an amazing following of supporters and friends; I guess I was never really taught how to handle that switch. I had to decide what was appropriate to post online, what to say, how to react etc, due to the audience I have built, all while attempting to stay true to myself and my aspirations. With this new-found obligation, I was also learning how to balance a very public relationship with a very talented and successful person, that included closely working with my partner on various daily projects. For a while, I lost track of what I wanted to do. I guess when you’re in the middle of a career that was thrown at you, its easy to be side-tracked and put your own aspirations on the back-burner in exchange for what is directly in front of you and needing your attention. Maybe it takes losing yourself, to find yourself and create the person you were meant to become? Or maybe we just need to take time for ourselves every now and again, and that’s totally fine.
I have have often compared myself to others in my life who have reached massive levels of success and thought “Wow, I am not good enough, we aren’t that far apart in age but they have done so much more than me”, and that mentality brought me into a spiral of self hate and darkness, which I hope to never enter again. I felt alone, I felt like I wasn’t good enough or smart enough or handsome enough, and then I realized, through therapy and the support of my partner that in fact, I am enough. We are all on a journey in life, with winds, twists and turns, unpaved paths and rocky moments that are created to make us stronger with each step. No road is the same, it’s when we learn to accept this, that we are finally able to grow as people and able to continue on our path to success.

I took some time off to address some underlying issues in my life. To take a moment to breathe, and put myself first, to realize that I am enough. Am I completely better? Most definitely not, but I feel strong and confident again to put what I need first, which is a very good start. My entire life, I have pushed my weaknesses aside. But what I realized in time was that our weaknesses make us stronger. Once we take the time to address them and work on ourselves and set goals for our future, the world is at our fingertips.

To anyone out there who is feeling sad, alone or if you’re just feeling lost, you are not alone. I challenge you to take some time for yourself, whether its a few minutes, a day or a week and listen to your heart and soul, find what matters most to you and chase that. I also find speaking to a therapist or even a family member or friend can make the world of a difference, sometimes you just need someone to spill the tea with. I hope you guys appreciated me opening up a bit more online to you guys and I’m excited, for the first item in a long time, of what’s to come. Thanks for reading.


Love Always,


  • gray

    love you, happy to know you’re back and feeling better!

  • Theresa

    You inspire me more than I could ever express thank you Daniel ❤️

  • Andrew Goolsby-Cole

    Daniel! Thank you for opening up and sharing a part of your story that is probably very difficult to share! Hang in there and always remember: you ARE enough and you have a lot of people that support you and are rooting for you! 🌈

  • Laragraceoakley

    Aww Daniel I completely understand I have been down that track my self but I’m on medication for my depression and it helps.im only 13 and last year when I was 12 I tried to kill myself and that was real stupid thing I did. But yeah social media has changed and it’s not the same anymore something is changing

    • Laragraceoakley

      Thank you for saying that. Not many people come out on social media and don’t really talk about metal illnesses it is important

  • Emilio 🎄

    I love you so much and cant thank you enough thanks for all the morals youve taught me but most importantly that we all have confidence just sometimes it can be hard to find youve inspired me more times than you can imagine i never wouldve thought that someone ive only ever seen through a screen would help me out so much in my life… Thank you so much Daniel i love you endlessly and i am so thankful for you glad youre back and took a well deserved break.

  • SimplyElla

    You made me cry Daniel 💕🤧 I’m so proud of you for fighting the darkness! Stay strong

  • Piemaster1000

    Daniel, we all love you. We think that you are perfect the way you are. You are such an inspiration to everyone who follows you. Now, I’m not saying that you’re in the wrong for being depressed, that’s NEVER the case. But just know that you have an amazing fan-base that supports you and loves you for who you are. You have an amazing boyfriend, who even though you may feel pressured because of his popularity, just know that you’re fine exactly where you are in terms of social status. You have an amazing mother who cares for you very, very much. Take some time and work on your mental health. Get yourself to a better mentality. You can work through this. You have your mother, Joey, and your entire fan-base (and believe me, we can be powerful when we want to be) who all support you.
    Live long and healthy,
    Nami (a fan)

  • ✖️ Olivia ✖️

    So proud of you Daniel to open up like this! I have definitely been inspired by this as I’ve not been feeling the best with my life recently. It 100% takes courage to speak out about this and I’m so thankful you have xx

  • lars ruijter

    Stay strong my love

  • Patrick

    Dayum u red my mind and wrote it down Daniel. Feeling not good enough or rich enough or whatever is part of the pressure of modern society. A taking down society. It sucks all the energy outta me. But I’m fighting – every damn day – for what I love. Showing yourself so vulnerable is proving you u have a big heart and a beautiful soul. All the best from Berlin. U r not alone either. Patrick

  • Anna Widerström

    That took some guts to write and share with us. Thank you. We’ve admired your amazing qualities – supporting, encouraging, inspiring, making a wonderful and safe home for your family while living a life with very little time off, or time for yourself, or time just for you and your partner. I’ve often thought that you must have been really tired. Today I admire you even more – for being real, open up, finally taking care of yourself. It’s a road to go and depression it’s not easy to deal with. I’ve been there and recovered. You will too. It takes time, but you’ll come through.

  • Chandler Schmidt

    Ive never related more to anything but this, I know what depression feels like Ive been battling it for almost 10 years. I’m not taking meds but I always try to talk to my us history teacher from time to time. He makes me feel like I’m important and that I matter, because I have someone to talk to. I’m 16 and my life has been a rocky mountain but Ive been getting better, I’m still not better but getting there its going to take a while. If anyone who is reading this and wants to chat my Instagram is loverofyoutube15 I’m always here 💜💚

  • Sarah Cook

    That was so beautifully written.

  • •kristy•

    I’m so glad you wrote this for your mental state and your helping my mental state. Sometimes you know what you want to hear but you don’t know what you need to hear this is what I needed to hear. So thank you for that and I hope you aspire in your new upcoming projects Daniel.

  • Isa

    So inspiring Daniel you are an amazing human being and you have helped me through so much ILY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • CNicosiaAnthro

    This took a lot of guts to tell. It really takes a lot to step back and take time for yourself when we live in such a fast paced environment. I’m so proud of you for not only taking time for yourself but to also heal and reflect. I’ve always admired you and your amazing qualities ever since following you two years ago! Never ever second guess yourself because you have so many fantastic qualities that make you an unbelievably creative person! Living with depression is very hard, I know, I live with it myself and the road is rough. But never let it instill thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “why them and not me” because you are, you’re one of the most talented people I know and the possibilities of what you can achieve are limitless! Focus on you and not your neighbor. I love you to the moon, stars, and beyond sissy and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead on your journey! I’m always here to support you!! ❤️

  • Dilara HorseHunt

    I did not know you and Joey before this summer. Then i saw channel and start to watch your videos. Especially i watched the videos which are you and Joey were together. Because it was very funny Also videos gave me happiness, hope and life energy. I can feel the love. You two seems like confident , talented and happy people. Hovewer these are old videos. Then i finished old videos and started the new daily ones. ( Also i followed u on social medias) You were happy again but something was different . I am just a psychology student but i felt and thought like ‘ Daniel looks different somehow. Is he have problems ? Is something bothers him? ‘ Then I wondered what is it like to fall among the celebrities ? or how i feel if my life watched by everyone suddenly ? Especially you have said your life was very private before. Also you are surrounded by successful people.So you can feel like you re in a competition constantly. Then you questioned yourself and your life. Then you had some depression and mental issues. I am glad you went to therapy and cope with it. I believe you will be better. Daniel you are very talented, creative, inspiring, hardworking and beautiful person. I love you so much 💜 ( Sorry for my English i am not a native english speaker)

  • Markusautio

    This just prove you are a hero. Thank you I am going through same kind of issues. I can feel great and in a second I cry in a corner. Without any reason, I can feel like I am worthless.
    My boyfriend, luckily, for a 17 years, still loves me and supports me. Ugh, this is hard.

  • abigail

    I know how you felt I felt with some things on my own somewhat the same at the same time as you did. I felt alone a lot of freinds where acting diffrent towards me and my freind had a very negative impact on me. It took so much guts and love for you to write this daniel and I love you so much for it. Your so strong to open up to us and we love you. Your such a insperation to me and others. You show us to not be afraid of who we are and I thank you deploy for it. I thank you for all the happiness you have giving me and i’m so glad god brought you on this planet. We love you daniel 💜💙❤

    Abigail estrada a girl who thanks you dearly

  • Blake

    This post was amazing. I completely (including others who love you also) understand why you took time off, and it’s ok. I’m so happy that you are better, even if it’s just a tiny bit. I love you Daniel and I’m so greatful to have someone like you to look up to.

  • Nicole Devaul-Morrison

    I understand completely although differently. Sometimes i find myself wondering what i am doing and if i am where i should be. I have a wonderdul husband whom i love and we raised a loving son who is now 19. He came out last year to us, although we had an idea and waited for him to tell us when it was right for him, he is living away from home now and i find myself lost. I am so used to doing everything around him and my husband. I work and have my husband at home who is great but i decided after almost 20 yrs of family trips that it was time for me. I went to portland to see friends alone this past sept and went to see pentatonix with a friend because i have always loved their sound. I felt guilty and almost cancelled because i wasnt used to “no family”, just me to worry about. I had a great time both adventures and hope to do more. Baby steps my friend, and a little courage and turning off the brain helps. I know you will be fine. Therapy is great. I think we are all too hard on ourselves and need to relax more which is hard to do now a days in such a fast paced world

  • CNicosiaAnthro

    This took a lot of guts to tell and I’m so proud of you! It really takes a lot to step back and take time for yourself to heal and reflect when we live in such a fast-paced environment. I’ve always admired you and your amazing qualities ever since following you two years ago! Never, ever second guess yourself because you have so many fantastic qualities/talents that make you an unbelievably creative/inspiring person! And living with depression is extremely hard and mentally exhausting. I know. I live with it myself and the road is tough, but never let it instill thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “why them and not me” because you’re one of the most talented person I know, and the possibilities of what you can achieve with those talents are limitless! You’ve accomplished so much thus far and built this amazing community. I love you to the moon, stars, and beyond sissy and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead on your journey! I’m always here to support you!!

  • Amanda

    So beautifully written Daniel. I can totally relate which im sure most people can. Im blown away by your raw take on this subject thank you for being so open and saying what so many people have trouble putting into words ❤

  • Amanda Taylor Medina

    Love your honestly and openness. This is very relatable. I am happy you are doing better!

  • Clairebear05 l

    Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life! Depression and anxiety are the worst and sharing your story really helps myself and so many! You are a very special young man who is kind, creative, gorgeous inside and out and so very talented! Much love to you always 💖💟💞

  • Yasha

    I love you ❤️

  • Kawaiicookie Sukimydog

    I love you❤️❤️

  • It’s good to have you back, Daniel. <3

    Emma | http://www.emswardrobe.com

  • Nadiya Shafira

    daniel, i might say that i have been on the lowest point of my life and through your post i can understand why you needed some time off from this crazy world and i get it. Sometimes when you’re down, you feel like you’re not good enough, feel like you’re just wasting your time doing things that you do. And it’s so nice when you have people that can understand you and be there by your side to make you realize that you’re not alone.

    Its good to have you back on track again, daniel. Cant wait to see more of you xx

  • Chris

    Someone I was dating for several months was going through a similar mindset. He had just turned 30, and felt at a loss for where he was in life compared to his friends/people his age. He felt he wasn’t enough, and was battle severe depression. He had hidden these thoughts so well, that I had no idea he was going through this until the end, though I could tell something was up… I (still) care for him incredibly deeply, but was/am at a loss in knowing how to help him. I often wonder if I could’ve done more. This helps me at least get a gauge for his thoughts.

  • Naga Ratna

    Daniel I am surprised you could think like this. You and Joey are ideal couples. The vibration you both sent is amazing. You are barely 25 if I am right. You started as a bus boy. Look what you have accomplished already. You have traveled nearly half the world in such a young age. You are handsome, have a college degree and support your mother. Thousands of fans adore you. Besides, you have Joey. He is such a simple-mind. But, held on with enormous perseverance to become what he is today. 8 Million people adore him. Yet you are the lucky one who got him. Isn’t it amazing? You are the chosen one for him. He became quite mature and happy after you came into his life. If reflects in everything he does. God gave him to you because only you are capable of taking good care of him.

    How could you think you did not do anything. You were with him in every step for the past three years. Joey knows it better than anybody. Some are meant to make it and some are meant to get it. That’s how families work. You are meant to get it. Half the couples breakup because one of them doesn’t earn enough and one of them is irresponsible. You both don’t have that issue. He earns and you are quite responsible. What will he do without you? Probably feel lost like the old emo Joey. Think of yourself as an answering to his prayers and him as an answer to your prayers.

    Even people with millions of dollars and great awards feel terribly lonely. Loneliness is the first reason for drug addiction and suicide till date. You both have each other to fight and annoy. That in itself is a gift. Nothing you do is waste. It just makes the society happy through a filter called Joey. You take care of him. He takes care of his viewers in-turn spreading happiness, joy.

    There is nothing wrong in taking time for yourself. We all know you like to travel. Go out regularly with your friends. We love your travel stories. You are an amazing cook. Your decorations are great. You have good style and you maintain your house better than anybody I know. You are very organized. All these are your accomplishments, while Joey’s is entertaining and earning money. He depends upon you only because of your accomplishments. He wouldn’t if you have done nothing.

    You think you are not good enough? You are too good enough for normal people. That’s why God had to create a very talented and successful lover like Joey for you. God should love you to do this. Be thankful.

    There is nothing to worry. Don’t think in material terms. Everything he has is yours. After all he is yours. You are too young. There is a very long path ahead. Walk with gratitude and your trademark confidence.

  • Stormy

    It was really nice of you to share with people this aspect of your life. Most often than not we all hide aspects of our life’s we feel portray us in a certain way. At one point in time in our life we all feel depressed about that the fact that we are being left behind in life, that we are not making an impact. At that point we always feel that we are the only ones experiencing this. Thank you for making us know we are not alone in this. Never feel you are not good enough, you are touching more lifes than you could ever imagine by just being you. You are an incredible young man, your mum indeed raised a gentleman!

  • Kristine Lampman

    I am so glad that you found the strength within yourself to share with others, how you are feeling, and what has been going on with you. Very well written and hits home with so many. My daughter is a very big fan of you and Joey, and also suffers from depression, among other issues. She often times feels the exact same way you do. When she read this, she was brought to tears, and said to me, “Im not alone, he feels the way I feel a lot of the time.” I hope she can take your advice and find her way to a happier place. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I know from a lot of these comments that you are helping people to see that they really are not alone………

  • fightclubnotebook

    So happy to see you back, Daniel. It is a wise man who knows how to recognize his spiritual/emotional needs and is brave enough to make them a priority. I have suffered with depression and terrible anxiety almost all my life, and it’s never an easy thing. I’d hug you if I could reach you, dear. Much love to you and Joey and Mama Maria and Wolfy and Stormy and Larkeshia!

  • Reilly Branca

    You are a big inspiration to me and as though I am so young, I also suffer from ongoing depression. Seeing that one of my most favorite people in the world know what I’m going through gives me a ray of hope, knowing that you made it, tells me that I can too. Though I still don’t think that I will ever amount to anything at your level, living in a beautiful home, with wonderful dogs and an even better boyfriend, having the looks to become a model, being all over the internet with tens of thousands of millions of fans, I now know that I can make it through this particular bump in my path. Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me and everyone else, meeting you was one of the best experiences of my life, even if it was only 10 seconds long. Love and support as always,

  • Margot Life

    I really appreciate you, take all the time you need

  • Heather Gorsuch

    This is important and I am so glad you shared how you are feeling with us. Sending you love and positive thoughts to continue to stay strong!

  • Will Jay

    You are one of the most amazing people i have seen, and one day really wish to meet. You and Joey are such a huge part of my life and i couldn’t thank the two of you enough, i’ve never met you but it seems like i’ve known you two for a lifetime. I love you and Joey so unexplainably much, so thank you for being in my life. – Will XXX

  • crystal cayla

    Daniel no matter how lost or sad you feel always remeber the good things like having an amazing boyfriend and helping him through thick, having so many good friends even helping your supporters through whatever they re going through. To us your strong and brave. Don’t push yourself to do the limits your not comfortable with. Do what is right for you because everyone will love you the same. One small boy has become a strong man. Be proud of what you have came to. Everyone is so happy for you and will support you through the future.

  • Luna


    I’m so happy that you got through this and was strong enough to open up to us as that is hard to talk to someone when they are not there or don’t know who they are. I feel so sad that you were suffering from depression but what makes the situation happier that u had joey , you mum and friends to talk to. I also suffer a little bit from depression and I’m going to take your advice. But never feel like that you always have to post ect take all the time you need ❤️

  • Rebeca Ayala

    It’s crazy how you can’t see what is truly happening with someone. I think you are an incredible, passionate and amazing person; you have so much to offer!!! Glad you are feeling better and keep fighting xxx

  • Linda Lin

    you’re EVERYTHING okeerrr?? <3

  • Brady

    Omg Daniel plz never think that❤️ We are all here for u❤️❤️And we all love u!!🐒❤️🌟

  • Gobble Gobble Boo

    I empathize with you so much. I compare myself to those around my age who seem much more successful than me when really our lives are just different. I’ve been having a rough time lately dealing with that, among other things as well. I admire your honesty ❤️

  • Joe

    I totally know how you feel. Ive been suffering from deppression and PTSD for so long now… I really have no one there for me. Just know that I am here for you.

    • Lily Wachtel

      There are people there for you. I just know it. Take another look. <3

  • Elise Elizabeth Palmersheim

    I love you so much daniel! i know whats its like to deal with mental illness its really hard. and i know how it hurts. people like you have helped me cope with the things im going through. its an amazing thing that you chose to speak about it. depression is too often frowned upon and said to be a person’s way to get attention. but that’s not the case. mental illness is so much more widespread than people think. and im so proud of you for sharing your story to help people like me.

  • Lily Wachtel

    Daniel, you and Joey are one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. I am glad Joey was there for you when you needed it. When it said you were going through depression, it made my heart sink. You are beautiful just the way you are. So so so so so so so talented. Ilysm!!! I’ll always be there for you. I hope you read this and it puts a smile on your face. Please, I beg of you to get a YouTube channel. Pleeease!!!! Again, I love you and Joey so much. Just get married already!! I’m waiting!! Propose!!

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for sharing and being so candid and honest about your life. <3

  • Abby

    Daniel I just wanna let you know I love you, Joey loves you, your fans love you, (especially me) If you ever feel like that again, talk to Joey like you did before. Love ya